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New record in public Suraj campaign together eleven hundred weddings in one day

New record in Lok Suraj campaign: eleven hundred marriages together in a day

Jagdalpur: a new record of eleven hundred weddings was made in one day in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, under the state-wide Public Security campaign. In the evening, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh blessed all the couples by joining the marriage of eleven hundred daughters of poor families at the mass marriage ceremony held in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district.

He gave his best wishes to the bride and groom for their happy family life. The function was organized by the Women and Child Development Department in collaboration with the District Administration under the Chief Minister's daughter marriage scheme.

Addressing the function organized at Lalbagh Maidan, Dr. Raman Singh said that people are being availed of various schemes under the Public Suraj campaign in the state. In the same link
Today, this grand mass marriage ceremony is a great virtue in the form of Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojna for eleven hundred daughters of poor families on the occasion of the launch of Chaitra Navratri and Indian New Year Vikram Samvat 2075.
The Chief Minister said that marriage is not just a celebration but it is also a resolution for discharging their family and social responsibilities with entry into a household life. The chief minister
Blessing all the newlyweds, he said that in Chhattisgarh, now houses of all the families will be illuminated by electricity. The state government is running a special campaign to provide electricity connections to all powerless houses by June. Pucca toilets are being constructed in all houses. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap and MLA Mr. Santosh Bafna also gave blessings to the Navodients.

Shri K. Kashyap, Minister of Tribal Development, Shri Ram Pratap Singh, President of State Medicinal Plant Board; Mr. Kamalchand Bhanjdev, Chairman of State Youth Commission; Shri Srinivas Muddhi, President, Forest Development Corporation; and Chairman of District Panchayat; Smt. Jabita Mandavi; Officials of the institutions and a large number of citizens were present on the occasion. Divisional Commissioner Shri Dilip Vasanikar and collector Shri Dhananjay Devangan and other senior officials of the administration were also present in the program.

In the ceremony, the marriages of the selected daughters from the villages of different projects of the women and child development department are done according to their customs. Of these, 115 of the Tokalal project, 80 of Jagdalpur urban project, 150 of Jagdalpur rural project, 181 from Dakavad project, 165 of Darbhaji project, 143 of Lohandiguda project, 87 of Bastar project and 179 girls of Bastar project were included. In the Bastar district, now the marriage of 8647 couples has been completed by combining them under the Chief Minister's daughter marriage scheme.


Today, a new record of eleven hundred weddings was made in one day in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, under the state-wide Public Security campaign. In the evening, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh blessed all the couples by joining the marriage of eleven hundred daughters of poor families at the mass marriage ceremony held in Jagdalpur, headquarter of Bastar district.



Needs a Long Strategy to Deal With Naxalites

Report by Sudhir Jain

Jagdalpur: In Chhattisgarh, there is a need to create a long strategy to overcome the synonymous Naxalism of terror. History is a witness that if the Maoists go away from some time in some area, then this is part of their strategy. They return again in the same area with complete preparation and strategy. They are not among those who are so quick to accept, there is a great need to make long-term strategies to deal with them. In fact, the manner in which the Maoists are trained is like training of the army, but our CRPF is trained to fight like, but they are not trained to fight the Maoists, they are specially guerrillas. Formally trained.

It would be imperative to mention here that Maoists have complete training of strategies and tactics in this kind of fight, they analyze the police encounter in any part of the country, analyze it with their colleagues and discuss it. Then, considering its positive-negative aspect, decide its next strategy, while there is a complete lack of it in the police. The need of the hour is to become a strategy to fight the Maoists, to train them against their attacks, effective operations can be done only.

There is no need to deploy army in Bastar, it is not that all tribal Maoists of Bastar are Maoists. Actually the fight that the police can fight, instead of adding the army to that fight, would not be a better strategy.

It is noteworthy that the Maoists are always fighting their long term war. His documents show that he considers retreating in the long-term battle as a normal procedure. It is possible that the government has put the Maoists on the backfoot, but this does not mean that the Maoists will accept defeat by doing so. They believe that in the process of going back and forth, they will eventually win their battle. Whenever the Maoists go backfight, they use that opportunity to understand their mistakes, weaknesses, manipulate them and prepare for further battle. They are not so easy to sit quietly. If there is an effective fight against the Maoists, then the government has to form a long-term strategy.

