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  • Raj Thackeray's party is not in the electoral fray, yet the meetings are concerned, the worried BJP, the Election Commission in dilemma

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    In the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, you will have often read the matter of violation of the code of conduct by leaders in the news, due to violation of the code of conduct, the Election Commission has organized a few days' campaign on Azam Khan, Mayawati, Yogi Adityanath and Maneka Gandhi. But in Maharashtra, there has been a major dilemma in front of the Election Commission, in fact, Raj Thackeray's party MNS (Maharashtra Navnir) The army has not come out in the electoral fray but Raj Thackeray is holding meetings between the people and is criticizing the plans of the Modi government and not only Raj Thackeray is presenting the figures of the government's schemes in the assembly. Clearly, this seems to be worried by the BJP in Maharashtra.

    According to BBC News, Raj Thackeray started attacking the Modi government in a unique rally organized on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. They started showing videos of the BJP government advertisements.

    After showing the video, they put a sting operation done by the party (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) in front of the people. He says that in some advertisements of BJP, Harisal village of Amravati district is being described as a digital village, but the circumstances in the 'sting operation' done by his party are different.

    Not only this, in the Solapur rally Raj Thackeray called the man who has been shown in advertisements of Harisal village. In the advertisement, the youth of this village has been described as the beneficiary of the government scheme, but Thackeray says that in fact he has left the village in search of employment. After which the BJP came on backfoot and State Education Minister Vinod Tawde said that all the technical problems of Harsil village will be solved.

    Raj Thackeray is criticizing the plans of the Modi government in his meetings but he is not demanding votes for any candidate and this is the biggest tension for BJP. According to "The Quint Hindi", BJP has said at this meeting of Raj Thackeray that the EC will have to take a quick decision on this issue, otherwise the practice of the new kind will start. Many people can take advantage of this method in the upcoming elections Are. They will not contest elections but will campaign in opposition through the big gathering.

    Also, BJP has written a letter to the Election Commission demanding that the expenses of Raj Thackeray's campaign meeting, the commission added to the expenditure of the local candidate. This demand of BJP has put the Election Commission in confusion. Raj Thackeray is gathering in some places like Raj Thackeray in the first meeting of Maharashtra Congress President Ashok Chavan in Nanded. Second meeting of the Congress of Sushil Kumar Shinde in the parliamentary area of ​​Solapur. The same sources are telling that Raj Thackeray will also make hoarders against the Modi government in the parliamentary constituency of Sharad Pawar's family members.

    Raj Thackeray's meeting also saw a crowd of good people, which is why this has become a matter of concern for the BJP even if Raj Thackeray is not seeking votes for any candidate in his meeting nor taking his name. But obviously impressed by Raj Thackeray's meeting, people will be attracted towards the Congress-NCP alliance. Now it will be known only in the coming times, will the meetings of the Raj Thackeray Will action?


  • Raj Thackeray reopened Maharashtra's tension, BJP opened the photo of the stolen photo on IT cell page

    MUMBAI: Raj Thackeray, chief of Maharashtra Navnanghal Sena (MNS), has exposed the "lie" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his much-awaited IT cell. While highlighting BJP's agenda on poverty alleviation programs by the Modi government, Raj Thackeray has shared a video which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

    Addressing a massive rally in Marathi, Thakre invited a family to the stage and asked his viewers to watch on a big screen, where he showed the screenshot of BJP's promotion page. The Facebook page of which he shared screenshots on the screen, the name of it is 'Modi for New India'. It was written in its caption, "It is not a slogan campaign for Modi to give a better life to the poor. Congress can give slogan to poverty only, but it can not do anything. '

    Caption posted while sharing a picture of Modi with family of seven members. It has also been claimed in the photograph, "In the last three years, 7.5 million people came out of poverty." The picture posted by Modi for New India page claimed that the photo of the family used in the Facebook post. It was one of the beneficiaries.

    According to Thackeray, BJP's IT cell used his photograph without his knowledge. He also called the family on the platform to highlight the lies of BJP's IT cell, whose photo was shared on the Facebook page of 'Modi for New India'. According to Thackeray, the unclaimed BJP cadre stole that photo from the family's Facebook account and promoted fake publicity for its poverty reduction program. He said that there is no shame to the unavoidable cadre of BJP.

    While addressing the crowd, he said, "How false will people preach, people of their unclaimed IT cell These people keep sharing different things on social media. Do not put yourself on authorized items, spread out things. One thing out of that was on our hands. 'Then he shows a screenshot of a Facebook page named' Modi for New India 'on a large screen. After showing a screenshot of the Facebook page, he called the family on the stage whose photo was shown on that page.

