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Raipur: Chief Minister best wishes on International Women's Day

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has given hearty congratulations and greetings to the people of the region and especially women on the occasion of International Women's Day. He said that this day is a symbol of women's empowerment and self respect for women all over the world.
    The topic of happiness is that women in Chhattisgarh are getting empowered in all areas including education and self-help. It is recently reflected in the convocation of universities. When students got degree and gold medal for more than students. In the glorious tradition of Chhattisgarh, women have got equal status as well as men. Whether it is farming-whether it is economic or self-dependent through women self-help groups, women have started contributing to equality with men in all areas. Several schemes are being run by the state government for their socio-economic development, including the education, health of daughters. The new government has initiated initiatives to start five women's residential houses (residential) for women working in divisional headquarters. Similarly, the amount given for marriage of daughters in the Chief Minister's Kanya marriage scheme has been increased from Rs. 15 thousand to 25 thousand rupees.

All Citizens Must Follow Traffic Rules : Cm Bhupesh Baghel


Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated multi-storey vehicle parking and Integrated system of traffic management 'Daksh' near Jaystambh Chowk in Raipur. A security system has been established in Smart City Raipur at a cost of about 157.7 million rupees for traffic management.

Multilevel parking has been constructed at a cost of approximately Rs. 8 crores. This parking facility is conveniently arranged for about 300 vehicles. The Chief Minister said on this occasion that due to the onset of this system the traffic of the city will improve. The staff of the traffic should try to ensure that people follow the traffic rules. He congratulated the residents on this system and greeted them.And urged people to follow the traffic rules.

On this occasion the Chief Minister looked at various parts of the project to smooth the city's traffic system.The project will be run by the Department of Transport, Police Department and Municipal Corporation.Integrated Command Control Center in this efficient project Intelligent Traffic Management System and Surveillance has been included.

It is noteworthy that to improve the city's traffic system Under this project, intelligent traffic signals at 40 locations,372 surveillance cameras at 80 places,36 ANPR cameras at 6 places,Red light violation investigation system at 23 locations,Speed ​​Violation Detection System at 5 places,The queue traffic traffic camera has been installed at 10 locations.

Likewise, against the traffic rules, there will be 30 hand held challan machines for immediate action against the drivers.Message sign board at 16 locations in the city And for public address 45 systems have been installed.Emergency call box system has also been installed at 83 locations for immediate relief.

Smooth operation of traffic And necessary arrangements have been made to provide security to the citizens And the number of cameras will be increased as per requirement. Traffic violation with integrated traffic management system,Real time traffic conditions,Easy access to emergency vehicles,Information about traffic diversion, incident-accident etc. will be available.

Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur, Mr. Pramod Dubey,Mr. Kuldeep Junja, MLA of Raipur Nagar North,Mr. Vikas Upadhyay, MLA of Raipur city west,Chairman of Municipal Corporation Corporation, Mr. Praful Vishwakarma,Leader of the Opposition Mr. Suryakant Rathore,Load member Mr. Ejaz Dhebar,Joint President Shri Kachru Sahu and Councilor Smt. Shalini Sunil Vandare,Raipur Collector Dr. Basavaraju S.,Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. Arif Sheikh,Large number of civilians were present along with Municipal Commissioner Municipal Corporation Shiv Anant Tayal.

It is necessary to work fast to revive the river basins: Shri Bhupesh Baghel

Renovations of newly built 'Shivnath' building of Water Resources Department


Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today unveiled the newly constructed Chief Engineer's Office, 'Shivnath', at the cost of Rs 30 crore at Sector 19 Capital Complex at Atal Nagar, New Raipur.

In the program, the Chief Minister recalled the contribution of late Pandit Shyamacharan Shukla and late Bisahu Das Mahant in the field of irrigation in the state. He said that these great men have made tireless efforts to expand irrigation facilities in the state. In front of the Water Resources Department, there is a challenge to meet the water requirement for drinking water, irrigation and industrial areas at the present time. He said that special attention will be given for the problem of silting and repair of canals in the big dams of the state and the farmers will get full benefit of irrigation schemes.

