The voice of journalists is raised not by the crowd, but by the thoughts: Vice-Chancellor

 The voice of journalists is raised not by the crowd, but by the thoughts: Vice-Chancellor

*Third National Convention of Indian Journalist Association organized at Muzaffarpur Chamber of Commerce
Vice Chancellor of CV Raman University said, Journalism course will start in the university from next year
*Chairman of Chamber of Commerce appreciated the role of journalists
• Journalist protection law should be implemented in Bihar like Chhattisgarh: Ramnath Vidrohi
Muzaffarpur. The third National Journalist Conference cum Honor Ceremony of the Indian Journalist Association (IJA) was organized on Monday in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Muzaffarpur district. The program was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. CV Raman University, Vaishali Vice Chancellor Dr. Vimal Kumar Sharma, Guest Chamber of Commerce President Shyam Sundar Bhimseria, IJA National President Ramnath Vidrohi, National Vice President Pramod Kumar, State President Ajit Kumar Pandey by lighting the lamp.
On this occasion, Chief Guest Vice Chancellor Dr. Vimal Kumar Sharma said that in today's era the work of journalists is very risky. He said that the solidarity of journalists is not shown by the crowd, but their solidarity is decided by their thoughts. He announced from the stage that there is no journalism course in Dr. CV Raman University, but journalism course will start from next year.
While the guest Muzaffarpur Chamber of Commerce President Shyam Sundar Bhimseria appreciated the role of journalists.
Speaking on the role of press in nation building, IJA National President Ramnath Vidrohi said that the main objective of the conference is to implement the Journalist Protection Act like Chhattisgarh, to send memorandums related to other demands of journalists to the Center and the State Government and to implement them. have to fight for.
  He said that mofussil journalists are the backbone of any newspaper, but they are neglected by the management. There are many journalists who are dependent on an identity card. He said that there is a need to run a phased agitation in front of various state governments regarding the safety of journalists and the facilities provided by the management. For this, our organization will play a decisive role.
  On the other hand, National Vice President Pramod Kumar said that though there are innumerable problems of journalists, but there is a need to make necessary improvements in Journalist Pension Rules and Recognition Rules and give its benefits to maximum number of journalists. Especially regarding the neglectful policy of the government towards the problems of Mufassil journalists, we have to struggle by taking a concrete decision.
  National General Secretary Satyendra Satyam said that in today's era, if the journalist wants to save his dignity, then there is a need to bring change in himself. He said that if journalists use their pen honestly, no one can play with the dignity of journalists.
  While Bihar State President Ajit Kumar Pandey said that till the Journalists Security Act is not implemented, they will continue to struggle.
  Jharkhand State President Gopal Sharma said that in Jharkhand also the IJA organization is raising its voice strongly. IJA is an organization which is strongly fighting for the interests of journalists.
  State President Ajit Kumar Pandey presided over the programme. Poet Anil Kumar Mitbhashi conducted the stage and the vote of thanks was done by National Vice President Pramod Kumar.
  National Treasurer Santosh Kumar Sharma, State Treasurer Manoj Kumar, Kaimur District Media Incharge Co-Secretary Mir Jalaluddin, Prakash Kumar, Avinash Kumar Singh, Samastipur District President Rajkumar Rai, District Vice President Jyoti Kumar Singh, Hajipur to Anish Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Shyam Sunder , Darbhanga District President Naveen Kumar, Dharmendra Kumar, Sadre Alam, Azim Akhtar, Divankar Kumar, Sunil Kumar Seth, Sushil Kumar Singh, Yashwant Kumar, Puneet Jha, Akshay Kumar Chanchal, Shravan Kumar, Himanshu Shekhar, Awadhesh Kumar Mandal, Pandit No. Kumar Nirmal etc. were present.

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