    He further says, 'This photo is a family photograph drawn in the house, which he shared on social media. His IT cell picked up the photo and spreading the photograph of Modi on it is spreading on social media. The people who are not even shy about them are not ashamed of who are taking photos of whom they are advertising, they are not known. Take them out of the whole 5 years, see. '

    Raj Thackeray's video is now increasingly viral on social media. At the same time, social media users are also enjoying this video and are targeting BJP and their IT cell. One user wrote, "Raj Thackeray is showing the right earner of this jamblebare ... it should be exposed in the whole country like this, nothing will happen to the Modi devotees, but people will see the truth."

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  • Two teens held after killing of Northern Irish journalist

    London: Two teenage men have been arrested after the shooting dead of a journalist in Northern Ireland, police said Saturday. The 18 and 19-year-olds were arrested in Londonderry under anti-terror laws and taken to Belfast for questioning, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said. Journalist Lyra McKee was shot in the head late Thursday in Derry by, police believe, dissident republicans linked to the New IRA paramilitary group as they clashed with police on the Creggan estate in Northern Ireland’s second city.

    Tributes to the 29-year-old were led by her partner, Sara Canning, who said McKee’s “amazing potential was snuffed out by this single barbaric act”. Detectives hunting the gunman had released footage of the unrest, hoping that the community would help trace her killers. Belfast-born McKee, 29, had posted an image from the riots, accompanied by the words “Derry tonight. Absolute madness”.


  • Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Between BJP and Congress candidates in betting at stake, the credibility of the 'government'

    The fortress of the Chhattisgarh parliamentary constituency is one of the most hypefile seats in the province. The credibility of State Government nominees is more than the BJP and Congress candidates in this seat. In the Durg parliamentary area, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is the constituency constituency of Home Minister Tamr Dhwaj Sahu, Agriculture Minister Rabindra Choubey and PHE Minister Guru Rudra Kumar. In this case, this seat has remained the subject of credit for the Congress. In the Durg Parliamentary Constituency, a total of 19 lakh 38 thousand 319 voters will be able to exercise their franchise on April 23.

    Chhattisgarh's fortification Lok Sabha seat was held by the BJP for a long time, but this was the only seat of 11 out of 11 assembly seats in the state which won the Congress. The Durg parliamentary area covers almost the entire area of ​​Durg and Bemetra districts in Chhattisgarh. Apart from this, some part of Balod district also comes in this parliamentary area. This constituency is also politically sensitive. Because here people of every class and community will meet. Durg city is also the administrative headquarters of the district along with the important agricultural market of the state.

    Chhattisgarh's fort constituency is reserved for general category. Since Independence, 16 constituencies have been held in the Durg Lok Sabha constituency. Between 1952 and 1999 Bilaspur constituency was a part of Madhya Pradesh. After this, three Lok Sabha elections have been held in the fort from Chhattisgarh in 2004 to 2014. In the elections of 2019, a total of 21 candidates from the Durg seat are in the fray, but the direct contest is between BJP's candidate Vijay Baghel and Congress candidate, statue Chandra.

    BJP has been dominant in this region since 1996, but in 2014 elections, Congress managed to grab this seat. This constituency was elected as Congress MP in the 2014 elections by defeating BJP's prime ministerial candidate Saroj Pandey. Chandulal Chandrakar, one of the most important leaders from this constituency, has won five Lok Sabha seats. He worked hard to build Chhattisgarh at the end of 1990.

    BJP won 5 consecutive elections in the fort from 1996 to 2009, out of which four Tarachand Sahu won. Shortly before the 2009 Lok Sabha election, Tarachand Sahu was expelled for anti-party activities by the BJP. As a result, he established the Chhattisgarh Swabhiman Forum, opening the third front in the state. For this, he tried to unite non-BJP and non-Congress parties.

    Durg Lok Sabha seat has been contesting directly between BJP and Congress till now. In 2009, Tarachand Sahu contested independently and remained in third place. In the 2014 election, there was a direct fight between the Congress and the BJP. This time, the former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Ajit Jogi's party and the BSP combine are also ready to challenge the two parties. This whistle is the challenge of restoring BJP to its empire.

    There are nine seats in the assembly under the Durg Lok Sabha. These include Patan, Durg Village, Durg city, Bhilai Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Ahivara (SC), Saza, Bemetra and Navagad (SC). According to the 2011 census of India, the population of the fort is 33,43,079. There were 945,656 male voters in this Lok Sabha constituency in 2014, out of which 660,504 participated in the voting. Of the 910,125 female voters registered, 597,838 female voters participated. In this way, 1,258,342 out of a total of 1,855,781 voters fixed their stake in the elections. In the seventeenth Lok Sabha elections of 2019, a total of 19,38,317 voters will choose their constituency MPs.