     The Chief Minister emphasized on the need and importance of small irrigation schemes, especially in the construction of minor irrigation structures, to focus on geographical and technical aspects, so that farmers can get maximum benefit from the structured structures. He said that the construction of small irrigation projects can be avoided by many constraints. He said that excessive exploitation of ground water is showing a decrease in water level. At such times, there is a need to work fast in the direction of reviving the river basins.

         Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Charandas Mahant said that the farmers of Anandpur have been kept in the highest priority in the agriculture state of Chhattisgarh. Efforts are being made to increase the prosperity and income of farmers through state government schemes. Increasing the area of ​​irrigation will increase the crop production, thereby increasing the prosperity of the Ananda farmers. He said that we have dreamed of 'Garbhabo Nava Chhattisgarh' and work is being done to bring happiness and prosperity in the life of the donor.

    Water Resources Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey while congratulating and greeting the newly constructed building said that development of irrigation capacity in the state is essential for the prosperity of the farmers. Efforts are being made by the government to increase the prosperity of the farmers by doing good work for agriculture and irrigation. The program was also addressed by the Home Minister, Shri Tamrampraj Sahu and MLA Shri Dhanendra Sahu. On this occasion, the Minister of Forests, Shri Mohammad Akbar, Home Minister, Shri T. Chandrabhuj Sahu, Revenue Minister, Mr. Jaysingh Agarwal, Urban Administration Minister, Mr. Shiv Kumar Daharia, Rajya Sabha MP, Smt. Shadow Verma, Public Representative, Secretary Water Resources Mr. Avinash Champawat and Chief Engineer Mr. H.R. Department officials and staff were present along with the cottage.

Chhattisgarh will get the right direction and new identity by education: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Important steps for the development of education will be taken by the state government.

Chief Minister launches 20 schemes including 'Vijay'

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today launched 20 schemes, including the project of the School Education Department here. Addressing the launch program and co-workshop, the Chief Minister said that in the field of education we need to evaluate and self-observation. We have to see what is the situation of children of Chhattisgarh in the world especially in India? By the time we do not compare our exact level by comparison, it will not be possible to develop in the future.
    Chief Minister Shri Bijel told through three examples how all seven tribal children of seven in the Abhoushmad's ashram made a place in Merit, children of tribal villages of the Konta assembly, how modern arrows became proficient in bow learning. In what way, a young man from Kanchav society of his village of Chhattisgarh had sacrificed his talent by dubbing five times in diving from the shore of the pond. Performed. He said that there is no shortage of talent in Chhattisgarh. Need is to recognize and decorate their talents. The Chief Minister said that there is no shortage of funds and resources for the schools in Chhattisgarh state. It is necessary that they can be utilized and through them the right direction of the children and the education sector can be given, then Chhattisgarh will get a new identity.

The Chief Minister said that in today's departments such as revenue, police and education, the work of its department is reduced but other types of work are done more. In the education department, work like mid-day meals, elections, bicycle distribution, distribution of uniforms, distribution of books are quite a lot, but the discussion or attention should not be given on the quality of education. In the education department, there are also side effects like strike, civilian and pay scale etc. He said that most of our children in urban and rural areas are studying in government schools. There are limited opportunities for education in the private sector. It is very important that a good environment is prepared in the state of education, good presentation of teachers, children learn quickly and if the teachers are well connected with the students, then the students get enough benefit. There is a need to focus on the quality of education. The Chief Minister said that the new government has first given attention to the development of agriculture and farming. Now the second step is to be taken for the development of education. Because if we are backward in education, we will be lagging behind in all the areas. He said that he has presented a good example of utilization of time in the education department. Preparing 20 programs is not a one-two-day work. During the code of conduct of assembly, the people of the education department have prepared guides and plans for the development of education. All this is eligible for congratulations.

