Journalism is a challenging task: Singh.


Raj Kumar 
Senior Journalist.

Samastipur : Former Ujiarpur MLA Durga Prasad Singh has said that journalism is a very challenging task because journalists put their lives at stake to compile news. Mr. Singh was speaking at the Journalist Honor Ceremony organized by the local daily newspaper Jhanjhat Times here. He said that we should honor and respect the journalists.

Mr. Singh said that I have also worked as a journalist. I started my career as a journalist in 1991 and always worked to convey the voices of the poor, backward, Dalits, women, farmers and students of the society to the government through letters.

Dr. Sita Kumari, assistant professor of Gokul Karpuri Phuleshwari Degree College, Karpuri Village, Samastipur, said that journalism is a difficult and challenging job. Today the women of our country are working in all fields including running trains, flying airplanes, army, but the presence in the field of journalism is negligible.

He said that at some places only a few women are seen in this area. Women should come forward in this field. The government should also take initiative to bring women forward. On this occasion, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Raj Kumar Rai welcomed the incoming guests and honored the senior journalists. L.S.

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