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District level team formed for physical verification of newly obtained jute weeds for purchase of paddy

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga has constituted a 04-member District Level Team for physical verification of new received jute bags for purchase of Paddy at support price in Khimf Marketing Year 2018-19. Among them, Shri Ashish Chaturvedi, Food Registrar Cooperative Society, Shri Dwarka Nath, District Marketing Officer, Shri Amit Kumar Chandraqar, and Nodal Officer of District Co-operative Central Bank, Shri Tilak Ram. Collector, Mr. Dugga has given instructions to the District Collectorate to make the verification report available to the members of the formed party as per the guidelines given in connection with the quality test, criteria and procedure of new jute breeding.

Set up control room for proper arrangement of paddy procurement

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga said today that the control room was set up in the Room No. 128 of the Food Store located in the district collectorate for proper arrangement of procurement of paddy at the support price in the Kharif marketing year 2018-19. The cell number of the control room is 7440789266 and 8462983782.

Organizing Daughter-save, daughter-read, Honor Program by Soumya Mahila Mandal S E.C.L.

Organizing program related to Beti-Bachao-Padhao, literacy and hygiene by members of Soumya Mahila Mandal, SLC, in the Government Adarsh ​​Kanya Uttar Bukunthpur, located at District headquarters, today in the guidance of Shri Narendra Singh Duga, Collector, 26 September, 2018. was done. The program was inaugurated at 11 am in the Vidyalaya's auditorium, Sona Singh, President of Somoya Mahila Mandal and Principal of the school, Shri Amrit Lal Gupta lit wreaths and lamps on the photograph of Mother Saraswati. Saraswati Vandana was done by the then students.

Addressing the girl students in the context of Beti-Save, daughter-read, the President of Saumya Mahila Mandal said that Betanya in our village area is not far behind in any field, studies, wrote, students of Korea district in sports Has cursed my name in the state and the nation, I want to say to all the students that all the children, without fear, studying fear, joining in sports and expressing themselves And the development. In the program, the Chief of the Institution, Shri Gupta appreciated the work of the members of Soumya Mahila Mandal and praised their daughter-daughter-daughter-daughter-childhood and literacy and cleanliness program and gave guidance to the students for achieving their goals. On this occasion, the Soumya Mahila Mandal awarded the school's ten outstanding students and the senior academic teachers were honored with visiting the year and the Shrifil. In the program, the senior academicians and teachers and students of the school have been commemorative contributions. Among the prominent guests included Nirmala Pacra, Mamta Sada, Meena Singh, Aarti Singh, Kusum Prasad, Mamta Mishra, Sadhana Kuzur, Sandhya Ramavat and others. Floral Gücü Bender was honored by the staff of all guests. The program was conducted by Mrs Pushpa Singh, senior lecturer of the organization.

Nominal Officer appointed for arrangement of procurement of Kharif marketing year 2018-19 for procurement of paddy

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga, Nodal Officers for all 20 empowerment centers in the district for the purpose of preparing the procurement of procurement, procurement, procurement of paddy procurement centers, at the support price of Kharif marketing year 2018-19 Has appointed. Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Bekundipur Section for Paddy Purchase Center for hawkery, deputy collector for Mr. PV Khesas, Dhaura Tikera and Patna Mr.S.S.Dubey for Girgaopur and Sarbhoka, Shri Tikaram Devangan Tehsildar of Baikunthpur for Sirbhoka, Food Officer for Koda Shri Ashish Chaturvedi , Khadgawan Tehsildar for Khargagan, Mr. Shani Pakra, deputy collector for Chirmi, Mr. Kaushal Tendulkar, Zelda Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Kharagwan Section, Mr. Dashrath Singh Rajput, Deputy Collector for Pondi, Mr. Jagannath Verma for Pondi, Subdivisional Revenue Revenue of Bharatpur section for Gadwar (Kanjia), Mr. Anjor Singh Pakra, Janakpur, Kotadol and Madisar Nab Tehsildar Bharatpur Mr. Manmohan Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Manendragarh section for Pratap Singh, Khelhari and Barbspur, Mr. Pradeep Sahu, d Naib Mnendragd for Tra Mr Ssi Bhusn Sony, NB to Tahsildars Mnendragd Mr. Bharat Kausik, Rjuli for Chainpur Tahsildars Patna Mr. Umesh Patel has been appointed nodal officer Tahsildars Sonhat Mrs. Richa Singh for paddy procurement centers Sonhat. The Collector Mr. Duga has given the nodal officers appointed to provide inspection report by October 15.

Polling booths in Vidhan Sabha Elections 2013, from October 01 in polling booths

Voter awareness campaign is being conducted to make voters aware about voting in the Korea Sector 26 September 2018 / systematic voter education and elective participation (Sweep) program. In the same assembly, the EVMs and VVPET exhibitions will be organized in the polling booths of low polling in the assembly elections 2013. Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has given instructions on how to conduct EVM and VVPET programs through coaching training programs through nominated Kushal teachers.

