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Farmers get more support from paddy From the face of farmers

Mahasamund 21 December 2018 / State Government has started the process of giving proper value of their hard work to farmers and forgiving agricultural credit. The face of the farmers is showing prosperity. To sell the paddy at the new support price by the state government, a large number of farmers are coming in the district co-operative societies. Farmers are very happy with this historical decision of governance. Now they will get about 750 rupees more from the last support price. It is worth noting that the support price of paddy by the state government has been declared as 2500 rupees per quintal.
Shri Santram Malek, a farmer of village Ghodari who came to sell the paddy at the support price in Sahasari Samiti of Bansodanda, Mahasamund Vikaskhand said that this important decision of the state government is very beneficial for all the farmers. He told that he has 6 acres of agricultural irrigated land. They plant paddy crop in the kharif season and in the rabi season the pulses of oilseed-oilseeds. He said that the Chief Minister, while worrying about the farmers, has increased the financial condition of the farmers by boosting the bonus and the support price of the paddy. Due to getting paddy bonus and support prices, that money will be spent in other essential jobs and in the coming time, agriculture will do double work with enthusiasm. Similarly, the farmer of village Saradih, who came to sell paddy, said that he has two acres of agricultural land. There is about 10-12 thousand rupees in the co-operative society and bank including farm and agricultural credit. He is very pleased to increase the support price and the bonus of paddy by the state government. At this time, they will repair their home after getting more money from Paddy's support price and paddy bonus.

Regarding the custom milling of the collector acquired paddy   District meeting of Rice Millers Instructions for raising of paddy by the time

In the chairmanship of Mahasamund, 21 December 2018 / Collector, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the meeting of District Office of the District Office today, a meeting of the Rice Millers of the district was organized in connection with the custom milling of the Paddy procured on the support price at the support price in 2018-19. Officers and members of the District's Rice Millers Association were present in the meeting. It was informed in the meeting that 134 Aarwa and 40 Usna Rice Millers are registered for the work of custom milling, monthly milling capacity of Arwa mills is a monthly milling capacity of 1,62,000 metric tonnes and its mills is 57,800 metric tons. During the review, it was found that the delivery of 91,955 metric tonnes of paddy delivery order has been issued by Arva mills in a month's period, which is 57 percent of the monthly milling capacity.
Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta, while directing Arwa Rice Millers, said that they should issue delivery orders within one month of their one month's milling capacity. The 10 Rice Millers registered last year have not registered themselves for the work of custom milling this year. He said that such mills will be verified by the Food Department and action will be taken to cut their electrical connection. Work is not being done by some Rice Millers operated in the district to lift paddy and supply the auspicious to the Food Corporation of India. Collector Shri Gupta gave strict instructions to the millers to bring progress in the work of custom milling. In order to accelerate the functioning of the Chawl acquisition, it was instructed to keep open the CIDCO and Warehouse Vacation Day of Indian Food Corporation. District Food Officer Mr. Ajay Yadav, Deputy Cooperative Societies, District Marketing Officer, District Manager, Civil Supplies Corporation and Nodal Officer, District Cooperative Central Bank were also present in the meeting.

Collector issued directions for intensive investigation of incoming inward paddy coming from outside states

Mahasamund 20 Dec.

Collector Shri Himshikhar Gupta has given 17 interstate checks in the district for the prevention and action of the coming paddy for sale in Paddy procurement centers in Orissa and other provinces during the Paddy Extraction period at Minimum Support Price in Khimf Marketing Year 2018-19. The outpost has been established. By issuing an order, the officers and employees of duty were present and ordered to conduct intensive investigations in the check post of border areas.

Under this, inter-State check post of Saraipali Tehsil, Banjari check-post forest department, Pallidih / Sirpur check-post forest department, Pajrapali check post (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Sariyapali), Jangalbeda checkpoint (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Autonomous City), Chhibra ( Ghat) Checkpoint (newly installed by Agricultural Produce Market). As its in-charge, Shri Girdhar Lal Agrawal, Secretary, Agriculture Produce Market Committee has been appointed as Secretary.