Concrete and policy decisions have to be taken for the elimination of Naxalism. Security and intelligence will be made more secure and stronger than Naxalites. Apart from this, the confidence of local people will be won. We have to understand that a slight negligence in security can make it difficult for us.

Naxalites' urban network collapses, large quantities of explosives recovered

Jagdalpur :Konta Mariguda police today carried out a major action and demolished the Naxalites' urban network. On the information of the informant, the police party has arrested four youths from Telangana, who were in the dock to disperse the Maoists. The police has recovered the explosive used by the accused to manufacture bulk quantities of IED, including motorcycles and autos.
Confirming the incident, Sukma Additional SP Jitendra Shukla said that this morning, Mariguda Police arrested four accused from near Potakebin on Gollapalli road. Burla Suresh, K. Srinu, Kang Anil and Kommaram Arjun, all four of the above four people living in Telangana, were taking explosives for the Naxalites this morning. Meanwhile, the police team called them
According to the police, the accused youth had earlier supplied explosives and other goods to the Maoists. Police have recovered a nos. Auto, 3 motor cycles, 7200 meter Codex wire, 500 nos detonator, 4 mobile phones filled with six cartoons and other explosive goods including Naxalite literature and 10 thousand rupees cash from them. At the time of writing the news, the accused is preparing to present the youth to the police court.


Rs 270 crore bonus to tendupatta procurers after Deewali: Dr. Raman Singh


Rs 90.78 crore 'paddy bonus' given away to farmers at Jagdalpur-Kanker 'bonus tihar'

Chief Minister dedicates, performs 'bhoomipujan' of works worth Rs 325 crore      



Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that bonus worth Rs 270 crore will be distributed to 13 lakh tendupatta collectors' families after the 'Festival of Lights'. Chief Minister was addressing a huge gathering of farmers and common citizens of 'bonus tihar' at Bastar division headquarter  Jagdalpur. He transferred paddy bonus worth Rs 25 crore 36 lakh to 16 thousand 200 member farmers of the Primary Co-Operative Samities.

Dr. Raman Singh transferred Rs 90 crore 78 lakh to about 64 thousand 319 farmers' accounts by simple click of the button on laptop at both the places Jagdalpur (Bastar) and Bhanupratapur (District-Kanker). He added that State Government had been paying bonus to about thirteen lakh 58 thousand farmers for the year 2016. Dr. Raman Singh bonus for the year 2017 will be paid next year before Deewali.

Chief Minister revealed that there is total transformation of Bastar Division and it joined the rest of the state and country in the 21st century. Anyone who wants to observe development should come and see Bastar region. Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, performed 'bhoomipujan' and laid foundation stones of development works worth Rs 325 crore 28 lakh at both the districts.  He said that he felt satisfied on seeing the smiles on the faces of farmers. The State Government belongs to the farmers. The farmers are getting loans at 'zero' per cent interest rate.


Dr. Raman Singh revealed that there are 13 lakh forest- dwellers who are the members of the 901 Primary Forest Produce Co-Operative Samities. They collect tendu leaves to augment their incomes in summers. Their wages had been hiked to Rs 1800 per bag. They also get bonus. Chief Minister said that two lakh 30 thousand forest-dwellers had been allotted Forest-Rights pattas. Dr. Raman Singh recalled the sacrifices of legendary Adivasi leader late Mr. Baliram Kashyap who fought for the forest rights of neglected sections of the society. Monsoon had been weak this year in some parts of the State-96 tehsils. Spectacular development had taken place in the Bastar region. High-quality network of roads are being laid at Jagdalpur, Dantewada, Sukma, Bijapur, Narayanpur. There are Livelihood Colleges in all the 27 districts of the State.

