Virat Kohli angry after 'fan' breaks in and posts 'leaked video' of his hotel room in social media

Perth, October 31: Virat Kohli put out a rather irritant message in his social media accounts after a 'fan’ entered his room, shot video and posted online, and it has created a massive ruckus in cricketing circles.

The incident happened during the India vs South Africa match here at the Optus Stadium on Sunday (October 30).

Kohli was understandably irritated that someone has broken into his room, shot video and published online, and he reacted rather sharply about the whole episode. “I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favourite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that. But this video here is appalling and it’s made me feel very paranoid about my privacy. If I cannot have privacy in my own hotel room then where can I really expect any personal space at all??

“I’m NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and not treat them as a commodity for entertainment,” Kohli wrote in his Instagram account with a grab of the video as background.

In the video that lasted about 30 seconds, a person can been shooting videos of Kohli’s room while another person stands and watch the whole thing. However, faces of both the individuals are not visible in the video. The local sources here said Kohli has left the room after shunning all the food and health supplements that he was carrying in fear of possible contamination.

The Indian team had lost the last match against South Africa at Perth by 5 wickets and now they have moved to Adelaide to face Bangladesh on November 2 in their 4th ICC T20 World Cup 2022 match.

It is not immediately clear whether Kohli or Indian team management has raised a complaint about the incident, which took place in the official team hotel.

It is possible that they may lodge an official report about the incident with the BCCI, local organisers and the International Cricket Council (ICC) to have a probe proper about the breach.

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