Similarly, the Bashabuljhar Pratyak Chauki Mandi Department of Basna Tehsil, Palaspali Check Chaki (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Basna), Kairamura / Kudiribahra Chawki (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bus) Salhejariya Check Post (new installed by Agriculture Produce Market Bus) is. As its in-charge, Jadhav Barik, the in-charge of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Basana has been appointed.

Similarly, Pithora tehsil's Katangrai checkpoint forest department, small Loram check post (new installed by Agricultural Produce Market Pithora), Charoda check post (new establishment by Agriculture Produce Market Pithora). As its officer in charge, Shri Srinivas Mangal, Secretary, Pithora, Agriculture Produce Market Committee has been appointed.

Temri chowk post of Bagbahra Tehsil, Narra Chowki forest department, Khemda check post (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bagbahara), Khatti check post (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bagbahara) and Reva check post (Agriculture Produce Market, Bagbahra) Newly installed). As its in-charge, Shri Kushil Dhruv has been appointed in-charge of Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Bagbahra.

Inspection teams will visit the border areas and monitor the movement of illegal paddy. During the paddy earning period at the support price, there is a possibility of selling paddy from neighboring states and selling it in the purchase centers, this arrangement has been made for prevention.

From October 15, 2018 to April 30, 2019, import of paddy from other states will be done only with the permission of Food and Civil Supplies. It is not necessary to take permission from the Director Food for the import of superfine variety of paddy which is more than Rs.1900 / - per quintal, But the importer should inform the District Food Officer, Mahasamund, for importing paddy. In charge of each checkpoint and staff posted in it, the concerned Sub-Divisional Officers will discharge their responsibilities entrusted with the continuous interaction of Revenue, Tehsils and Police Station Officer.


Chief Minister Shri Baghel did the video all through crossfacing Addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Inspector General, Collector and Superintendent of Police Given guidelines

Mahasamund, December 19, 2018 / Chief Minister, Shri Bhupesh Baghel addressed all the leaders of the state, Police Inspector General, Collectors and Superintendents of the State through video cronfracinging from Mahanadi Bhavan, Atal Nagar Ministry today. Cabinet Minister Shri TS Sinhdev and Shri Tamwardha Sahu were also present in the video cronferring. Chief Minister Shri Bijel received information from all the leaders, inspector general, district collectors and police superintendents about his work through video-crossfacing. Chief Minister Shri Baghel has instructed all the collectors to work in accordance with the declaration of declaration. In the video conference, he came to know about the arrangements for paddy protection from the arrival of arrivals, uproar, storage and current rainfall of the paddy being procured at the support cost including law and order. They also gave necessary instructions regarding the maintenance of paddy storages in the committees. The Chief Minister said that the support price of Paddy is increased to 2500 rupees per quintal and the benefits of farmers' debt waiver on priority basis. He said that by increasing the support price of paddy in the state, the possibility of selling the paddy from the border states of Chhattisgarh can increase the possibility, for which they have directed the officers to keep a strict vigil in the border areas of the state.
Chief Minister Shri Baghel said that there is a need to speed up the work of public interest on priority basis. Keeping in view the possibilities of development of the district, it has been instructed to prepare the work plan. He told about the debt waiver of the farmers of the state that besides the cooperative banks and Chhattisgarh rural banks, even if the farmers have taken agricultural loans from other commercial banks, their figures should be collected to avail the benefits of the debt relief scheme. Regarding providing employment in the field of agriculture and co-operatives, the Chief Minister said that the area of ​​cultivation of fruits and vegetables should be increased at the local level and necessary action plan should be prepared to establish food processing industry. In rural areas, the government land also instructed to preserve the land for schools and playgrounds and other works. In connection with the distribution of forest rights letters, the Chief Minister said that take action against providing the personal and social forest rights letters at the speed of the scheduled tribes of the Scheduled Tribes occupying forest land before 2005.
Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri T.S. Under the various social security pension scheme, Sinh has collected information about pension payments and beneficiaries given to elderly, widows and diviners and sent to the state government. Apart from this, we also learned about the works of road construction in different districts. The Minister in the video conferencing, Shri Tamwardha Sahu said that the water available in various irrigation projects should be ensured for the use of rabi crops in a planned manner. He said that in order to expand the irrigation facilities in the future, proposals for new irrigation projects should be prepared and sent to the government and special attention should be taken on site selection and utilization while preparing proposals for irrigation projects. He also inquired about the schemes run by all the departments. On this occasion, in the video conferencing at the district level, collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta, Superintendent of Police Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Mr. Alok Pandey, Deputy Collector, Smt. Border Thakur were present.

