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Dr. Sandhya Thakkar will contest elections from New Delhi parliamentary constituency.


Meenakshi Chaudhary


New Delhi : Well-known social worker Dr. Sandhya Thakkar will contest elections from the National Republican Party from New Delhi parliamentary constituency. She will file nomination tomorrow. Dr. Sandhya gave this information during a conversation here yesterday. She said that there is severe inflation and unemployment in the country. People are desperate. The problems are increasing continuously.

She said that New Delhi parliamentary constituency is a major area of the country. All the major voters are in this area. The number of government employees is also quite high here. Referring to her five priorities, she said that if she wins the elections, she will provide better education, health, employment, sanitation and security to everyone. Dr. Sandhya said that women's safety is most important. If women are safe then home and society will progress. She will try to protect women's rights at all costs. L.S.

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