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Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel is conducting a review meeting : Rajnandgaon


-Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel is conducting a review meeting of the officers. Culture minister Shri Amarjeet Bhagat also joined the meeting.
-Officers were given instructions to pay particular attention to the production- and industrial-related units that will be developed at Rural Industrial Park.
-A directive was issued to encourage the production of fly ash bricks and poultry farming as sources of income in Gauthans.
-RIPA aims to encourage entrepreneurs which will help  to expand the activity of large-scale employment generation, 
-When asked about land acquisition cases yesterday in Bhent-Mulaqat, the SDM replied that no one had received land acquisition at the earlier rate following the notification.
-The officer responded that crop-cutting is ongoing when asked about the experiment with crop-cutting.
-To ensure that non-irrigated farmers do not have any issues, instructions were given to the officials in the case of irrigated and non-irrigated farms.
-When questioned about the insurance, the horticulture officer stated, compensation has been paid out.
-The Food Officer stated yesterday that an investigation had been conducted and the woman's son had taken salt two days prior when questioned about the cause of Surgi's lack of salt for the previous two months. Additionally, it has an online status.
-According to information provided to officials, there are already 13,000 registrations for the Bhoomiheen Mazdoor Nyay Yojana, but there is room for additional registrations. Rural castes should receive their benefits if they are also eligible beyond agriculture.
-After visiting the district, identify any communities that are not engaged in agriculture and enroll their names into the Bhoomiheen Mazdoor Nyay Yojana 
-The officials were asked in the meeting what progress has been made in completing the syllabus in schools other than Swami Atmanand English Medium School, and what the average course completion rate is, which the DEO stated is 65 percent. The officials were instructed to notify the collector. Its supervision is required.
-When questioned about the mid-day meal, the DEO stated that an inquiry is ongoing. Priority is given to conducting a detailed survey and updating the menu written on the walls.
-Instructions for caste certificates: Give the applicant a clear factual reason if there is no supporting documentation or evidence. Mention it clearly in the report if the certificate is not generated.
-Make a list of the students' names and castes, then deliver it to the Gram Panchayat for passing. This will lead to better coordination.
-Chief Minister Mr. Baghel enquired about the status of paddy procurement from officials, as well as gunny bags and payment; officials responded that there is an adequate arrangement for gunny bags, and payment was made within 48 hours.
-An 80-year-old man told me that he had benefited from Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhoomihin Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana, and I felt relieved as I saw the satisfaction on his face. See how important this plan is. Its advantages should be broader in scope. Make sure the people receive its advantages. The situation will improve as you pay more attention to it-said the Chief Minister. 
-He also asked about the compensation given to Tendupatta collectors; in response, the DFO provided detailed information on the cases that appeared in Chilhati.
-The officer responded that it took 15 minutes to trace and that his son had already received the salt when the Chief Minister asked about the issue of salt that arrived in Surgi. As stated by the Chief Minister, such matters need to be clarified right away so that individuals can be informed about the truth and avoid uncertainty.
-The Chief Minister queried about the state of Surgi's roads.
When the construction and maintenance of the road were specifically questioned, the PWD authorities said that the remote route need to be in good condition to which Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel said that this project should be done with utmost importance, 
-The officer said that there is still time to reach the 15 percent target after the Chief Minister inquired about the caste certificate. complete it in mission mode.
-A complaint about damage caused by a chemical factory came from  Sukuldaihan yesterday. The Chief Minister enquired about the facts in this respect; the Chief Minister stated that he should review the agreement and ensure that this does not occur during the planting of the paddy crop. Instructions were given for dealing with violations.
-The Chief Minister added that the street lighting should also be good when he asked about the civic organization. Continue to keep an eye on the progress.
-Officers were questioned about a case in which the Electricity Department requested compensation. The accident occurred, but no compensation was given.
As stated by the officer, no succession certificate was given.
The court is currently taking this into consideration.
The Secretary stated that such circumstances where disability has happened should be noted with us. In this regard, a review will be conducted.
-The Chief Minister suggested that some actions be taken in connection to BNC Mill. A jute mill can be started. To which an official said that it belongs to, the National Textile Corporation. It ought to be utilized more effectively, said the Chief Minister. Create a strategy for this soon. Talk about it with the organization as well.
-He further inquired about the progress of the actions against chit-fund companies, and the officer responded with specific facts. He stated that the investors had received a total distribution of Rs. 15 crores so far. Soon, Rs. 6 crores 92 lakh will be given up. The Chief Minister asked what measures had been taken against the directors.
-The Chief Minister said that there should be total transparency when the man also asked about the progress of revenue cases like enrollment and Batwara. No one should have to wander for their job. The satisfaction of the public is our top priority. When it is closely monitored, this will occur.
-The Chief Minister stated that the advantage of bhent mulaqat is that we can directly address the issues of the people and find solutions to them. give it a top priority
-The Chief Minister said that there are only a few months left to use all of your strength.
-Include the parents as well so that everyone can work together to ensure the kids are learning properly.
-In addition, the Chief Minister questioned pensions and scholarships, telling the people to perform well. The public interest is paramount. I'll keep visiting.
-Events like pairadaan should be promoted.


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