Technical education has developed in the country since independence: Dr. Mishra.

Usha Pathak
Senior Journalist.

New Delhi : Famous technical educationist Prof. (Dr.) Brahmanand Mishra has said that after independence, technical education has developed rapidly in the country and the interest of students in this direction has increased.

Dr. Mishra said this during an interview. Born on May 11, 1936, he said that when independence was achieved, he was only 11 years old. It is a big thing for people from rural areas to pass the matriculation examination. But immediately after independence, everything started changing rapidly and people's inclination towards technical education increased.

Dr. Mishra, who hails from Godda, a tribal area of the then Bihar, told that after matriculation in 1954, I.Sc. in 1957 and then B.Sc. Engineering in 1962, he obtained M.Tech degree in 1967. Till that time The interest of Indian students in the field of technical education had started increasing on a large scale. Many renowned institutions had opened.

He said that the IIT to be opened in Kharagpur was initially supposed to be built in Bihar, but it could not happen because of Vidhan Chandra Rai. Later, the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Sribabu established BIT Sindri on the same lines.

Dr. Mishra said that earlier there was no dearth of jobs for engineers but in today's times there has been a lot of change. However, there is a lot of opportunity in the field of computers etc. Indian engineers are doing well in foreign countries also due to their talent. LS.

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