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The house was kept in the private ZOO, raided dragon, jackal, many wild animals including deer

A village in Chhattisgarh's Dhamtari district had kept a private pig in his house. The team of forest department raided the rural house and was surprised to see the animals.

In the Ratwa village 30 km away from the city of Dhamtari, the forest department team raided and recovered many wild animals from the house of the villagers. Among them, there are 2 children of deer kotari, 2 jackal, 2 dragon and 6 parrots.

This person named Hansraj Dev had placed large cages in his enclosure and kept them. In the inquiry, Hansraj claimed that he operates the private zoo. He also showed the documents of the zoo operating under the name of Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Protection Committee Village Ratwa. Also talk about the treatment of sick animals. The forest department has left it after the interrogation. Some documents have been seized, which is under investigation. After the investigation report arrives, further action will be taken. Birgudi Ranger Goldingh Sory told that two years ago, a large number of wild animals were seized from him.

Under the Wildlife Protection Act, any wild animal can be imprisoned or killed, it can be a punishment of two to seven years. According to the Wild Life Act of 1991, lions, cheetahs, bears, deer, kotari and snakes are kept in Schedule 1. That is their name in the list of the most important wild beings. No such institution or person can keep such wild beings in their possession. This is the law of filing a case directly in the court by arresting and arresting it.

According to forest department officials, no private person or institution can make personal zoo. State governments also have to get permission to open the JuD from Central Jyothi Authority. The Central Zoo Authority has made many stringent rules. Only after fulfilling those rules are the governments allowed to open X.

DFO Amitabh Vajpayee told that the informant informs that Hansraj Dev of Ratwa has kept the wild beings in captivity in captivity. At 7 a.m. the team of forest department reached the spot. In the cage kept in the yard, there were jackal, kotari and parrot captures. A dragon was also kept in a sack.

Chief Minister approves Dhamtari for Horticulture College


Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel expressed gratitude towards the residents and farmers by roadshows in the main road of Dhmatri city yesterday evening. In addition to the development of the district, about 65.48 crores 65 construction works and the Bhumi Pujan. On the occasion, Chief Minister announced a horticulture college in Dhamtari.On this occasion, Sihava MLA Dr. Lakshmi Dhruv,Former MLA Dharmari Sri Gurumukh Singh and Mr. Harshad Mehta,Mr. Kanaram Sahu, former legislator of Kurud,Mrs. Ambika Murkum, former MLA of Sihava was present as a special guest.

Chief Minister Shri Baghel reached the Sports Complex of the local Government Higher Secondary School,From where he directly visited the Vindhyvasini Mata Temple of the Goddess of the city and sought blessings for the peace of the people of the region. 

He also visited Rambagh,Ganesh Chowk, Sadar Bazar,Chameli Chowk, Mathmandir Chowk,Golbazar and Ghadi chowk By Ratnabandha Chowk Distribution of road show in rest house route and tributes to citizens and citizens.

After this he reached the main venue of the mission ground and inaugurated the development work of about 33 crores, 48 ​​lacs and performed the bhumi pujan,Out of which nine works of Rs. 24 crore 89 lakh rupees And 56 works of 58 million rupees included Bhumi Patujan.

Chief Minister Shri Baghel while addressing a large gathering in the mission ground said That the state government has given the debt waiver of the farmers and the paddy prepared by the bloodstream of farmers Completed the promise to buy at a price of 2500 rupees per quintal. Chief Minister recalled the martyrdom of 40 soldiers who died in the Pulwama attack That for the end of stray problems like terrorism and Naxalism Today the whole country needs to stand together.

He said, while mentioning the ambitious scheme Suraji village of the state government The origin of Narva, Garwa, Ghurva And Bari, Chhattisgarh's four markers' existence contains the existence of ancestors and old age.Chief Minister Shri Baghel revived Narva by taking measures for water conservation, For the safety of Garava(Gauvansh) Gothan in villages,To prepare the animal feed and green fodder,Prepare organic manure instead of expensive, harmful chemical fertilizer through scratches And by giving priority to vegetable farming, the challenge was to pave the way for earning income.

Chief Minister said, while assuring various demands of local people representatives,Suggestions here to prepare the businessman New Industry Policy -2019 here.Prior to this, Mr. Hora, former MLA of Dhamtari, in his address, in the presence of Mr. Baghel, representing the government in favor of farmers and common people In the coming days, as well as the hope of all-round and progressive development of the entire state, along with charity.

During this time, the city's senior citizen Mr. Mohan Lalwani And Shri Ramgopal Aggarwal read the demand letter before the Chief Minister. On this occasion, the local public representatives including collector Shri Rajat Bansal And a large number of citizens were present.

















Dhamtari: Two fake journalists arrested for threatening doctor

Dhamtari police has arrested two fake journalists. Both the fake journalists caught are identified as Dipankar Biswas and Sahdev Government.

Chhattisgarh's Dhamtari police have arrested two fake journalists. Both the fake journalists caught are identified as Dipankar Biswas and Sahdev Government. According to the information, both the people are living in Kondagaon.

The whole case

Actually, a local doctor is threatened with demanding money for both. The incident is late Thursday evening. When both the alleged journalists boarded a bike, they reached the clinic of Dr Patash Nandi, ayurvedic physician located at the bus stand of Dhamtari.

So, during this time, both of them told themselves to be the Bureau Chief of any private TV channel, accusing them of being a fake on the camera and running the camera. When even this did not work, both of them reached the doctor's house and threatened to demand one lakh rupees.

However, the doctor immediately complained to the incident in the police. The police also took the matter seriously and took them to the police station, telling them that they were bureauchief of any private news channel. The Kondagaon police and administration detected both the persons forged after the investigation.

In case of ASP P. Chandel told that there are many complaints in Kondagaon district against the two accused. However, the Dhamtari police arrested Dipankar Biswas and Sahdev Government on the crime under various sections of the IPC and arrested them and sent them to jail on remand.

Petition filed against Cabinet Minister Ajay Chandrakar in Dhamtari District Court, High Court, Supreme Court dismisses petition

Dhamtari: Terrorism has been filed in the Dhamtari district court against the state Cabinet Minister Ajay Chandrakar. According to reports in the media, this libel case has been filed by Manjit Kaur and Krishnakumar Sahu in the Dhamtari District Court, in the case of wealth more than income. Let us tell you that on April 20 the Supreme Court rejected this petition. Earlier, Bilaspur High Court also issued income More than this, the petition was rejected by the petition, after which the petitioner had gone to the Supreme Court, but there too Mr. Ajay Chandrakar got relief.


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