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Dantewada: Evolving Dantewada: Farmers of 14 far flung villages facilitated by the new Paddy procurement center of Keshapur

 Distance reduced by 20 kms, farmers relieved by the new centre


As per the intentions of Chief Minister Mr. Baghel,Paddy procurement has been commenced in Chhattisgarh from November 1, 2022, under which paddy is also being procured in all the procurement centers of Dantewada district. It is noteworthy that earlier there were 12 procurement centers in Dantewada district. Keeping in view the convenience of the farmers that they need not travel far to sell paddy , now the 13th procurement center has been set up in Gram Panchayat Keshapur. With Keshapur becoming a paddy procurement centre, 626 registered farmers of these 14 villages of Keshapur, Midkulnar, Kavalnar, Bhogam, Purantarai, Tudparas, Kuper, Manganar, Pandewar, Gondpal, Kamalur, Jhirka, Revanar will be able to sell their paddy at the support price in this centre.

Due to the formation of new paddy procurement centers, farmers are relieved that they need not travel far to sell their produce. Where earlier farmers had to travel numerous kilometres to sell paddy. Due to the long distance of the villages from the procurement center, sometimes the farmers used to spend more in transportation than the profit earned by selling paddy. Farmers used to go to Balud which is about 15 to 20 kilometers away. Due to which they had to spend some money in carrying the paddy and it also took more time. But now with the opening of new centres, the facilities have become closer to the farmers villages. Also, after the sale of paddy, the payment amount reaches the farmers' account within 24 to 48 hours.

Mr. Chandan Bhogami, a farmer and a resident of Manganar, says that earlier he used to go to Balud to sell his paddy, but now opening of procurement center in Keshapur has brought a lot of relief in his life. He also informed that numerous farmers are also getting the benefits of state governments public welfare  schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana. He further said that now Kodo and Kutki are also being produced by farmers which will be sold at the support price. Further, he says that he will invest his savings in the cultivation of next batch of produce and hopes to earn a good profit. He expressed gratitude towards the Chief Minister for opening the new centre.

Mr. Sarju Kumar Nag, a resident farmer of Purantarai Patel Para, says that many farmers are getting convenience as the new centre does not require him to travel far to sell his produce. 

It is notable that the Chhattisgarh government has started paddy procurement for the year 2022-23 on the support price from November 01, 2022, which will continue till January 31, 2023. While increasing the support price of paddy this year, the support price of paddy  has been fixed at Rs.2040/- for normal paddy and 2060/- per quintal for Grade A Paddy .Chhattisgarh government has also launched Token Tunhar Haath app for farmers to buy paddy at support price. Due to which farmers are selling their crop without queuing up by registering themselves online. Small and marginal farmers are being given tokens on priority basis in procurement centres. A total of 13140 quintals have been purchased in 13 procurements of the district and 1763.60 quintals of paddy has been procured in Keshapur so far.


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