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Review meeting of officers commences at circuit house in Ambagarh Chowki

 Review meeting of officers commences at circuit house in Ambagarh Chowki

-Chief Minister took information about haat-bazaar clinic, gave instructions to provide treatment facility for seasonal ailments. Instructions given to conduct screening of sugar patients in rural areas.

-Problem of arsenic in drinking water discussed. Instructions given to install iron remover machine for treatment of the iron contaminated water.

-Officials directed to focus on behavioural change for eradication of malnutrition. Provide counseling, build 'Suposhan Vatika'.

-Haat-bazaar clinic are receiving more patients of diabetes. Diabetes is more of a lifestyle disease, but people in rural areas often have an active lifestyle and are usually less likely to have this disease. Chief Minister directed officials concerned to investigate the matter.

Anganbadis have sufficient place for setting up 'Suposhan Vatika' (Nutrition Garden). Suposhan Vatika should be established and children should be informed about its importance.

Parents and family members should be provided counseling to ensure that people get nutritious food at home as well.

Eggs should be supplied by the local groups only, this would not only enhance the nutrition but would also create a source of income for local self-help groups.

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