Executive Committee of the SAARC Journalist Forum India Chapter MH Zakaria as Vice Presidents

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The Executive Committee of the SAARC Journalist Forum India Chapter has been announced. In-charge of India Chapter and Vice President of SJF Ram Nath Vidrohi made this announcement today.The remaining members of the Executive Committee will be announced soon, he said.According to the announcement Dr. Samrendra Pathak has been appointed as Executive Chairman, Anirudh Sudhanshu President, Sushil Bharti General Secretary, Vijay Singh alias Shyam Nath Singh Organization General Secretary.

Likewise, Ram Dayal Meena and MH Zakaria as Vice Presidents, Devendra Gautam Treasurer, Gopal Sharma and Peersad Mustaq Ahmed as Secretaries, Abhijit Rai as Spokesperson & Farooq Shahmiri, Mahendra Kumar and Omendra Dadhichi have been appointed as an Executive Members of SJF India Chapter. 


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