Health check camp today in Mohari Bhati

Under the Mahasamund, December 19, 2018 / Department of Health and Family Welfare and National Urban Health Mission, Mahasamund, today, on 20th December, Mahasamund Ward no. 28 organized a one-day free health check camp in Moharibhana near Jhulagar from 11 am to 5 pm Will go. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar said that the eye doctor in the camp will also provide his services. He appealed to the general public to take advantage of this health check-up camp in greater numbers.

Goat species are being run to protect animals   PPR Vaccination Campaign

According to Mahasamund 19 December 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta, the PPR vaccination campaign is being run in the animals of goat species through Animal Husbandry Department in the district. This campaign will be run from December 17 to December 30, 2018. A comprehensive action plan has been prepared in the whole district for the implementation of this campaign. Dr. Dharmadas Jhariya, Deputy Director, Department of Veterinary Medicine said that there are currently approximately two lakh goat species of livestock in the district, in which 78 vaccination teams have been deployed for cent percent vaccination. These teams included Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Assistant Veterinary Area Officer, Animal Supervisor, Friendship (Private Artificial Insemination Worker) and Gauseworkers. These teams will go to Dewar and Village wise to go to the house of P.P.R. Will immunize. For the successful operation of the program, Dr. C. S. Chandrakar Mahasamund, Dr. AR Ghatallhari Bagbahra, Dr. Deepak Agarwal Pithora, Dr. Jitendra Nayak Basna and Dr. R.K.Verma Saraioli were appointed as Development Block Nodal Officers. Have gone Responsibility has been given to Ms Varsha Yadu Assistant Veterinary Area Officer for reporting every day from the District Control Room to the provincial office.
For greater information on this program, publicity has been circulated in all the villages, towns and cities of the district through wall-writing and munadi. In the cold chain system, adequate vaccination has been stored in the quantity of 4 lakh 67 thousand. During the campaign, the state level supervisor will reach the district for assessment of ground reality. After 21 days of vaccination, to know the effect of vaccination, vaccinated serum samples from 0.2 percent vaccinated goats by vaccinated random sampling method will be sent to the State Disease Investigation Laboratory, Raipur through local Disease Investigation Laboratory. In this disease-borne P.P.R disease of goat species, animals appear to be cold, cold and watery and nostril, eye salivation, mouth rash, thin diarrhea, hawf and high fever. . 70 to 80 percent of infected animals die. Goat rearing is the main occupation of Scheduled Castes, Tribe, Backward Classes, Minority communities, and landless small and marginal farmers of the state. P.P.R. Due to the outbreak of the disease, these classes are financially damaged. Earlier, there were thousands of goats in this disease, but due to the campaign the rate of mortality has decreased considerably. The disease has not confirmed the death of the sheep in the district for the last five years. Animal Husbandry P.P.R. The awareness of vaccination has increased and they are benefiting.

nstructions for continuous monitoring of Nodal officers, including revenue officials, on all the production centers Make adequate arrangements to protect the purchased paddy, for that cap   Keep in adequate number Ensure transport of accumulated paddy at quick pace

