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Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel honours senior citizens with shawls and fruits basket

 International Day of Older Persons : "Senior citizens are the pillars of society, their experiences illuminate the path for future generations": Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel honours senior citizens with shawls and fruits basket

Chief Minister distributes 825 assistive devices to senior citizens 6500

Raipur, TNINS 

International Day of Older Persons

On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel honored senior citizens at the Sardar Balbir Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium in Raipur. Chief Minister Shri Baghel personally Interacted with the elderly with empathy, and honoured them. On this occasion, he also provided 825 assistive devices, including electronic wheelchairs, glasses, and hearing aids, to More than 6500 senior citizens from all districts were present at this event.

On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, Chief Minister Shri Baghel greeted the people and stated that human life has three main stages - childhood, youth, and old age. The old age of a person is the culmination of their lifelong knowledge and experiences, it is the accumulation of their lifelong perseverance. That is why elders are the pillars of the society. The gleam of their experiences is what guides the younger generations forward. It is mentioned in the Shastras that serving elders increases life span, knowledge, fame and strength.

Shri Baghel stated that in the new era, traditional values are gradually eroding. Those who have worked hard and sacrificed throughout their lives are often neglected in today's society. The state government has initiated a SIYAN Helpline number to provide assistance to senior citizens. This helpline can also be used by differently-abled individuals, widows, and transgender persons. An allocation of Rs. 1 crore has been made in the budget for the setup of this Help Line Center and toll-free number. Till now, more than 76,000 calls have been received on the helpline, out of which 1493 calls have been made by senior citizens. He stated, "We are pleased that through this helpline center, we are able to assist senior citizens"

Shri Baghel has mentioned that the state government has increased the monthly pension amount under the Social Security Pension Scheme for the destitute, senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, widows, and abandoned women from Rs. 350 to Rs.500 per month. More than 13 lakh senior citizens in the state are benefiting from the Monthly Pension Scheme. In addition to this, the state government has also distributed 49,000 essential assistive devices to senior citizens. A separate pension scheme for state government employees has been initiated to provide support to them in their old age.

The Chief Minister stated that the state government is operating the SIYAN Jatan Clinic for the healthcare of senior citizens. Special OPD and Panchakarma services are also being provided for senior citizens in the state's Ayurvedic hospitals. In the state, Sri Dhanwantari Generic Medical Stores are offering quality medicines at up to 72% lower prices. He further said that this scheme is benefiting our senior citizens as well.

Shri Baghel has made an appeal to everyone to make an effort to understand the issues and concerns of senior citizens within their families and communities. He emphasizes that serving the elderly is more significant than any form of worship or devotion. Their blessings are indeed the most valuable reward. Senior citizens hope for the same love from us that they have given us throughout our lives.

Minister for Social Welfare Mrs. Anila Bhediya, while extending her best wishes for International Day of Older Persons, mentioned that Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel is diligently addressing the concerns of senior citizens, the destitute, differently-abled individuals, farmers, and every section of society. Despite the Central Government not providing funds, the state government has given advance approval for various schemes, which has ensured the smooth functioning of these initiatives.

During the program, 825 assistive devices were provided to senior citizens, including 25 electronic wheelchairs, 600 hearing aids, and 200 pairs of glasses. Children from the Divyang Mahavidyalaya in Raipur presented patriotic songs during the event. A free health camp was set up for senior citizens, where hearing and eye examinations were conducted, and glasses were distributed. Additionally, the Department of Social Welfare had set up a stall to provide information about various schemes for senior citizens.  Parliamentary Secretary Smt. Rashmi Ashish Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Vikas Upadhyay, Chairman of the Chhattisgarh Yoga Commission Shri Gyanesh Sharma, MLA Shri Satyanarayan Sharma, District Panchayat President Mrs. Domeshwari Verma, and the Secretary of the Social Welfare Department Shri Amrit Khalho, along with a large number of senior citizens were present.


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