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Jagdalpur: NITI Aayog praised the works of young volunteers of Bastar

The NITI Aayog appreciated the work being done by the Government of India for the rescue of Kovid-19 by the youth volunteers in the aspirational district Bastar. Young Volunteers are being encouraged by the attention of their loved ones under the program to protect the elderly citizens from Kovid-19 and to use the sanitizer and wash the hands from time to time by following the social and physical distance. Collector Shri Rajat Bansal congratulated the Volunteers for their appreciation of the awareness program of young Volunteers by NITI Aayog.

Jagdalpur: Collector inspects Maharani Hospital

Jagdalpur :Collector Shri Rajat Bansal inspected Maharani Hospital Jagdalpur on 26 August 2020. During the inspection, the necessary arrangements of the hospital and the medical work currently being done in the context of infection of Kovid-19 were reviewed.
During the inspection, Collector Mr. Bansal said that the Maharani Hospital is located at the heart of the city and there is regular movement of people in the hospital for health benefits.

Therefore, the PPE for the health workers being direct from the patients in the hospital. All measures should be taken to prevent pest and infection of Kovid-19. He directed the Civil Surgeon, Maharani Hospital and said that 03 days of Home Isolation should be done when the employees working in the institution are affected by the person infected with Kovid-19.
Thereafter, Kovid-19 infection should be investigated. Attendance should be given in case of negative report if Isolation of next 2 days is done on positive report. After this, take the next medical action based on the symptoms that are reflected.
Shri Bansal said that if the person is found infected with Kovid-19 in the hospital premises or ward, the said site should be sanitized and sealed for a period of 24 hours. In order to make the medical devices in the hospital infection free. Lamps should be used. The hospital should be sanitized every morning and evening. Work should be taken seriously. Disciplinary action will be proposed if there is negligence in work
Ensure adequate availability of antigen pests. Buffer wards should be made functional in Maharani Hospital and imposing penalty on Jeevandeep through the Jeevandeep Committee on the persons who have visited the institution without masks.

Jagdalpur: Collector launched Manjhi Scheme to promote institutional deliveries in outreach areas

Under the guidance of Collector Shri Rajat Bansal, the Manjhi Yojana has been started by the Health Department by arranging a two-wheeler at the local level in the district Bastar outlying areas to bring the pregnant woman to the hospital.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. RK Chaturvedi informed that 18363 institutional deliveries and 405 deliveries have taken place at home in Bastar district in the financial year 2019-20. In the financial year 2020-21, till the month of June 2020, 3822 institutional deliveries and 74 deliveries have taken place at home. In the event of childbirth at home, the life of mother and child can be threatened at any time, because 48 hours after delivery are important for mother and child. Due to delivery in the institution, mother and child can be treated immediately in any complication.
Mother and child deaths can be reduced by this. There is a provision of 102 Mahtari Express for the transportation of pregnant women, but due to lack of road in some areas, four-wheelers are unable to operate, due to which most deliveries in such areas are at home. As per the District Administration's recommendations, out-of-reach areas for 100% institutional delivery have been identified in Bastar district, in which 12 blocks are in Bakwand, 16 in Bastanar, 8 in Darbha, 7 in Lohandiguda, 4 in Nangur and 01 in Tokapal. In these villages, arrangements will be made to bring pregnant women to two-wheelers under the Manjhi scheme to the nearest hospital.
The two-wheeler owner will be paid cash fare according to the distance. In which, Rs 400 will be given from 01 to 10 km, Rs 500 for 11 to 20 km, Rs 600 for 21 to 30 km and Rs 700 for 31 to 45 km for taking pregnant woman from home to hospital. The Collector has given responsibility for BPM, Sector Medical Officer, Sector Supervisor, Regional Health Worker, Anganwadi Worker, Mitanin Trainer and Mitanin for 100% institutional delivery.

