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Bhent Mulaqat karykram: Malighori : Narva scheme brings prosperity to farmers

 1.  Veterinary hospital to be opened in village Malighori.

2.  Renovation of Kukurdev temple.

3.  Agriculture Faculty will be started in Dondilohara Government College.

4.   Construction of Mangal Bhawan in village Rengadbari, Rana Khujji, Mangchuwa and Bangaon.

5.  Government Pre-Secondary School, Badajungera to be upgraded as High School.

6.  High School in Villages Killekoda and Koba to be upgraded as Higher Secondary Schools.

7. Construction of new building for Higher Secondary School of Village Kotera and High School of Village Kamkapar.

8. Community Health Center Dondilohara to be upgraded into a 50-bed hospital.

Gadaghat culvert becomes a boon for irrigation

The well which was once dried up is filled with water

 Now farmers are earning profits even in summers.

 Raipur /TNIS

Parsadiram, a farmer hailing from the village of Kudari came to the 'Bhent Mulaqat Karykram' in Malighori to express his gratitude to the Chief Minister for the state government's farmer friendly schemes. Parsadiram informed that income of many farmers has doubled due to the cultivation of crops in summer season which has been made possible by better irrigation facilities in his village .

A resident farmer of Kudri,namely Prasadiram reached the 'Bhent Mulaqat Karykram' in Malighori and said that "when Kaka (Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel) implemented the Narva Yojna, I did not know that it would also increase the water level of the well in my farm"

He further informed that "After the implementation of Narva Yojna 2 years ago, the water level rose by 2 feet in the first year. Then the next year it increased by 2 feet as well. The well used to dry up in the summer season. Due to unavailability of water,It was very difficult to get a good yield in the summer season hence farmers could not avail profits in the summers . But, now there is ample water even in the month of June, the well is filled with adequate water. So,I started utilising that water to cultivate vegetable crops in the summer season. With the successful summer yield, Vegetables worth Rs 21 thousand have been sold by me".

Lalit Deshmukh, a farmer of Banjaridih village informed that the water level in his village and adjoining villages of Bharitola, Kuchetola, etc has increased significantly in the recent years. Till few years ago, Farmers would remain idle in the summer season due to lack of water for irrigation.  But
hundreds of farmers have now started growing summer crops and earning substantial profits due to the Narva Yojna. "The Gadaghat culvert which is spread over 6 Kms and provides adequate water supply throughout the year, has become a boon for us farmers and we have come to thank Chief Minister for this" Lalit said. It is noteworthy that numerous culverts established across the state under the Narva Yojna are providing water for irrigation throughout the year which has increased the agricultural yield and profit of several farmers.


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