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30 Maoists surrender in Bijapur

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Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sharma said welcome to the mainstream of the society

Raipur: After the coming of BJP government in the state, a completely positive attitude is being adopted in the Naxal front. After Home Minister Vijay Sharma took command, the Naxal front has become successful as a result of several strategic meetings. Today, influenced by the surrender and rehabilitation policy of the government, 30 Maoists from Bijapur district have surrendered. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Vijay Sharma has tweeted on his social media handle Now the misguided people of Bastar associated with Naxal ideology have also started understanding this and influenced by the surrender and rehabilitation policy of our government, they have left the path of violence and started returning to the main stream of society. In this sequence, 30 Maoists of Bijapur have surrendered before the police today. Many of these rewards have also been Maoists. They are welcomed into the mainstream of society.
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Since the coming of the double engine government in the state, many positive things are being seen on the Naxal front. Especially Chief Minister Shri Sai and Home Minister Shri Sharma can be given credit for the fact that they understood that Naxalism is such a cancer that unless it is eradicated from its roots, it will keep on emerging. Therefore, camps were opened in the den and the morale of the soldiers was boosted. Its results today are important for the peace and tranquility of Bastar.

Home Minister Shri Sharma has always reiterated that we are committed to peace in Bastar. The people of Bastar should get clean water, electricity and benefit from development. We want to communicate. Whether they do it in a group or through representatives. Bastar needs peace. We are committed to this.

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