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With the increase in paddy purchases in the state, there has been a rapid increase in custom milling services as well

 Paddy lifting and milling permission between inter-districts with high production and limited milling capacities

So far, 19.39 lakh tonnes of paddy have been procured, with 10 lakh tonnes being lifted

Raipur, TNINS 

In Chhattisgarh, paddy is lifted continually for custom milling in addition to being procured at a support price. The Food Department has added rice millers from other districts to those districts where milling capacity is limited due to a lack of rice mills and production is high, so that custom milling work can be completed more quickly. DO has been given for around 16.08 lakh metric tonnes of paddy out of a total of 19.39 lakh metric tonnes acquired in the state so far. The committees have lifted around 10 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from these regions.

 As per officials of the Food Department the rules for mill registration for swift lifting and disposal of paddy purchased in the state were also circulated by the state government on September 27, 2022, even before the start of paddy procurement, Along with the beginning of the paddy procurement process, work on registration, permission, and contracts with mills for milling also commenced. Approximately 1949 mills have been registered yet in the current season. The milling permit for about 153.10 lakh metric tonnes of paddy and a contract for 149.18 lakh metric tonnes of paddy have both been issued in addition to the 19.39 lakh metric tonnes of paddy that have already been purchased.
According to officials, more milling permits and contracts have been given out in the state that is expected to have been purchased in paddy during the entire Kharif year. Additionally, work has begun on issuing DO for the lifting of paddy that has been purchased within the state. A DO has been granted for approximately 16.08 lakh metric tonnes of the 19.39 lakh metric tonnes of paddy that have been purchased so far in the state, or nearly 83 percent of the paddy that has been purchased. More than 10 lakh metric tonnes of paddy, or around 63 percent of the issued DO, had been removed from the committees in contrast to the issued DO. A DO for 8.30 lakh metric tonnes of paddy, or about 1.18 lakh metric tonnes per day, was issued in the state over the past week. Similar to this, 6.06 lakh metric tonnes of paddy have been directly lifted from the societies by the millers at an average rate of approximately 87 thousand metric tonnes per day.

It is worth noting that this year, since the state's inception, the maximum number of farmers  25.91 lakh, have registered on to an area of 31.81 lakh hectares for paddy procurement from registered farmers at the minimum support price. A total of 5.42 lakh farmers in the state have provided a total of 19.39 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.

In areas with insufficient milling capacity, millers are hired to raise paddy

The districts of Khairagarh-Chhuikhadan-Gandai, Mohla-Manpur-Ambagadchowki, and Rajnandgaon have attached rice millers from Janjgir, Sakti, Sarangarh-Bilaigarh, Durg, Dhamtari, and Raipur for swift lifting and custom milling of paddy. Similar to this, rice millers from Bilaspur, Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi, Korba, Durg, and Raipur have been relocated to the Kawardha district for quick lifting and custom milling of paddy.


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