Regional Coordinator, Account Assistant, MIS Assistant, Data Entry Operator and Duty, Vacant Posts, Contract Recruitment Final selection and waiting list continue

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, Smt. Tulika Prajapati said here today that in the NRLM of the District Panchayat, Korea, the contractor will be recruited on vacant posts of Regional Coordinator, Account Assistant MIS Assistant, Data Entry Operator and Servant. For this, document verification, skill test, group discussion, results after the interview and final selection and waiting list has been released. Overview of the ongoing list can be done on the information panel of District Panchayat and Janpad Panchayat Resource Center, Baikunthpur, and on the website of the District Headquarter and State Office website www.bihan.gov.in .

District Level Task Force Committee meeting today in connection with the implementation of the Missiles Rubella campaign

The meeting of the District Level Task Force Committee in connection with the implementation of the MiG-RUBLA campaign under the chairmanship of Mr. Narendra Kumar Duga, Collector, 26 September 2018, has been convened on 27th September at the District Collectorate's meeting room. Chief Medical and Health Officer, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, District Superintendent of Police, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue of the Department, District Education Officer, District Program Officer of Women and Child Development Department, District Project Officer, District Public Relation Officer, District Vaccination Officer , District Ayurveda Officer, Civil Surgeon cum Chief Hospital Superintendent, District Serving Officer , Sarvillance Medical Officer Sarguja, District Block Officer, District Program Manager of National Health Mission, District Media Incharge, RBSK Nodal Officer and District Mitanin coordinator have requested to be present at the prescribed date and place. It is to be noted that in the month of October, the Meezels Rubella campaign will be run as per the instructions of the state government. Under this campaign, children from 9 months to 15 years age group will be vaccinated in Anganwadi centers, educational institutes and madarsas.

Gram Panchayats will have social audit in special Gram Sabha

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Singh Duga has given the instructions to the Chief Executive Officer of the Revenue and Janpad Panchayat Baikunthpur, for the social audit of 18 gram panchayats of the district panchayat bakunthpur, to hold special gram sabhas for the purpose. On September 27, he organized Gram Panchayat, Chhindia, Bilaro, Bishnupur, Budar, Bardia, Charpara, Bhandi, Amgaon and Bargaon and special gram Sabha on 01 October in Amapara, Ani, Amarpur, Amher, Barpara, Basti, Bhandarpara, Champajar and Chervapara. Has given the instructions.

Everybody's plan - All development campaigns have been constituted for the creation of GPDPs in Gram Sabhas

Korea, September 26, 2018 / Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, Smt. Tulika Prajapati said here today that under the scheme of National Grameen Swaraj campaign under the National Rural Employment Mission (Gram Swaraj) - every village panchayats and dependent villages will be organized from October 2 to October 10 Organizing Gram Sabhas for the construction of Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) between December 15 and December 31. Or will. A team has been constituted under the chairmanship of the concerned Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue in each development block for the preparation of GPDPP in the Gram Sabhas with the support of all the class groups, representatives of the people of the villages and self-help groups of the Gram Sabhas. Nodal Officer, Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat will be co-secretary in the formed party. Similarly, Tehsildar, Development Officer, Education Officer, Development Section Medical Officer, Agriculture, Public Health Mechanics, Departmental Officer of Rural Engineering Service Department, Project Officer of Women and Child Development Department, Program Officer of Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme, BPM (NRLM) , Assistant Development Extension Officer, Senior Internal Audit and Contract Officer and Faculty Member C -05 Beepiarsi assistant nodal officers will associate member.

Seals will be borders of Korea and Sidhi districts at the time of election


CCTV cameras and static wireless sets will be kept in the border areas.According to the resolution of the Election Commission of Korea on 22nd September, 2018, today, in order to make the forthcoming assembly elections in an independent, unbiased and peaceful manner, today, District Collector of the District District, Janakpur, collector and District Election Officer, Shri Narendra Singh Duga and collector of Sidhi district And the meeting meeting was concluded between District Election Officer Mr. Dilip Kumar. In the meeting, detailed discussions were taken in connection with the security arrangements, blockade, checkpost, illegal liquor, ganja, other drugs and cash transport in frontier areas of both districts, arrest of the accused criminals etc. and sealed border areas during the elections. Decided to do On this occasion, District Magistrate and police administration officers of both districts were present along with Additional Superintendent of Sidhi District Tarun Nayak, Additional Superintendent of Police of Korea, Smt. Nivedita Pal Sharma, Additional Collector of Korea District, Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi.

Strategy was made to maintain law and order and deal with any disturbances during the elections in the meeting. During the election, it was also decided to monitor smuggling of narcotics and criminal activities and footprint. It was also decided to set up CCTV cameras and static wireless sets in the border areas of the two districts. Apart from the officers of the district and police administration, in the meeting, there was also a need to maintain consistent coordination between the Forest Department and the Gram Panchayat Secretary in the border areas. In the same way, it was agreed between the local level field staff, SDM, SDOP, Tehsildar etc to travel and coordinate in the border areas. Apart from this, it was also said in the meeting that officials have been advised to exchange information and maintain continuous contacts.



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