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For the last 15 years, Me and my mother only met in the weekly market ..Each time we met, we hugged and cried a lot.


After her son was murdered by Naxals, the mother was in dire distress. Fearing Naxals, She heavy-heartedly sent her 6-year-old son to study in an ashram, and to protect him, she would never let her son near her home for all these years. 

But times have changed, In a bid to provide proper accommodation for such Naxal-affected families, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has handed over the keys of happiness in the form of several homes. A government accommodation has been provided to Naxal victim families. 30 Naxal victims' families have been given houses for rehabilitation.
"For the last 21 years, I have lived as a destitute in constant fear, never knowing what home means.  It was because of this fear, that my very own mother did not let me near my home to avoid any problems. In the year 2005, I was just six years old when my home was completely destroyed by Naxals. There was such a chaos of loot that cows, goats, clothes, utensils, and even salt were robbed away from the house. After the loot,  only the door and four walls remained in the house, there was no roof left over our heads. The next day we didn't even have clothes to wear. A few months later, on 26 February 2006, On the day of Mahashivratri, My elder brother Mohan Mandavi, who was the SPO, was returning from Tular cave after offering prayers to Lord Shiva, On his way back home, Naxalites shot him down in a crowded market. Due to the fear of something similar, I was sent to Balak Ashram Barsoor in 2007, then to Bhairamgarh Potakabin, then to Mardoom". 
Ramnath Mandavi became teary-eyed while narrating his story. He further informs that his mother did not allow him to return to his home so that he could stay alive. He said, "Whenever our hearts longed for each other, we used to meet in the market and used to cry a lot in each other's arms."

But the times have changed now, and Ramnath Mandavi will finally stay in a house. He and his mother will have a solid roof over their heads. In Chief Minister's Bhent and Mulaqat campaign in Dantewada, Mr. Baghel handed over the keys to a new home situated in a residential complex to Ramnath Mandavi. On the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, 36 fully equipped houses have been constructed at Karli, Dantewada for  Naxal victims, and the families martyred in Naxal incidents. Out of which, 30 houses have been allotted to the Naxal victim's families.

Seema will stop her mother from working as a daily wage labor– Seema Karma is very happy after receiving the key to the government house from Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Seema tells that she and her mother were in a lot of shock after the murder of her father by the Naxalites. "My father was an undercover soldier. On the night of the incident, the Naxalites broke into the house by breaking the door open and dragged my father away. We pleaded a lot but they did not leave him. The next day I learned that the Naxalites had killed my father by slitting his throat. After this, the Naxalites kept pelting stones in our village house so that we would leave the house out of panic. My Mother worked as a laborer and raised all three of us brothers and sisters. Till now, I was paying house rent of Rs 3,000. Now government accommodation has been provided by the state government, it will be a great relief for my family". Seema also informs that she has just joined the post of constable as a compassionate appointment after her father. Now she is determined to eliminate Naxalites.


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