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Election atmosphere heated up in Delhi.

Dr. Samrendra Pathak
Senior journalist.

New Delhi : The election atmosphere has started heating up with the start of the nomination process for all the seven Lok Sabha seats of the national capital Delhi yesterday. Voting on all these seats will be held on May 25 in the sixth phase of voting. 

According to the Election Commission, the total number of voters in Delhi is one crore 52 lakh, 2 thousand 161. This time 2 lakh 34 thousand voters will be able to cast their vote for the first time. There will be 13 thousand 713 polling stations for voting. The largest Lok Sabha in the national capital. The biggest area is West Delhi and the smallest is Chandni Chowk.
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BJP has been in control of all the seats in Delhi since the last two elections. However, despite all the efforts of BJP, Aam Aadmi Party has been getting a huge majority in the state assembly elections since the year 2012. Meanwhile, it has controlled the Delhi Municipal Corporation for years. BJP had to face defeat there also.

The special thing in this election is that BJP is contesting the elections on its own, whereas for the first time as a part of the Indian Alliance, AAP is contesting jointly on 4 seats and Congress on 3 seats. Due to this, there will be face to face elections on all the seats this time. Front contest is natural. However, small parties and independent candidates from Delhi also enter the fray on a large scale to register their presence.
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This time, BJP has fielded all new faces except Manoj Tiwari, the outgoing MP from North Eastern parliamentary constituency. Where Shri Tiwari is facing fire brand student leader Kanhaiya Kumar of Congress. Both of them are from Bihar. Therefore, it is believed that there will be division of votes in this Purvanchal dominated area.

Similarly, from New Delhi, AAP's Somnath Bharti is against BJP's Bansuri Swaraj, Congress's Udit Raj is against BJP's Yogendra Chandolia from North-West, former Congress MP Jai Prakash Aggarwal is against BJP's Praveen Khandelwal from Chandni Chowk, BJP from South. AAP's Sahi Ram Pehalwan is up against BJP's Ramveer Vidhuri from East Delhi, AAP's Kuldeep Kumar is up against BJP's Harsh Malhotra from East Delhi and AAP's Mahabal Mishra is up against BJP's Kamaljeet from West Delhi.

Yesterday, on the first day of nomination on these seven Lok Sabha seats, 15 candidates filed nominations, in which BJP candidate from North Western Lok Sabha seat Yogendra Chandolia is the leader. Today being Tuesday, there is news of large scale nomination.

Renowned educationist Prof. Yogesh Kumar says that with the start of the nomination process in Delhi, the election atmosphere has started heating up. It is the national capital, hence the people of the entire country keep an eye on it. The air here reaches the villages and people generally express their views. However, there are many states where the issues are different. The people there also vote accordingly.L.S.

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