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'Bigg Boss 16': Salman offers Gautam captaincy but with a 'price'

 Mumbai: The upcoming episode of the controversial show 'Bigg Boss 16' holds a lot of shockers as contestant Gautam Vig will be seen taking up captaincy in return of all the ration in the house.

During the "saam daam dand bhed" segment on 'Bigg Boss 16', Salman will be seen offering captainship to Gautam, but it comes with "daam" - the entire ration of the house.

Gautam without thinking twice takes up the offer. The entire house is against him including his lady love Soundarya Sharma.

Housemates such as Sajid Khan and Priyanka Choudhary, among others, were in deep shock and said that Gautam should've thought about the house.

Gautam's reaction to that was that he said he did not think and I was under pressure.

After Gautam's decision to take up the captaincy in exchange of all the ration in the house, Salman did not have a reaction to it. 


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