Indian Famous Face:- And Dr. Grover became the messiah of poor cancer patients.

 Indian Famous  Face:- And Dr. Grover became the messiah of poor cancer patients.

--Usha Pathak
Senior Journalist

New Delhi, April 24, 2023 (Agency). It is said that humanity and the sense of service is dying, but even today many people have such things and they spend their lives till the last moment in the service of the needy. With the same belief there is Dr. Rajesh Kumar Grover ( Dr. R.K. Grover), who is renowned oncologist. He established a record by making treatment accessible to poor and helpless patients in "Delhi State Cancer Institute" operated under Delhi Government.

Late Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi for 15 years, had established this hospital for easy treatment of cancer patients and Dr. Grover was made its founding director cum CMD. This institute has become a boon for cancer patients today.

Experts say that to achieve this goal, Dr. Grover left his personal life and made the hospital his abode. During this, he used to collect resources in the hospital and was engaged in the treatment of patients. With his hard work and dedication This hospital came into limelight in the country.

Dr. Grover was born on 1st January 1955 as the son of late Kedar Nath Grover. He was a bright student since childhood. After completing his higher secondary education in the year 1971, he completed his MBBS degree from BHU in the year 1976. After getting MD degree in Radiotherapy from PGI Chandigarh and started serving cancer patients.

Dr. Grover says that cancer has become a dangerous disease for the world. The main reason for this disease is the continuous changes in climate, irregular lifestyle and uncontrolled food habits. This rate is 15-16 percent globally. In India, large no of people are victims of this disease in some form or the other. The biggest reason for this is the tobacco products here.

This disease is emerging more and more in the form of breast cancer in women. If information about this disease is found at the first and second stage, then the chances of recovery are more. The danger at the third and fourth stage increases. People should get their health checked regularly after an age, he said .L.S. 

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