Senior advocate APN Giri is unwell.

Senior advocate APN Giri is unwell.

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New Delhi, January 28, 2023. A team of doctors led by Dr. S K Sarin, head of Delhi's Liver Institute, examined APN Giri, a well-known senior advocate of the Allahabad High Court, due to his unwell health. The doctors have advised him to be admitted for a few days.

Mr. Giri, the director of Janganwadi Bharat, who was a lawyer in many famous cases of the country, has been ill for a few days and was undergoing treatment in Allahabad. Recently, he was referred to Delhi.

According to the sources, Mr. Giri has been suffering from stomach problem from sometime. He also complains of cough and weakness. He has also lost a lot of weight. Many celebrities came to meet him. L.S.samrendr 

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