Time-bound meeting concluded
Mahasamund, 19 December 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta reviewed the work by taking a time-limit meeting in the meeting room of the District Office here today. He said that paddy procurement centers are being procured by the district for Kharif marketing year 2018-19. For all the Nodal Officers, Revenue Officers and other related departments should immediately visit the storage centers including paddy accretion centers in their respective areas for not getting affected due to rain and bad weather. View all types of arrangements in the storage centers including paddy production centers, see drain arrangements along with De Nange system. Where there is any deficiency in the system, remove it immediately. Make adequate arrangements to safeguard the purchased paddy, keep the cap sufficient for it. Also focus on special arrangements for the transport of accumulated paddy. For procurement of paddy procurement, the concerned departments, including the food department, including the revenue officials, should be especially careful. Regarding procurement of paddy, he further said that the officials of Nodal Officer, Markfed, Mandi and other departments, including revenue officials, especially in the border areas, should also monitor so that other states could not come here. In addition, he instructed to complete the entry of the harvesting experiment.
The collector informed about the arrangements made for the purchase and protection of the paddy made by the societies in the meeting. It was told that arrangements for polythene and cap cover were also made in the societies. In the time-limit meeting, Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has specifically directed the revenue officials, including officers and nodal officers of concerned departments, for continuous monitoring and monitoring of all the procurement centers in the district. He said that after visiting the collection centers including the earning centers, visiting the situation and looking at the situation and resolving any problems, then solve it. The collector said that if there was any kind of damage to rabi crop due to untimely rain, then check it out. If any type of episode is made under the Revenue Book 6-4, then see it as well. Apart from this, the Director of the Department of Horticulture also directed to prepare information regarding the damage done to the crops related to horticultural crops.
In the time-limit meeting, the collector said that in view of untimely rains and the cold wave generated from it, also make adequate arrangements for the burns in the presence of CMO of Tahsildar and urban bodies, bus stand etc. along with RAN busara etc. In the meeting of the time-limit, he said that the case of RBC 6-4 should not remain pending at any level, for this, the Revenue Officers should continuously review, along with the cases related to the Road Accident. In the meeting, he got information about revenue, land records, digital signature etc. They reviewed the works of agricultural crop insurance, health, water shed, construction and development works conducted under various schemes. Apart from this, we also learned about the removal of cases received from various commissions including the real estate, RRC of banks, recovery. They have directed it for resolution on priority basis. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Shri Shiv Kumar Tiwari, District Officials of various departments including Sub-Divisional Officers were present in the meeting.

On the occasion of Energy Conservation Day, various schools of the district   Various programs in Awareness rally to promote energy conservation

Mahasamund, December 14, 2018 / Bureau of Energy Efficient Ministry of Energy is celebrated by the Indian Government on December 14 as the National Energy Conservation Day. Under this, various programs were organized on various topics related to energy conservation in different 9 schools of the district. These included the selection of government high secondary schools in the rural areas including the district headquarters Mahasamund. Various activities were organized on the subject of energy conservation through the students of science and mathematics subject of 11th standard. This includes awareness rally, wall pating, quiz competition, energy audit of homes and schools etc. For the implementation of this program, Energy Club will be formed in the respective schools. In which physics teacher, energy guru, teacher of science will be the energy conservator and student of 11th standard science and mathematics. Government Adarsha Higher Secondary School of the district, Mahasamund, DMS, Mahasamud, Ashabai Golcha School, Mahasamund, Bemcha, Bagbahra, Komakhan, Pithora, Basana and Government. Energy Club was formed by selecting Kenya Higher Secondary School, Pithora is. Organizing awareness raises for awareness generation on energy conservation day on the occasion of Energy Conservation Day through the Energy Guru protector students and Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDAA) of all these schools; Painting) program was organized.

Claim-objection till 24 December 2018

Applications for the posts of three posts of three posts and sweeper of vacant post of janitor and waterman for employees who received salaries from contingency fund under Mahasamund, December 13, 2018 / Office of District and Sessions Judge, Mahasamund were applied. The list of applicants found eligible and ineligible from the received application form has been uploaded on the website of the District and Sessions Judge, Mahasamund on December 13, 2018, in which any applicants have to make a claim-objection, they will have 5 December, By the time, we can present the claim-objection. Claims objections will not be accepted by post, e-mail, registered post and other means. No objection will be considered on the claim objection received after the last date. Candidates may obtain information from time to time regarding the examination in the website of the Office, at the post office.

December 18 declared dry days

On 18th December 2018, on the occasion of 'Guru Ghasidas Jayanti' by Mahasamund 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has been declared a dry day in the district. On this day all retailers of foreign liquor, liquor shops and liquor vendors of the district will be closed completely.

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