HC restrains circulation of sexually explicit video of judicial officer

 New Delhi, Dec 1 (PTI) The Delhi High Court has restrained sharing and posting of a "sexually explicit" video of a judicial officer and a woman that surfaced on November 29 and was circulated on social media platforms, saying its circulation would cause irreparable harm to the privacy rights of the plaintiff.

In an order late Wednesday night, Justice Yashwant Varma allowed a prayer to "conceal" the identity of the aggrieved party, and said an ad interim ex-parte injunction was warranted as the circulation of the video was in violation of several laws.

The judge noted that the full court of the high court has itself taken cognisance of the incident on its administrative side, and pursuant to a resolution, its registrar general has conveyed to authorities the need to take appropriate action for blocking the video over all messaging and social media platforms as well as through internet service providers (ISPs).

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