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No long queues, no worries, and no waiting for tests: Free treatment under the Mukhyamantri Slum Swasthya Yojana

 Jagdalpur / TNIS 

Everyone has a right to better and quality healthcare facilities. However, daily-wage laborers were unable to take benefits of healthcare facilities as they could hardly manage time. To bridge the gap between hospitals and people from economically-weaker sections of society, the State Government has started the Mukhyamantri Slum Swasthya Yojana. Under the scheme, free-of-cost medical services are provided to laborers and poor people residing in slums of urban areas through mobile medical units. Camps are being set up daily from 8 am to 3 pm by mobile medical units in slum areas, where free-of-cost medical consultation, treatment, and primary health tests are being provided. These mobile medical units have a team of one doctor, lab technician, and nurse for the convenience of patients. Because of the government's farsightedness, every citizen of the economically-weaker class is reaping the benefits of this facility.

The Government’s intention is that every citizen should have access to healthcare facilities and to fulfill this goal, residents are benefitting from the healthcare facilities in the slums of urban areas. To make quality health services available, 4 registered mobile medical units are being operated in Nagar Palik Nigam Jagdalpur where a total of 2,135 camps have been set up till September 2022, under which a total of 1,24,194 patients have been treated. 1,02,925 medicines have been distributed as well. Moreover, about 24,333 patients have benefitted from health tests and these figures are continuously increasing.

Besides these, 2 mobile medical units are being run in Bastar Nagar Panchayat. According to statistics, a total of 31 camps have been established in Nagar Panchayat Bastar till September 2022, under which 1,524 patients have been treated, 1,392 medicines have been distributed, and 189 lab tests have been conducted.

Women living in slum areas are a prime example of the success of mobile medical units in delivering healthcare services to people. Women are getting the free-of-cost facility of A.N.C. and P.N.C. tests. Moreover, patients who are discovered to be suffering from more serious diseases during tests are also referred to bigger healthcare centers with a proper health consultation. The mobile medical units are clean and have facilities for clean drinking water and CCTV camera for security. Registration of laborers is also done by Labor Department in mobile medical units.

A resident of Mission School Para Jagdalpur, Binda Nag, said while thanking the Government that the Government vehicles arrive and provide free-of-cost treatment and medicines to them. There are facilities for testing Diabetes, Dengue, and Malaria here. The doctors treat even the most minor ailments. We are grateful to the government for keeping us in proper health through this facility.

Ajay Pal Singh, a resident of Panarapara, said that earlier they had to take out time from their schedules to visit hospitals. After that, they had to wait in long queues. But now that the mobile medical units are set up near his residence, he can get his BP and blood sugar tested. He can also take medicines in case of any health problem. It is quite convenient for them because it saves them time and they receive free treatment near their homes.



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