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Training of voting officers of Pink Booth


The training of presiding officers and voting officers for the Pink Booth in the district was organized in the District Panchayat Sabha. Collector Shri Mahadev Kawre instructed to discharge his duties and responsibilities in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India. It is to be known that one Pink booth is being set up in all three assembly constituencies of the district. He was told in training that all the women will be women employees and as soon as possible efforts will be made that the security forces are women employees. Auxiliary polling station has been built, it will essentially be a Pink booth.

Voting process for women polling parties, process of McPaul, EVM Sealing, vv Training related to stomach was given. In the training, the presiding officer's diary and ballot accounting were also reported. During the training, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok along with other officials were present.

Organized Voter Festival under Sweep Plan


Voter Festival was organized today at the Basic School Ground in the district today to promote voter awareness and increase the percentage of voting in the district. In which women's voter and school and college students performed rallies and street plays. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that the citizens should vote freely without fear of fear.

Become involved in strengthening democracy without coming to any temptation. Their vote will be completely confidential. In the program Anganwadi workers, assistants, self help groups, Mitanin, women commandos, government / non-government schools / college students of the city were present. On this occasion, Nukkad drama of absolute voting and Chhattisgarh Nook drama was definitely performed by the girls of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Bemetra.

During this time, the students pledged to vote for voting and voting. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, District Education Officer Shri G.R. Chandrakar, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. Sharma, District Women and Child Development Officer, Mr. Manoj Sinha, B.E.O. Shri Arun Khare, in-charge Sports Officer Mr. Nageshwar Tiwari was present.

Chief Secretary observed the Strong Room


Mr. Ajay Singh, Chief Secretary of the state, has reviewed the Strong Room made for Bemetara, Navagad and Saja in the three assembly constituencies of the district in Bemetara Agricultural Produce Market Camp. During this period, he also inspected the voting material distribution - deposit room, counting room. On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. R.P. Divisional, Special Secretary, Urban Administration Department, Shri Niranjan Das, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar, along with other officials were present.

Chief Secretary planted seedlings sandalwood


The Chief Secretary of the State Shri Ajay Singh today planted sandalwood plantation in village Amora Panchayat Bhawan Complex in Bemetara district. Additional Chief Secretary Shri R.P. Mandal also planted trees. Special Secretary, Urban Administration Department, Mr. Niranjan Das, Collector Mr. Mahadev Kavre, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar was present.

Chief Secretary inspected the polling booth


Mr. Ajay Singh, Chief Secretary, of the state, inspected the polling station established at Vermont, Amora and Bemetra in the agricultural produce market premises in the polling booth of Bemetara district this morning. During this, he took the information of basic facilities like electricity, water and toilets in the polling booth. In connection with arranging ramps and wheelchairs for the convenience of Divyang voters. Collector Mahadev Kawre said that 847 booths have been set up for the three assembly constituencies of the district. In the 726 polling booths of Bemetara district, 99 voting centers are included in the Dhadha development block of Durg district under Saza assembly. Similarly, 22 polling booths of Bemetara assembly constituency are included in Durg district.

Three Pink booths will be installed in the district. On the instructions of Election Commission, webcasting of 75 polling stations of the district will be done. During the inspection, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. R.P. Division, Special Secretary, Urban Administration Department, Shri Niranjan Das, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok along with other officials were present.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Today 11 people took the form


On the first day for the three assembly constituencies of the district on Friday, 11 people bought a set of nomination papers for these two, 02 for Bemetra and Navagadh VS. For 06 people are involved. In the district office, the form of Form 3 was reached by reaching the cells created for getting the nomination papers made for different assembly constituencies. The District Election Officer said that for the Navagadh assembly constituency, Harikshan Kurre, Tekram Kosale, Om Prakash Bachpeyi, Bhaskar Chand, Bharatlal Patale and Ramakant Ray are included.

Similarly, for Bemetara assembly constituency, Sanjeev Agrawal, Sanjay Phulchand Surana and Churavan Sahu and Saja Vidhan Sabha constituencies are included for the benefit of labhchand Bafna and Ashok Tandulkar. Today on the first day, no candidate in the 03 assembly constituencies of the district submitted their nomination papers. The collector said that on Saturday 27th October, banks will remain under the Negotiable Instrument Act. The nomination papers can not be accepted on Sunday, October 28.

