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challenge to the ruling BJP government as employees to stop services from Mar 1


Karnataka State Government Employees’ Association on Tuesday declared that all government employees in the state would launch an indefinite strike from Wednesday (March 1).

The development has posed a challenge to the ruling BJP government as the days for the assembly elections are nearing.

Addressing a Press conference on Tuesday, President C.S. Shadakshari stated, “All government services will stop from tomorrow. We will not budge to any efforts of compromise. The agitation will be taken back only if the government agrees to implement the 7th pay commission.”

“In the entire country, Karnataka government employees get the least salaries. Other states have hiked the salaries long ago. There is 39 per cent vacancy of posts. In spite of all the hard work, the state is in fifth position in terms of development,” he said.

Reacting to the development, Chief Minister Bommai stated that the interim report of the 7th Pay Commission will be sought and implemented for which the money has been earmarked in the state budget.

He told reporters here on Tuesday that the government has accepted the demand of the employees to revise their pay after seeking the interim report. The commission will be instructed immediately to submit its interim report and the government is ready to implement it.

However, Shadakshari stated that the Chief Minister has not mentioned anything about 7th pay commission. He had promised to implement it last year, but till date the assurance has not been fulfilled. The pay commission has assured consideration and it is under discussion.

“We have brought to the notice of the government about the agitation. But, it has not bothered to reciprocate to the demand. I request all government employees of all cadres to join the indefinite strike from tomorrow,” President Shadakshari stated.

The agitation is being carried out under collective leadership. Without any confusion all government employees are remaining absent. There was confusion at the beginning but now various associations of government employees have come together on this front, he maintained.

In 2022, they maintained that the pay commission will be formed in 2022. Anyhow it did not take shape. It has been formed after nine months. “We have requested the government to take the interim report and implement it. Then also it was assured that the demand would be verified. Afterwards, it was only under discussion, no decision was taken, he explained.

The Doctors’ Association President Vivek Dore, State Government Schools and Colleges President Shambhulinga Gowda were also present on the occasion.


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