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Chief Minister Shri Sai hosts 'Nyota Bhoj' for Bagiya school children


Shares meal with them while sitting on the ground, offers sweets from his plate

Promises the students to visit them again

Raipur : Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai hosted a 'Nyota Bhoj' for the children of Balak Ashram Shala in Bagiya, on his birthday today. He sat on the ground and shared a meal with them. While interacting warmly with the children, he also shared sweets from his plate with Anuj and Sumit, encouraging them to study diligently.
Chief Minister Shri Sai hosts

The children were thrilled to have Chief Minister Shri Sai join them and expressed their desire for his future visits, saying, 'CM Sir, do come to meet us again. Smiling at their innocence, Chief Minister Shri Sai assured them, 'Bagiya is my home, so I will definitely visit you all again.'

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