Under the innovation system of bringing pregnant woman from two wheelers to the hospital to the hospital
Vehicle owner will get cash amount according to distance
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Jagdalpur: Relief being provided to refugees in 41 relief camps in the district during lock down: facilities being provided to about 1084 refugee people from other states and districts

The needy migrant laborers affected by the lockdown are being provided by the district administration as per the instructions of the relief government by ensuring necessary arrangements including food, accommodation and medical facilities. In district Bastar, about 1084 people are being provided relief through a total of 41 relief camps including 39 camps and 2 NGO camps. These needy people, the schools, ashram schools, community buildings operated in the seven development blocks of the district are being used as shelter. Stopping, eating and drinking and necessary health tests are also being done at the said places. Apart from this, during the lockdown, on 14 April 17254 the district administration has ensured the availability of ration to the non-ration card holders through Gram Panchayat and 132 people by NGOs. Besides, arrangements are being made to feed 6671 people to NMDC and 209 people to the railway and crusher plant.

      Parashuram, who stayed at the village Dhobiguda relief camp in Bakavand block, said that he is a resident of Baloda-Bazar district. He had come to work in a Itabhatti got stuck here in lockdown but the administration has arranged for us to stop, eat and drink. . Parshuram also thanked the state government for this. Similarly, Shastri Mandavi, a resident of Dharsiva, told that he had come with family members to see Danteshwari Mata. Stuck in the lockdown on the way back, they and family members have been stopped at the Village Metawada School in Bastar development block, where the government is providing accommodation and food facilities.

                 15 refugees who stayed in the relief camp Nagarnar Balak Ashram said that they are truck drivers and helpers. They were going to Raipur in a truck in a long time, from there to go to their state Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan but due to the lockdown, the district administration has now Has stopped. Balbir, resident of Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, said that all kinds of facilities are being provided here, health tests have also been done to us.

The entrance to the palace of Bastar opened in the battle with Corona, after 1966 the treasury was again divided.

Every hand, be it small or big, is coming forward to cooperate with each other in this time of disaster due to the coronary virus caused by the corona virus.


Bastar. Every hand, whether small or big, is coming forward to cooperate with each other in this time of disaster due to the disaster caused by the corona virus (COVID-19). Bastar, the tribal dominated area of ​​Chhattisgarh, also had the kind of crisis that came during the princely period, after which the treasury of the palace was opened. This opportunity has come for the second time after 1966 when the palace has once again opened to help people.

From treatment to the poor, two-time food, ration and essential medicines are also coming forward in Bastar, from the social service organization, as a personal help. In such a situation, how does the Bastar royal family also lag behind. In this hour of disaster, the people of the palace are also raising their hands for help. To help people inside the palace, every day the Rajmahal family is carrying hundreds of ration packets and fresh vegetables to the people in the court. Members of the royal family remember Kamal Chand Bhanjdev himself, Maharaja Praveer Chandra Bhanjadev, are sending helpers to the homes of people every day according to their needs. The entire palace family is involved in this work.

The door was opened in 1966
Some similar disaster came in Bastar even three decades ago. It is said that in the year 1966, there was a famine in Bastar. People of Bastar had become fascinated by the rash. At that time, Maharaja Praveer Chand Bhanjadeva of Bastar princely state had sacrificed for three days inside a cave in Farspal and after that the treasury of the palace was opened to help the people, who needed help at that time by the palace. Given to

MP Deepak Badge warned the central government, if you do not take rice, you will not give the mineral of Bastar

After PCC Chief Minister Jai Singh Aggarwal had said that if the Central Government does not buy rice, we will stop the coal dispatch from Korba.

Jagdalpur In Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), the controversy over the paddy purchase bonus is not being named. Paheli PCC President Mohan Markam had openly spoken about the economic blockade. Then Revenue Minister Jai Singh Agrawal (Minister Jai Singh Agrawal) and now MP Deepak Baij have also made a stir against the Central Government. Congress MP has also clearly challenged the central government. Targeting the Central Government, he has warned that if the Center has not taken paddy, we will not give the mineral of Bastar. He said that he is speaking on the road right now, he will speak in Parliament very soon.

There is a dispute about this

It may be known that the Congress government of Chhattisgarh had promised to give 25 lakh rupees the support price of paddy to the farmers, but the central government is not ready for this. The Center has placed a condition that if the paddy is purchased in excess of the fixed price, then the bonus amount will not be given. Apart from this, the state government is also putting pressure on the central government to take rice from the central pool.

Congress said this

It may be known that PCC Chief Mohan Markam had openly threatened the central government to block the economic blockade. While reviewing the preparations for the movement against the central government, Mohan Markam had said that PM Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) likes the iron ore of Chhattisgarh, the mineral resources here, but not the paddy. Therefore, if required, economic blockade will be done in the state. After PCC Chief Minister Jai Singh Agarwal had said that if the Central Government does not buy rice, we will stop the coal dispatch from Korba.