Keeping the festival in mind, check the hotels by the Food and Drug Administration team

Bemetra October 26, 2018: Considering the festival season, samples of sweet made of rice brand edible oil and mini para (khova) from two establishments of Bemetara city have been collected for examination. This action was taken by the Department of Food and Drug Administration, Bemetra, on the instructions of Collector and District Magistrate Shri Mahadev Kaware. Food clearance (FS SAI number) under the Food Safety Standards Act 2006 was also examined. It should be known that this FSASI number is mandatory to every food service provider. Therefore, this proceeding will continue continuously in the coming days and surprise check will be sent for food sampling and the status of food license will also be checked. In case of non-food licenses, action will be taken under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. In the proceeding team, Mr. Kamal Prasad was accompanied by Assistant Secretary of Food Safety Mr. Roshan Verma.


Voter awareness through yoga Promoted chariot showing green flag

Bemetra October 26, 2018: - Under the Voter Awareness Sweep Plan, today, at 6.00 am in the local agricultural produce market premises, awareness was made to vote for voters through Yoga demonstration. In which collector and district election officer Shri Mahadev Kaware, hostel students, children of Kasturba school and distinguished citizens joined. Yogi Teacher and Sweep's District Icon (Brand Ambassador) Mr. Dilharan Tiwari has done yoga. Under the leadership of Mr. Tiwari, voter awareness chariot is being taken to promote voter awareness. The Collector, who sent the green flag, sent it to three assembly constituencies and four development blocks of the district.

The Mack Poll is generally held one hour before the scheduled time of voting. Requirements for Presiding Officers

Bemetra October 26, 2018: - The Election Commission has issued instructions for the Presiding Officers. Under this, during the videography by the election authority journalists, representatives of the Election Commission issued by the Commission in the polling booth, keep in mind that not violation of the voting secrecy means that the voter should not be shown while voting. Photography / videography is not done by any unauthorized and intermediary person. While maintaining peace and order, there is no objection to any photographer standing in the line outside the polling station, taking photographs of the crowd of voters. Under any circumstances, a Voter VV, while voting on its ballot unit, Stomach photographs will not be allowed to take. On the day of voting a supervisor can inspect your polling station. It is possible that he should start the tour of the constituency from your center and at that time when you are completing the initial arrangement of voting, he should inspect your polling station, show proper respect, courtesy and respect and give such information. Expect what you expect from him to send your report to the Election Commission. You can also give additional information in addition to routine information to the supervisor. You should provide them the list of absentee voters, voters sent abroad, dead voters (ASDs). He will only inspect the voting done on your polling station. If the polling booth gives a suggestion to make the voting process more simpler, then it should be taken into consideration. The supervisor will be requested to sign a visit sheet, which will be attached to the presiding officer. After the voting you will deposit it with the presiding officer diary. Micro Abrzar will work under the control and direction of the main observer. Micro observers are expected to reach the polling station one hour before the voting starts ie at 7 am and remain in the polling station for the entire day. On the day of polling, the poling booth will not be allowed to come from wearing any political party name, election symbol or slogan cap or shaw etc. It has also been stated in the directive issued by the Commission that the MC Poll will generally be held one hour before the scheduled time of commencement of the voting. Voting agents will be allowed to confirm that VV The abdominal drop box is empty. Presiding officers and voting agents should sign their envelopes. The name and number of polling booth and the name and number of the assembly constituency and the voting date will be mentioned. VV before the actual voting starts. Drops of PAT should be sealed with an AdExt tag. There should be separate lines for male and female voters. Ensure that senior citizens (senior citizen) and divyong voters are given priority to enter the polling station. So that they do not have to wait unnecessarily in any way. BLO or people who you allow permission to enter the voters from time to time to identify or assist you during the voting.

Expenditure Observation Monitoring Room Overview

Bemetra October 26, 2018: - Expenditure Observer Shri Ankit Anand, appointed by the Election Commission of India for the three assembly constituencies of the district, today spent the expenditure Monitoring Room, CVijil, Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) Observed. During this, he gave necessary guidelines to the staff engaged in expenditure surveillance. Observer Shri Anand said that during the Vidhan Sabha elections all the students should perform their duties promptly. Collector Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, A.D.M. Mr. K. S. Mandavi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, Deputy Collector, Mrs. Silly Thomas, Treasury Officer, Shri V.G. The sub-group along with other officers were present.

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