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District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee on 29th September

Balrampur, September 26, 2018 / District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (Direction) Balrampur is held under the chairmanship of Shri Kamal Bhan Singh, MP of Sarguja Lok Sabha constituency, on September 29, 2018, at 02.00 noon in the meeting room of collector's office Balrampur.

Claims objection till 01 October

Applications for posts of vacant Anganwadi workers / assistants and Mini Anganwadi workers under Balrampur September 26, 2018 / Integrated Child Development Project Balrampur were invited. After publication of the received applications, the official list has been published. Candidates who are objectionable in the eligible / ineligible list, can submit their claim objections on October 31, 2018 to the official rules. Overview of the provisional list can be done by the office.

Skill test on 04th October

Claims objection was prepared after preparation of list of received applications in post of Labor Welfare Inspector (contract) 01 in Balrampur-26 September 2018 / Balrampur-Ramanujganj district, after the test of received applications. According to the list of objections after the objection, the skill test of 15 candidates against 01 posts has been conducted in the district data center at 10.00 am on 04 October 2018. Candidates can observe the list office and the website of the list office for preference and skill examination.

I t i. Smart phone distribution in Vadafnagar on 01 October

Ballarampur September 26, 2018 / Under the ambitious Sky Scheme of Government in the Government Industrial Training Institute Vadaf Nagar, the distribution of smart phones will be done on 01 October 2018 at 9.30 am. The superintendent of the institute has asked the eligible students for the necessary documents such as Aadhar card, ITI at time in the said date. That id Attending the card has instructed to get your mobile.

AVM And VV Establishment of permanent center for display of pat machine

Vigilance awareness campaign is being organized in the district to increase the percentage of voting in Balrampur on September 26, 2018 / assembly elections and in every polling station, EVM Information is being given to people about the use and operation of VVPat machine. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak directing the citizens coming to the District headquarters in EVM. The Zilla Panchayat Complex in Balrampur has been set up in the permanent center for the demonstration and use and operation of VV Pat Machines. District Election Officer Employee's duty has been set for display of VV Pat Machine. In which tehsil office is being organized by Mr. Sanjay Soni, Patwari of Balrampur, Mr. Pradeep Mankar, Assistant Development Extension Officer of Janpad Panchayat Rajpur, Assistant Grade-III of Water Resources Ramanujganj, Mr. Jawaharlal Gupta and Bharati Shri IndraSyya Kinda of Women and Child Development Balrampur.

Launch of e-literacy center in October Invite application to provide training in e-literacy center

Balarampur September 26, 2018 / State Literacy Mission Authority Raipur will launch e-literacy center in the month of October 2018 under the Chief Minister's Urban Functional Literacy Program. Training will be provided 02 hours per day through 02 e-counselor in the Chief Minister's e-literacy center. In which digital signature people can participate Special training will be given to women in this training. Those who receive training will be given a certificate by the accredited assessment agency in collaboration with the chips.
Two e-educators have been identified in the municipality Balrampur for the Chief Minister's e-literacy center. PGDCA from at least 12th / undergraduate and accredited institution. Be skilled in computer work, which can provide training according to the PMGDISSA course. For this, the District / Development Block Program Coordinator of the literate India program or the trainers of Common Services will be given priority. Participants will be most women, so it is also necessary to be a female e-educationer. Each e-education provider will be given honorarium worth 500 rupees per successful learner. 02 e-counselor should be marked for an e-literacy center in the district, in which the candidates who are interested in this may submit their BioData and all the necessary documents to the District Public Education Committee in Balrampur by 03 October 2018.

Successful completion of district level rural women and men's sports competition

Balrampur September 26, 2018 / Participants from the Development Block level participated in the various sports competition of different sports competition of women and men category under the aegis of District Administration Sports and Youth Welfare Department, District Balrampur, under the Sports Maha Kumbh and performed their talent and sports skills.