Tribal, MP supported by different areas of Bastar to protest against NMDC

The Tribal is performing Friday at NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation), run in Kirandul in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.


The Tribal is performing Friday at NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation), run in Kirandul in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. Adivasis are coming from different parts of Bastar to join this demonstration. From Jagdalpur, a large number of tribals came out on Friday morning for Dantewada. More than five thousand tribals are expected to join this demonstration. The tribals are performing in the NMDC from 3 am in the morning.

A large group of tribals in Dantewada's Bacheli are surrounded by NMDC's checkpost. Political parties such as Congress, Janata Congress, Chhattisgarh J, Aam Aadmi Party, CPI are also supporting this demonstration of tribals. Baptist's newly-elected MP Deepak Badge also supported this demonstration. MP Deepak Badge said, "I am with them in this movement of the villagers. According to Deepak Badge, Udgapati Adani had sought permission to cut 25,000 trees in the name of road construction in the area, but the trees were cut before the permission.


Demonstration from morning
Let us tell that Adani's company has been making tribal tribals against NMDC's number 13 iron ore mining for long. Rally has also been removed several times. After this morning, Adivasis surrounded the NMDC checkpost and started protesting there. NMDC does work every day in three shifts. The first shift starts from three o'clock in the morning. In this way the group of protesting tribals started performing here before the first shift started.

Jagdalpur: Lok Sabha Election 2019: With the announcement of election programs, employees will be asked for postal and application for elective duty certificate.

Post-ballot and electoral duty certificate will be provided to provide the opportunity for voting for officers and employees engaged in the election work under Lok Sabha Elections 2019. A meeting was held in Collectorate's inspiration room on Thursday to prepare for it. Employees who discharged their responsibilities assigned for issuing postal ballots and electoral duty proof in the meeting were trained. It was informed that along with announcement of election programs, postal ballots and electoral duty certificates will be issued to employees engaged in the election, so that they can use their franchise. For this, the control room will be installed in the Secretariat Hall of Collective. It was informed that during the Lok Sabha elections, electoral duty certificates will be issued to employees employed in the election process, for which application will be given in Form 12 and post ballot will be issued for employees employed in the security work, for which application The format will be taken in 12. This afternoon, the postal certificate and the nodal officer of the Electoral Duties Certificate, Mr. Shiv Rathore and Master Trainer Mr. Jivan Lal Sharma and BS Ramkumar were present.

Large gift to Bastar in Atal Vikas Yatra: The doors of development will open with the railway route: Dr. Raman Singh

Under the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, the people of Bastar division of Chhattisgarh's tribal-dominated district have a huge sauga today. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh made a digital fundraiser of the railway route from Jagdalpur to Rawghat under a 235 kilometer rail project of Dalli Razhara-Jagdalpur in a massive public gathering held at Lal Bagh Ground of Divisional Headquarters Jagdalpur. Addressing the General Assembly, he compares the railway lines to the lines of human hands. Dr. Singh said - In today's era, the development and expansion of the rail network only embodies the fate and picture of any country or state.

