Internal notice of SAARC Journalists Forum :

 Virtual zoom meeting of Executive Committee of SAARC Journalists Forum has been held on 21st August, 2022 at 9pm Bangladesh time. In meeting widely discussions were done on different issues and agendas and meeting has decided following points : 

1) The virtual zoom meeting of the executive committee of SAARC Journalists Forum was held on Chairmanship of President Raju Lama and meeting was operated by General Secretary Md Abdur Rahman. 

2) Meeting has approved the expellation of Ramnath Vidrohi as he did unwanted activities inside the organisation several times. 

3) Executive Committee meeting has given authority to the President Lama and General Secretary Rahman to nominate a representative from India in executive committee as well as they are given responsibility to constitute the committee of the India Chapter. 

4) It has been decided to hold an International Conference of SAARC Journalists Forum in Delhi beginning of next year 2023 with doing discussions with the India Chapter. 

5) Newly formed committee of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal Chapter's has been approved by executive committee and requested to the executive members and coordinators of Bhutan, Srilanka and Maldives chapters to form committee of respective country as soon as possible.  

6) It was decided to hold a virtual zoom meeting with the Presidents, Coordinators and General Secretaries of newly formed country chapters in the presence of President and General Secretary of executive committee for future plan of organisation. 

7) South Asian journalists award will be organise in 2023 with doing discussions with possibility city of the respective country chapters. 

 Executive Committee has decided to face every challenges and attacks against the organisation and reiterated the commitments to raise the voice of journalists and fight for press and expression freedom in SAARC region regularly. 

9) Executive Committee has decided to make the  needed and effective plan to generate the funds from various sources for the smooth mobilisation of organisation. 

10 ) Atlast President of organisation Lama had given vote of thanks to the General Secretary Rahman to operate and organise the meeting successfully. 
Md Abdur Rahman 
General Secretary 
SAARC Journalists Forum 
( South Asian Association of Reporters Club and Journalists Forum )

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