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Microsoft announces voting for best Windows apps

 San Francisco: With an aim to look for the best Windows apps available through the Microsoft Store, the tech giant has recently opened voting for its Microsoft Store App Awards 2022.

The company said there are three categories of apps to vote for, which are, file management, utility and open platform. “We would like to recognise apps which are amazing, beautiful, and useful — the apps which make your day better, more productive, or more enjoyable. This vote is about you and the apps you love to use,” Microsoft said on the voting form.

The company mentioned that voting is open to all Microsoft Store on Windows customers on Windows 10 and 11 around the world.

Users have no obligation to vote and may cancel at any time without submitting a vote. “There is no compensation for voting, and casting your vote does not enter you into any agreement with Microsoft,” the company said.

Users may vote in one, two, or all three categories based on users’ own personal experience with the apps. “One vote per person. We may disqualify additional votes, bot votes, etc. at our discretion. We may remove an app if we detect unfair or unusual voting patterns,” Microsoft said.

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