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Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai's compassionate intervention restores hearing for elderly man

Chief Minister's directive leads to rapid hearing aid installation for Shri Kaita in just two days

Raipur : Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai's compassionate intervention has enabled a 72-year-old man to once again hear the voices around him. Shri Ramdev Ram Kaita, a resident of Kunkuri block in Jashpur district, had been grappling with hearing loss due to ear-related issues. Hindered by financial constraints, he lacked the means to seek treatment. Two days ago, Shri Kaita visited the Chief Minister's residential office and shared his problems with Shri Sai, who promptly instructed officials concerned to address the matter.

Today, in the Chief Minister's residential office, in the presence of Shri Vishnu Deo Sai, officials from the Social Welfare Department fitted digital hearing aids in both of Shri Ramdev Ram Kaita's ears. These aids will significantly enhance his auditory experience, enabling him to hear more clearly. Expressing heartfelt gratitude to Chief Minister Shri Sai, Shri Kaita remarked that the Chief Minister is a savior of the underprivileged. Shri Kaita stated that he hadn't expected that his issue would be resolved so quickly and he found that the Chief Minister was exactly as he had heard about him.
Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai

Health Minister Shri Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Revenue Minister Shri Tank Ram Verma, Chief Minister's Secretary Shri P. Dayanand, and Additional Director (Social Welfare) Shri Pankaj Verma were also present.

The digital hearing aid fitted in Shri Ramdev Ram Kaita's ears is a modern device costing nearly Rs 50,000. It operates on batteries and ensures clear auditory reception.

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