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Lok Sabha Elections-2024 : Women will operate 3320 polling stations in the state


Highest number of female voters in Raipur, highest voter sex ratio in Bastar

The responsibility of conducting voting should also be given to the disabled and youth.

Raipur : Chhattisgarh is one of the few states in the country where there are more women voters than men. The voter sex ratio in the state is 1015 i.e. there are one thousand fifteen female voters for every one thousand men. The highest number of women voters in the state is in Raipur Lok Sabha constituency where there are 11 lakh 69 thousand 358 women voters while the voter sex ratio is highest in Bastar Lok Sabha constituency. There are 1086 female voters out of total 1000 male voters here. Women of Chhattisgarh are playing a strong and important role not only as voters but also in election work. Similarly, the responsibility of conducting the entire election in a free, transparent and fair manner has been given to the disabled and youth polling parties.

Voting for Lok Sabha elections-2024 will be held in three phases in the state. To ensure 100 percent voting, a total of 24,229 polling stations have been set up in the state. Of these, there are 3320 polling stations where only women polling personnel will conduct the voting. All four members of the team will be women. Similarly, 90 disabled and 387 youth polling stations have been created. Similarly, 450 model polling centers are also being built in the state, where only youth polling personnel will work.

In the first phase, where elections are to be held in Bastar Lok Sabha constituency, the state has the highest voter gender ratio. Here out of 14 lakh 72 thousand 207 voters, there are 7 lakh 71 thousand 679 women voters which is 52 percent of the total voters. Out of total 1961 polling stations in Bastar, 191 Sangwari polling stations have been created. At the same time, 36 youth and 08 disabled polling stations have been earmarked. The way women officers and employees have courageously decided to complete the election work in a remote and Maoist affected area like Bastar is an inspiration for other women.

 Apart from women voters and polling parties in the state, a large number of women officers and employees of the state are participating in the elections. Those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of peacefully conducting the elections being held in three phases in the state are also women. Women officers and employees are participating in large numbers for the extensive preparation of the election and its successful conduct. The responsibility of successful conduct of election work in the state also rests on the shoulders of the senior woman IAS officer.

Apart from these, 13,500 women polling personnel including 01 Returning Officer and 17 Assistant Returning Officers are also included. Apart from the 3320 presiding officers in the polling team, the assistant presiding officers are fully engaged in conducting the elections smoothly in the state.

In the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, apart from the CEO, women are working with full dedication in many departments including Assistant Chief Electoral Officer, Joint Director, Deputy Director.

Most of the people working in the Media Monitoring Cell are women, while in the State Level Media Certification Committee, women officers are carrying out the election work very efficiently.

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