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Chhattisgarh national award for rural development schemes: CM congratulates

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh met the delegation of officers of his department under the leadership of Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Shri Ajay Chandra Karkar in his office room located in the Assembly premises here today. He told the Chief Minister that Chhattisgarh has been honored with 15 national awards in different central schemes of rural development in New Delhi. Dr. Singh congratulated them for this important achievement. Officers awarded the award they received. It is known that the Central Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar had awarded these awards to the Chhattisgarh region at a function organized at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Construction of Chhattisgarh's tallest building will be ready by 2025: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister inaugurates 254 crore works in Mahasamund - Bhumi Pujan

Mahasamund : Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that the work of development in the state has been prepared with the work done by the state government in the last 15 years for the betterment of the village, the poor and the farmers. According to the unseen vision letter on this foundation, a vibrant building of Chhattisgarh development will be ready by 2025. He said that Chhattisgarh will be among the most developed states of the country by 2025. Chhattisgarh's gross domestic product will double as compared to today.
Every village will have better facilities for education and health, along with road and internet connectivity. Rail connectivity will expand in Chhattisgarh and connect to big city air connectivity.
The Chief Minister was addressing the mammoth gathering held in the district headquarters, Mahasamand during the visit of state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra. The Chief Minister said that this development visit is dedicated to the creator of Chhattisgarh and former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He said that Chief Minister Food Security Scheme has been prepared for the generations to give rice to the poor families of the state in a rupee kilo.
There will be no hunger in Chhattisgarh in the coming time. Announcing the acceptance of 10.5 million rupees for the construction of Canal Link Road in Mahasamund on this occasion Dr. Singh said that this demand of the people of this region will be fulfilled soon. Dr. Singh informed that the approval of the new building of ITI has been given in Bagbahra's welcome meeting. He distributed ten lakhs of smartphones under the Communication Revolution Scheme (Sky) scheme to Mrs. Lakshmi Sahu of Mahasamund district.
In the General Meeting of Dr. Mahajan Singh, Dr. Singh inaugurated 45 different construction works and Bhumi Pujan costing approximately Rs. 254 crores. They inaugurated the construction of new sanctioned 33 works, and 12 construction works costing approximately Rs 36 crores for the cost of 218 crores 37 lakhs. Dr. Singh distributed checks of material and assistance to beneficiaries under various schemes of Central and State Government
The Chief Minister said that Mahasamund is the district of the working people. When the drop of the sweat of the farmer falls, then the grain of paddy is born. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the support price of the paddy by 200 rupees to give respect to the hard work of farmers. The state government has decided to pay the amount of paddy bonus to farmers with the purchase of paddy at the support price starting from November 1.
At the time of the sale of paddy in the Paddy Purchase Centers, the amount of bonus will be deposited with the support price of the paddy in the account of the farmers. According to the varieties of paddy, the farmers will get Rs 2050 per quintal and Rs 2070 per quintal for grade A paddy on ordinary paddy. Arrangements have been made to provide loans to farmers without any interest from farmers.
Farmers are being given facility of payment of electricity bill on flat rate on more than one irrigation pumps of up to five horse power. One lakh rupees are being given for granting power connections to irrigation pumps. He said that 12 lakh poor families of the state, which are being provided free electricity upto 40 units, are being provided the facility of paying electricity bills on flat rate, due to excessive electricity consumption.
Dr. Singh said that today there is development in village-village of Chhattisgarh. 36 lakh women of poor families received LPG, cylinder and stove in Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, four lakh poor families living in raw houses got permanent homes, they got toilet, electricity connection and cooking gas in their house. If development is to see, then development can be seen in the homes of such poor people.
The Chief Minister said that the rate of collection of Tandupta has been increased from Rs 450 to Rs 2,500 per standard sack. 750 rupees bonus is being distributed to Tandupta collectors.

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