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C.M. mr. Bhupesh Baghel once again spoke to Rahul's family and consoled them

 "Hold on to faith, patience and prayers, we are taking every possible step to bring Rahul back home safely", said Chief Minister

On a video call with Janjgir-Champa Collector, Chief Minister inquired about the progress of rescue operation and Rahul's health condition

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today spoke to Janjgir-Champa Collector on a video call from Pathalgaon and took information about the progress of the rescue operation for Rahul Sahu. 11-year-old Rahul Sahu is trapped in 60-ft deep borewell in Pihrid village of Malkharoda block. Mr. Baghel asked the Collector about Rahul's health condition. Chief Minister also spoke to the family members of Rahul and consoled them. He asked Rahul's family to hold on to faith, patience and prayers, as the administration does its best to bring Rahul back home safe and sound.
Chief Minister spoke to Rahul's grandmother Shyam Bai Sahu, in presence of Rahul's uncle Bajrang Sahu. He told her that the administration is equipped with robots and other resources to rescue Rahul. Chief Minister also spoke to the robot operator Mahesh Ahir and Rahul's father.
Chief Minister also observed the ongoing excavation work at the borewell, through the video call. Robot operator Mahesh Ahir, who has come all the way from Amreli, Gujarat, updated Chief Minister about the relief and rescue work in progress. He told Chief Minister that he has conducted many demos and has the experience of three successful rescue operations. Chief Minister also observed the robot and its operation process, through the video call. Speaker of the Assembly Dr. Charandas Mahant and Minister-in-Charge Mr. Jai Singh Agrawal also inquired about the developments in the rescue process underway in Pihrid.

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