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Women of Geedam Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming 'Lakhpati Didi'


Raipur : Women of Geedam are determined to attain success and realize their dreams with their hard work and perseverance. The path of those who strive diligently unfolds on its own. This is being exemplified by the women of Maa Gauri Self-Help Group in Hidpal Gram Panchayat, located 30 to 35 kilometers from the remote district headquarters of Dantewada in Geedam block. These rural women, residing in remote forest areas, are now engaged in the labour-intensive task of manufacturing cement bricks. Five male masons (Mistri) trained these women in operating the brick-making machine, and mixing the correct proportions of cement, sand, and dust, while explaining each and every step in detail.
Women of Geedam Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming  'Lakhpati Didi'

The primary knowledge of brick-making has immensely benefited the women, as they are now operating the machine independently. The women of Maa Gauri Self-Help Group have pledged to make this trade their livelihood. Notably, the state government's prioritization of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has increased the demand for bricks in rural areas. Mrs. Kamla Korram of Maa Gauri Self-Help Group expressed that she is happy to learn the skill of brick-making as this would help her earn livelihood and support her family.
Women of Geedam Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming  'Lakhpati Didi'

Another member, Mrs. Tulsi Kashyap, mentioned that initially, the district administration provided free dust and cement. They also received brick molds under the National Livelihood Mission and free training from the administration. She expressed her gratitude to the Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai, and the district administration for their support.

In the future, the group will be responsible for purchasing sand, dust, and cement. Mrs. Mangaldai, another member of the group, further informed that Maa Gauri Self-Help Group has taken a loan of Rs 3 lakh from the bank. Previously, they were involved in making red bricks by thoroughly mixing the soil. The only difference now is that they mix sand, dust, and cement together in a mixer machine and pour the mixture into the brick moulds, which produces ten bricks at a time. With the training in brick manufacturing, a new avenue for self-employment has been opened for women. Now, every rural woman in the district can fulfill the dream of becoming "Lakhpati Didi" under the ambitious "Lakhpati Didi scheme".

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