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Rahul surrounded the government regarding Adani, Modi attacked the entire opposition including Congress.

Last week in Parliament.


Rahul surrounded the government regarding Adani, Modi attacked the entire opposition including Congress.

Dr.Samrendra Pathak

Senior Journalist.

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New Delhi, February 12, 2023.Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made scathing attacks on the Modi government regarding the famous industrialist Adani, in response Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attacked the entire opposition including the Congress during the President's address to the Parliament last week.

While the opposition kept raising slogans of Adani , the ruling party raised slogans of Modi. Not a single word was said by the Prime Minister in his speech regarding Adani.

No description available.The President's address to the budget session was hotly debated in Parliament last week. On Tuesday, after Mr. Gandhi's political attack, Mr. Modi gave a befitting reply in his speech was completely against the Congress. This tussle continued in the Rajya Sabha as well. The noise and sloganeering from both the sides was that we are not less than anyone.

On Wednesday the congress questioned why the Prime Minister's Office ignored the NITI Aayog's recommendations against handing over six airports to an inexperienced Adani group. The Congress statement came after Mr. Gandhi launched a barrage of allegations against Adani and Mr. Modi.

BRS leader Kavita Kalvakuntla said nothing new was visible in the Prime Minister's speech & that same old stuff and nothing but satire on the opposition. Cursing the opposition will not absolve you of your responsibilities. The country is watching you and people will show it in the next elections.

Earlier, Congress termed the budget for the financial year 2023-24 as 'directionless' and said that only one industrialist has had good days in this government, bad days have come for the poor. Initiating the general discussion on the Union Budget for the year 2023-24, Gaurav Gogoi, deputy leader of the party in the House on Wednesday, also said that the matter related to the Adani group should be investigated by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). In his address, he alleged that the government has not suggested measures regarding unemployment, inflation and farmer's problems. The biggest challenge is that the population of the country has crossed 140 crores, but the unemployment rate is not more than seven percent.

Shri Gogoi said that if 80 crore people have to be given free food grains today, then one can imagine how serious the situation is. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said that the Prime Minister gave a very good speech, but whatever questions were asked by the opposition, they did not answer any question.

Mentioning a poem by poet Dushyant Kumar in his speech, the Prime Minister said that there is no land under your feet, the wonder is that even then you are not sure. On this, the ruling party expressed happiness by thumping the table.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again appeared in front of the media after the Prime Minister's speech. He said that the Prime Minister did not respond on any issue. He did not say anything on the Adani issue and nothing regarding the National Security Advisor. Looks like the Prime Minister is trying to save everyone.

In his speech in the House, Shri Modi said that those who once used to sit here, failed even after going there and the country kept passing by. He mentioned about  going to a pilgrimage to Kashmir & how he resolved to hoist the tricolor at Lal Chowk when the terrorists had put up posters that let's see who has the courage and who has drunk his mother's milk to come here and hoist the tricolor. Then he had said that terrorists should listen with open ears, he will reach Lal Chowk on January 26 at exactly 11 am, without security, without bullet proof jacket and that the decision will be taken at Lal Chowk.

He said that when the tricolor was hoisted at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, media people started questioning that earlier it did not happen here.  The news had come in the newspapers, which must have gone unnoticed. People were busy trying to shine on TV. At the same time theaters inside Srinagar were full after decades and separatists were nowhere to be seen.

Shri Modi said that he has spent his life for the bright future of the country. The trust that the countrymen have on Modi is far above their understanding. Will the 80 crore people of the country who are getting free ration trust those making these false allegations? When the poor get ration through one nation, one ration card, how will they trust your lies and dirty allegations, he added.

The Prime Minister said that when the Samman Nidhi money is deposited in the accounts of 11 crore farmers thrice a year, how will he trust the opposition. Modi has come to his aid in times of trouble, how will they believe opposition's allegations. These allegations will have to pass through crores of Indians. Some people are living for themselves and their families. Modi is a member of the family of crores of countr

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