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One more tiger found in the Indravati Tiger Reserve: Total number of tigers increased to six

 Two cubs of leopard were recently found in Indravati Tiger Reserve

Raipur, TNINS 

The number of tigers in Indravati Tiger Reserve Bijapur has now increased from 5 to 6 as a footage of a tiger was caught in the trap camera installed here in the Indravati Tiger Reserve.  The WII Tiger Cell Dehradun has also confirmed that this is a new tiger . It is noteworthy that under the able guidance of Forest Minister Shri Mohammad Akbar , the work of wildlife conservation is being done expeditously in collaboration with the people to create awareness about wildlife conservation.

Indravati Tiger Reserve is a suitable place for tigers and other wildlife besides tigers. The reserve mainly consists of forest buffalo as well as gaur, leopard, bear, nilgai, deer, sambar, wild boar etc. Are also found in the reserve. Indravati Tiger Reserve of Chhattisgarh is spread over a vast area of 2799.086 Sq.Km which is adjacent to the forest area of ​​Maharashtra and Telangana. It acts as a suitable corridor for the movement of tigers.

Indravati Tiger Reserve Management is continuously engaged in the work of monitoring and protection of wildlife. Along with this, every possible step is bing taken to protect wildlife by  monitoring and regular foot patrolling by field staff. It is also worth mentioning that two leopard cubs were recently found in Cherpalli village under Madaded buffer village under Indravati Tiger Reserve, Bijapur. Both the leopard cubs are currently kept in  the Jungle Safari (Zoo) Raipur.

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