Chief Minister assured the gathering that all the hamlets, villages and towns will be connected with electricity soon. Bastar will be linked with railways and air also. Flights will link Raipur-Jagdalpur and Visakhapatnam in AP. Referring to the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Ujjwala' project Dr. Raman Singh said that five crore women and families will be provided with free domestic gas connections all over the country. The target is to provide 36 lakh gas connection in Chhattisgarh and 14 lakh homes had already been allotted gas connections.  He dedicated and  performed 'bhoomipujan' of works worth Rs 325 crore 28 lakh at both the districts. This includes Rs 66 crore 82 lakh works at Jagdalpur and Rs 258 crore 46 lakh at Bhanupratapur. Agriculture Minister Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal, Higher Education Minister Mr. Premprakash Pande, School Education Minister Mr. Kedar Kashyap,  MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap and MLA Mr. Santosh Bafna were present at Jagdalpur 'Bonus Tihar'.

                                          Four thousand women provided with free gas connections

The dedicated works include Shaheed Gundadhur Government College building, 12 additional classes at Government Kakatiya College, Energy Park at Ghatlohanga and 117 anganwadi kendras at Abhisaran. He also dedicated an auditorium, hostels, Sports Complex at Jagdalpur and Central Library. He also gave away loan sanction papers worth  Rs 25 crore 41 lakh to about 1693 women's self-help groups. He distributed 500 cycles to students.    He also distributed free domestic gas connections to about four thousand women and sewing machines to 200 women workers. He also distributed relief materials and cheques to several beneficiaries of various social welfare schemes.



Bastar will soon join domestic airline service: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, in his residence here this morning, personally welcomed more than 500 panch-sarpanchs of four districts- Kondagaon, Bastar (Jagdalpur), Kanker and Narayanpur in Bastar division. He took information from Panch Sarpanchs about their village, house-family, farmers' farming, children's education and other basic amenities available in the villages.
While addressing these panchayat representatives on the tour of Raipur and New Raipur under the Hamir Chhattisgarh scheme, the Chief Minister said that this is the state government's effort that the headquarters of Bastar Revenue Division Jagdalpur will be connected to the domestic airlines very soon. In the next few months this service will start for Raipur-Jagdalpur-Visakhapatnam. This will greatly help the Bastaris. Critical Ill patients will be taken to the major hospitals of Raipur and Visakhapatnam for treatment as soon as possible. During courtesy visit to the Chief Minister, the panch-sarpanchs expressed gratitude towards the paddy bonus announcement. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap and former MLA Mr. Baidu Ram Kashyap were also present on this occasion.
The Chief Minister challenged the Panchayat representatives to make Bastar, developing, educating, clean and prosperous. He said that continuous efforts are being made to provide facilities like education, health, road, electricity, rail and mobile connectivity in Bastar. Awareness is coming in the people of this region. They also want to be involved in the mainstream of development. In all seven districts of Bastar division, local youth are being trained in skill upgradation in loyalheld colleges and they are also being linked to self employment. Dr. Singh said that - Bastar will prosper very soon. Lok Sabha Speaker Mr. Dinesh Kashyap and former MLA Shri Badu Ram Kashyap also addressed the Panchayat representatives.

Demand for Bastar split in 17-year-old Chhattisgarh


Jagdalpur: Within 17 years of the formation of the Chhattisgarh state, there has been a demand for Bastar to make a separate state. On Tuesday, this matter came out in the meeting of all tribal societies and administrative officials.
Where the tribal leaders, frustrated with the administrative action, said in two words to the officials, that if our demands are not prominently done
So we will do the agitation for the demand of separate Bastar state. After this, there was an emphasis on the profession of administrative officials.
He only reversed the assertions against tribal leaders. At the same time, they failed to satisfy the tribal leaders.
Tribal leaders are still skeptical whether action will actually be done or not? Tribal leaders tampered with girl students in Palar, Privatization of Nagar Nahar Steel Plant in the meeting

One-sided case on the tribals and raised the issue of illegal infiltrators in Parelkot area of ​​Kanker. However, after the meeting the tribals suspended the Chakkjam demonstration on September 20. In the meeting, all the tribal societies joined the meeting on the call of the office-bearers of the Deputy Commissioner Dilip Vashnikar and IG Vivekananda.
Discussion took place from 1 pm to 5:30 pm in Commissioner Office Auditorium. In addition to the collector and SP of Bastar, Kanker and Dantewada districts, leaders of tribal society were prominently present.


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