    He said - this railway route will open new door for development in Bastar. The Chief Minister has laid bhoomipujan and foundation stone for construction of 140 km long railway line under Rawghat-Jagdalpur project of approximately Rs. 2538 crores. It is worth mentioning that construction of about 95 km railway line from Duli Rajhara to Rawghat in the first phase of this project is in progress and on this route, railway service has started from Dalli Rajahhar to Bhanupratappur.
    On the occasion, the Chief Minister also released the widening work of 119 Kms of Jagdalpur National Highway from village Bardma-Dahikonga on this occasion. While addressing the mammoth gathering in Lalbagh grounds of Jagdalpur, he said that today is a historic day for the tribal-dominated Bastar division, where a new history is being created. He said - entering into a new age with Bastar Education Hub, Medical College, Nagar Nahar Steel Plant. There will be new industry and support industries. Development will get new momentum around the rail line. This area will grow 10 times more in coming time.
Minister of State for Steel, Shri Vishnudev Sai, Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajendra Gohain, Minister of Higher Education of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Prem Prakash Pandey, Minister of School Education, Mr. Kedar Kashyap, Forest Minister Shri Mahesh Gagra, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap, as special guest in the program. was present. The Chief Minister said that four districts of Bastar, Kondagaon, Narayanpur and Kanker will be connected with Jagdalpur-Rawghat Rail Project. Between Jagdalpur and Raghat, Palli village, Kudankar, Bastar, Sonarpal, Bhanpuri, Dahikonga, Banyagaon, Kondagaon, Jugani, Chandgaon, Narayanpur and Bhardla stations will be built. On completion of this railway route, distance from Jagdalpur to Raipur will be reduced from 622 to 360 kilometers by rail. At present, Jagdalpur has to roam going to Koraput-Titlagarh and go to Raipur. Dr. Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh proposed a new model of expansion of the railway line with the support of NMDC, SAIL, SAIL, IRCON and CMDC, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved it. Jagdalpur-Rawghat Rail Project is being started today with special efforts of the Prime Minister. He expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister for this. The Chief Minister also lauded the contribution of Railway Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh, Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain and Minister of State for Steel, Shri Vishnudeva Sai, for promptly pursuing this project.
The Chief Minister said that as long as the length of the railway line has been laid in Chhattisgarh over the last 150 years, the rail line will be laid in the next five years. He said that the Bastar is changing. Bastar is entering the new round with road connectivity, power connectivity, rail connectivity, telecom connectivity and air connectivity. In the program, the Chief Minister inaugurated the widening and renewal work of 119 km from Bidma-Dahikonga-Jagdalpur to NH-30 at a cost of about 541.88 crores. They laid the foundation stone of the 25 kilometer long 25.60-kilometer stretch of Lonandiguda Development Block at Tarangaon Garada Kodnar Road and Rs. 33 crore 75 lakh at a cost of Rs. 20 crores, 45 kilometers long Chitrakot Barasur road. Dr. Singh inaugurated the Bastar Handicrafts Project Bhawan in Subhastha Kendri Bhawan in Chidpal, constructed at a cost of Rs.2, 64 lacs, Construction of a transistor hostel in Darbha, Construction of Government High School in village Sorgga Vikaskhand Bastar and Village Tarangal Vikas Khand Bhanpuri.
In the Chief Minister Dr. Singh Program, distribution of goods and checks worth Rs. 79 lakhs to 440 beneficiaries under various beneficiary schemes. He provided three HP electric pumps at the cost of 24 lakh 31 thousand rupees to 130 farmers under Shakambhari Yojana of Agriculture Department. Apart from this, Dr. Singh provided the Paddy transplant to three beneficiaries, 3 beneficiaries to the Reaper and 12 beneficiaries under the Power Mechanics Scheme for the battery power sprayer. Under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Irrigation Scheme, checks amounting to Rs.33, 68 thousand rupees to 154 farmers and provide sprinkler pipes to the farmers. Distribution of checks of Rs 2 lakh 35 thousand rupees to 119 students of the Labor Department under the Navnihal Scholarship Scheme.


Two Battalion Maoists surrendered in Bastar, due to surrender

Naxalite said that the outside Naxalites do not live any further in any encounter. Only Chhattisgarh and the people of Bastar have to fight and go ahead.

In front of the IG in Chhattisgarh, two honorary Maoists, including a woman, surrendered. The reward was reward of five lakhs on the nominal Naxalite Lachchu aka Kamlesh, whereas Devaki is a reward of two lakhs.

Being told that Lachchu alias Kamlesh was involved in the Naxalite organization in 1999. He has been involved in many big cases. In 2003, in Bijapur district, he took out a major tragedy in the village Muder area, where five security forces personnel were martyred. At the same time, the female Naxalite Devaki used to work as a nurse in the Naxalite organization.

Naxalite Kamlesh, who surrendered, said that the Naxalites have lost the explosive material at present. He is now running his own work of cracking the cracker. Kamlesh also said that the outside Naxals do not live any further in any encounter. Only Chhattisgarh and the people of Bastar have to fight and go ahead.

Kamlesh said that for this reason the local Naxalites are very angry with the people running the Naxal movement and are surrendering. On the other hand, Bastar's IG said, thus saying surrender as the success of the security forces, that the Naxalites are now on backfoot in Bastar. Naxal operations in Bastar will not stop. Continuous operation will be done.

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