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Expedited implementation of Chief Minister's instructions to provide irrigation facility to the farmers of Abujhmad through solar irrigation pumps

Borewell mining is in progress in the fields of farmers under Abujhmad survey

District administration has commenced the work in full swing, four machines deployed to do bore mining round the clock

Bore mining done in the fields of 20 farmers with 'Masahati-Khasra'

Expansion of irrigation facility will help the farmers of Abujhmad to take two crops

Farmers are excited to avail various government schemes, after receiving 'Masahati Khasra'

*After the survey, the happiness returned on the faces of the farmers due to the benefits of government schemes

Collector-CEO continuously monitoring the process to ensure that eligible beneficiaries get the benefits of the scheme

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel's instructions to provide irrigation facility to the farmers of Abujhmad region through Solar Irrigation Pumps are being implemented expeditiously by the district administration Narayanpur. Four machines have been deployed to ensure continuous bore mining in the fields of farmers, who have received Masahati Khasra of this area. So far, the work of bore mining for installation of solar pumps has been completed in the fields of 20 farmers of this region and solar irrigation pumps are being installed here by CREDA. It is worth mentioning that Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, during his visit to Abujhmad area under Bhent-Mulaqat programme, had directed the district administration Narayanpur to provide irrigation facility to the maximum number of farmers of this area through solar irrigation pumps.

Three generations of the farmers in Abujhmad have been through the same pain and struggle, as there was no official record of the land in the region. Their agriculture practices were at the mercy of the weather. There was no irrigation facility available in the farms, as farmers had no irrigation pumps. But now that the farmers have received the lease, solar pumps will soon be installed in their farms. On Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel's instructions, the administration has expedited the work of digging borewells for irrigation in the fields of the farmers under Abujhmad survey. The farmers who have received the Abujhmad survey-Masahati Khasra by the state government are being linked with Saur Sujala Yojana. And now the farmers here will be able to earn good profit from farming by taking two crops and eliminating the dependence on the weather.

The survey has rekindled the hopes and dreams of the farmers, they are excited to avail the benefits of government schemes

Tribal Farmers of Abujhmad are overjoyed, as a government scheme has finally  arrived in Abujhmad region after 75 years of independence. Till now the farmers of this region used to depend only on monsoon for cultivation, but now they will be able to take other crops throughout the year.

Cluster of farmers have been formed to do the work of borewell digging

As per the vision of Chhattisgarh government, the district administration has linked this work of borewell digging with Saur Sujala Yojana to provide irrigation facility in the farms of the farmers who have received masahti khasra. Bore mining is being done by forming a cluster of 5-10 acres, with the aim to benefit maximum number of farmers with the irrigation facilities.

Borewell digging in progress round the clock with four machines

The district administration is working in full swing to link this work with Saur Sujala Yojana. Bore mining work is being done continuously round the clock by deploying four mining machines. So far, bore mining has been done in the fields of more than 20 farmers. The work of installing pumps in these borewells is also being done by CREDA.

So far, 2500 farmers of 58 villages in Abujhmad have been provided Masahati Khasra

It is worth mentioning that on instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, Narayanpur district administration is conducting a survey of 246 notified villages to demarcate the farm area of the farmers. Narayanpur Collector Rituraj Raghuvanshi said that till now 58 villages have been surveyed, and 2,500 farmers of these villages have been given masahati khasra. This survey will help in making revenue records and help the eligible beneficiaries to avail the government schemes.

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