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Ben Stokes vs Rohit Sharma: Ben Stokes overshadowed Rohit in the first test as captain.

Ben Stokes vs Rohit Sharma: India was defeated by England (IND vs ENG) by 28 runs in the Hyderabad test match. Ollie Pope and Tom Hartley emerged as heroes in England's victory, but the aggressive captaincy of Ben Stokes as captain was also a topic of discussion.Winning a Test match in India is the dream of any foreign captain. Before coming to India, there was a lot of pressure on England whether the baseball game would be able to be played on Indian soil. But in the very first test, the Indian team was a complete flop in front of the baseball game.In England's victory, Ben Stokes' captaincy was much better than Rohit Sharma's. In such a situation, let us know about the performance of Ben Stokes in the first test as captain.

- Active captaincy throughout the match

Ben Stokes did not give himself a chance to come under pressure in the test match. Stokes looked very positive during the entire match. Be it while batting or during the bowling change during England's fielding. Every move taken under the captaincy of Stokes was very successful due to which England won the first Test.

- expressed confidence in Tom Hartley

Ben Stokes took a big gamble by including Tom Hartley in the eleven in the first test, which was quite successful. Hartley turned the tide of the match by giving unmatched performance with batting and bowling. During England's first innings, Tom Hartley scored 23 runs while batting and also took 2 wickets.
After this, during England's second innings, Hartley troubled the Indian bowlers a lot by scoring 34 runs in 52 balls at the crucial time. Later, during bowling, Hartley created history by taking seven wickets. Hartley's all-round performance also made all the difference in the match.

- Scored important 70 (88) runs in the first innings

Even though Ben Stokes was not able to score big in the second innings, the important inning of 70 runs in the first innings had filled the enthusiasm among the England players to return to the match. Stokes played an inning of 70 runs at a time when it seemed that the English team would not be able to score big.But Ben Stokes played an important role in taking England to 246 runs in the first innings by scoring 70 runs and gave a befitting reply to the Indian bowlers by playing captaincy innings at the time of need.

- An important run out of Jadeja in the Indian second innings.

Ravindra Jadeja was run out by Ben Stokes during India's second innings. Stokes almost ended the match for India by defeating Jadeja with his straight throw. Jadeja's run out proved to be an important turning point of the match and from here again Team India could not make a comeback in the match.

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