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Karnataka’s team visits Chhattisgarh to observe innovative measures of Anganwadi Centers


A team of project officer’s of Karnataka, Tata Trust and UNICEF Centre for learning visited Chhattisgarh’s Anganwadi Centers on Thursday to observe the innovative measures taken by the state government to improve the facilities in the field of  ECCE(Early Childhood Care and Education). The team, in coordination with the Women and Child Development Department visited the Anganwadi centers of Kotni and Mohlai falling under Durg district. Along with observing the activities under ECCE(Early Childhood Care and Education),the team also praised the state government-run public welfare schemes like Mukhyamantri Suposhan Abhiyan, Suposhan Vatika, and Gauthans. The team was on an extensive tour of Anganwadi centers , and homes of some families and they took stock of the grass root situation after interacting with the beneficiaries. They appreciated the collective effort of the state government and Mitanin communities that are contributing towards improving the health index and nutritional levels in women and children. The team further said that they will make an action plan to implement Chhattisgarh’s innovative schemes in Karnataka as well.

The team visited the Adarsh Anganwadi Center of the village Mohlai and they carefully observed the ECCE activities being done for the holistic development of children, they praised the quality of food being given to children after witnessing fresh and nutritious breakfast that children relished in the Anganwadi Center. They were informed by the Anganwadi workers that the vegetables and fruits which are grown in the Bari are being consumed by the children and mothers of the center.  It is worth mentioning that Bari is another innovative public welfare scheme which promotes organic backyard farming. They were further informed that Milk is obtained from the Gauthan and is provided to the children free of cost which is proving to be useful in eradicating malnutrition among children.  The team represented by Mr. Prabhakar, Deputy Director, Karnataka State Women and Child Development Department also observed various activities being conducted in the district through a power point presentation. They  savored the Chhattisgarhi cuisine prepared by locally procured ingredients and later, saw the Suposhan Vatika built with public cooperation in the Anganwadi complex.

After Mohlai,the team reached the village of Kotni and observed the activities being done for the emotional, physical and intellectual development of children in Anganwadi centers. The team examined and appreciated the quality of food being provided to the children in the center. They also visited Kotni’s Gauthan, and homes of pregnant mothers and children who were malnourished but with the facility of providing nutritious meals,they have become healthy. District Program Officer Mr. Vipin Jain, Supervisor of  sector Rasmada , Anganwadi workers, parents of children, members of women self-help groups and local Mitanin were also present during the visit.


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