In the district level rural women and men's sports competition, football, wheelbill, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Raskakasi and athletics games were organized for women and men's section. Vikaskhand Balrampur was a winner in the men's section of the football competition and the winner of the winner Vikas Khand Vadafnagar, Vikas block in the women's soccer division, Shankargarh made the place as a winner by the tie breaker and the winner of the runners-up development block Balrampur, Winner of Winner and Wadfnagar Team Winner, Men's Kabaddi Competition And winners and runners Kusmi, winning in kabaddi women's team team block Balrampur and runners Kusmi. In the Kho-Kho competition, Team Winner of Wadrifnagar and Team of Winner of Shankargarh, Rasakassi competitor, won the title of the winner Vikas Khand, Shankargarh, while the runner-up was Kusmi. First place in the 100 meter and 200 meter race in the men's class race competition, Veer Singh Vadafnagar, the first Ramsey in 400 meters, the first Bablu Poaya Balrampur in 800 meters, the first Prabiram Besra in 1500 meters, the first Babbulu Poaya Balrampur and the women's class race in 3000 meters. In the 100 meter race in the competition, first Anjali Kujur Balrampur, the first in the 200 meters, Jaymani Singh, the first in 400 meters, the first Budhmania in 800 meters, the first peaceful Sona, in 800 meters First Sukhmania Sonpakar in 00 meters and the first Geeta Pakra in 3000 meters is Shankargarh.

In the closing ceremony of the district level sports competition, the dignitaries, Mr. Om Prakash Soni, Mr. Gopal Krishna Mishra, Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Balrampur Mr. Vimal Dube were present. District Sports Officer Mr. Markush Kuzur, Lecturer Mr. Satya Prakash Singh, P.T.I. Mr. Pradeep Ekka, Mr. Dilip Rama, Mr. Selstein Quzoor, Mohammed Slum, Mr. Mohar Lal Kuzoor, Mr. Oksar Barwa, Mr. Baleshwar Khalkho, Mr. Dev Sai Thaatam, Mr. Sunil Deep Parmar have been an outstanding contribution.

Training of voting officers / employees

Balrampur September 26, 2018. Under the guidance of district election officer and collector Shri Hiralal Nayak, polling personal officials / employees of Vidhan Sabha General Elections 2018 were held in the old district panchayat office from Tehsilwar / Vikas Bandh on 29th and 30th September 2018 till 11.00 am in the old district panchayat office. is. Awareness training will be given to officers / employees of Tahsil Vadafnagar, Balrampur, Ramanujganj and Vidhan Sabha 06-Pratappur and 07-Ramanujganj on Sep 29, 08-Samarhi Assembly, Tehsil Rajpur, Shankargarh and Kusmani. The District Election Officer and the Collector have asked all the Heads of Chiefs to direct their supervised officers / employees to be present in the training.

Control room installed

Balrampur 25 September 2018 / In view of the forthcoming assembly elections in the district as per the Election Commission of India, the control room has been set up for the information and complaint related to the election by Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak. The telephone number of the control room is 0783-273012. Employees' duty has been set to listen to telephone in the control room.

To make important decisions in the Child Welfare Committee, make Challenges for the rights of children: collector

Balrampur September 25, 2018. In the meeting of District Level Child Protection Committee, District Level Advisory Committee, District Task Force and Child Welfare Committee, Balrampur, Mr. Hiralal Nayak created a channel and created jobs for the rights of children and lost human trafficking To prevent public and child laborers, give necessary guidelines to the concerned officers for spreading public awareness.
In the meeting organized in Collectorate meeting, the collector Mr. Hiralal Nayak discussed pending cases in the Child Welfare Committee and the Juvenile Justice Board. He instructed the human trafficking / missing children to monitor the district level from the village level and seek assistance from the police department. The Collector asked the District Task Force to conduct guerrilla proceedings in the hotels, schools and other professional institutions every month 02 to 03 every month to stop child labor. He took detailed information in relation to child labor and bonded labor, as well as instructed to mark separate fit inserts for children / girls in each development block for short-term housing facility for missing / recovered children. Instructions for creating Panchayat level Child Protection Committee, Development Block level Child Protection Committee and District level Child Protection Committee to work for the rights of children and to spread human awareness to prevent human trafficking / missing children and child labor. The collector, while seriously discussing the malpractices like child marriage, said that the child marriage in the district should be stopped immediately through the project officer officer. If the child marriage is done by the family even after explaining, then necessary action should be taken under the Child Marriage Prevention Act. District Women and Child Development Officer said that so far 42 child marriage in the district has been stopped by the joint efforts of District Child Protection Unit and related project officer. The necessary action is being taken for the disposal of pending cases of child welfare committees and juvenile justice board formed for children who are in need of protection and protection and children involved in the work against the law. Along with the police division, Adam Douyaabi has been constituted in each police station to find lost children in the district. It has been instructed to coordinate with all the departments and village level and make the missing children's addressing.
In the meeting, the officers of the Women and Child Development Department, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Superintendent of Police, Assistant Commissioner, Chief Municipal Officer Balrampur, Labor Officer, Mineral Officer, Chairman and members of the Child Welfare Committee, all the officers / Staff and child line team were present.

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