MCD Elections Rallies in Delhi

 Sultan S. Qureshi

New Delhi, 01 December 2022 (Agency).Delhi Municipal Corporation election campaign in the last phase today.  Due to rallies in the metropolis, the situation in the streets was also not normal.The sky kept echoing with slogans.  Voting will be held on December 4.
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Top leaders of BJP, AAP, Congress, BSP and other smaller parties also participated in the rallies. Rebel and independent candidates showed their full strength. Before this, the candidates conducted street meetings and door-to-door campaign.

In Seelampur ward number 225, the capital's most popular seat, Haji Afzal, a former candidate for the assembly constituency, held large meetings in the  support of his wife. The candidate was weighed in the temple with coins and laddoos, yesterday. People also gave him a grand welcome with flower garlands.

Haji Afzal's wife Hajjan Shakeela Afzal has been corporator of BSP from here for 10 years and this time she is an independent candidate. Her election symbol is auto rickshaw.

Haji Afzal said that his wife, being a councilor for 10 years, did many things for the area , gave the message of brotherhood. Everyone has been together in happiness and sorrow. Therefore, given a chance to serve the public again, so that they can complete the unfinished work. L.S.
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