While giving information about the project 'victorious', School Education Minister Dr. Premasi Singh said that the girl child has been started with the view to empowering education and to make the life of girl child successful. He emphasized on making schools and education interesting and attracting, making quality by bringing changes in education. He said that we are all worried about the education of girls today. It is necessary that whatever our children learn, they will be displayed and their children benefit. He thanked the volunteer organization 'Room to Read' for the cooperation given in Chhattisgarh schools. He said that education will also benefit from innovation, learning material and smile library.
    Principal Secretary School Education Shri Gaurav Dwivedi said that in the Chhattisgarh state many innovative and successful experiments have been made in school education for many years, but these experiments are generally limited to small realm or pilot projects. He said that there is a dire need that such efforts should extend to the state and no one is left out of innovation. He said that attempts were made to link the schools to the community and the parents have also been good results, but there is a need to create more social movement by increasing it. He said that there is an effort to make good arrangements for sports in all schools and a provision of Rs. 19 crores has been made for this. Similarly, through the School Development Committee, every teacher can make teaching material on the basis of local material, there is a provision of five to five hundred rupees and a grant of Rs. 40 crores has been released for this.
    Mr. Saurabh Banerjee, National Director of Self-Service Institute 'Room to Read, told that his organization is working in 16 countries of Asia and Africa. The program is being run by them in 11 districts of the country, Raipur, Baloudabazar and Rajnandgaon in three districts of Chhattisgarh. This program is based on promoting girl education and their life skills. Today there is a need to promote girl child education and early education. It is also necessary that the skill of reading in children and the habit of reading them in children is also needed. From class two, the child can understand the stream flow and understand it. Training will be given to the Superintendents and selected teachers in the residential schools run in the state (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Residential School, Pota Kebin, Ashram Shala) under the project triumph. The District Education Officer, District Mission Coordinator, Assistant Program Coordinator and various components of the Education Department were present in the workshop. In the program, Operational Composite Education Mr. P. Dayanand, Director of Public Education Shri S. Prakash, Joint Secretary School Education Mr. Saurabh Kumar were also present.
    In the program, the Chief Minister supported the powerful girls in successful life, under therapeutic teaching, learning based under the India Learning Project, technology-based trekking, child marriage for children under the hair cabinet, online training of teachers, and one lakh questions in e-review Online questions for the teachers working in the bank, teacher training management system, tribal areas Neither course, Chief Minister also released the urban literacy programs, school safety plans, educational events for teachers and award booklets contact practice for English, mathematics in primary school, children's literature to smile library.
    Simultaneously, in the scheme of sports development to develop rural sports talent in the sports gaadiya scheme, Diary for the understanding of the understanding of the rewards in learning the remedial teaching, opportunity plan for left-wing extremism-affected (LWE) areas of Bastar division, diary, discussion Letter, Regularly printed newsletter for monthly academic discussions, workshops for the preparation of preparation plan, Mission LOC plan Ing outcome, has also released a mobile app and improve learning in Gyanskti program for Completion of trekking.
     Chief Minister expressed happiness on receiving the book as welcome
    The Chief Minister expressed his spiritual pleasure when he presented the book as a welcome in the education department's program and said that there is a shortage of time in today's busy life, but he still studied these books during the journey. will do.

Efforts on to bring back original form of Rajim Maaghi 'Punni' Mela : Chief Minister Baghel

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel on Tuesday inaugurated the 'Sant Samagam' of the Rajim Maaghi Punni Mela in the auspicious presence of Jagat Guru Shanakaracharya Swami Nishchalanand Saraswati Maharajji.  Saints from all over the country, State Endowments Minister Mr. Tamradwaj Sahu, several State Cabinet Ministers and MLAs were also present.

Chief Minister while wishing the citizens of the State said that original form of Rajim Maaghi Punni Mela will be brought to the fore.  Mr. Tamradwaj Sahu said that State Government is keen on providing modern facilities with traditional touch to the Rajim fair.  Efforts are being made to depict rich cultural heritage of Chhattisgarh through this Rajim Mela. Ramayan Mandali is also presented keeping in mind the religious sentiments of the people. It may be mentioned here that the 'Sant Samagam' is being organized from 26 February-4 th March.

Chief Minister and Cabinet colleagues  participated in the Rajiv Lochan Bhagawan 'pooja-archana' and Mahanadi Aarti. Large number of saints-sadhus and devotees were present on the auspicious occasion.


Chief Minister felicitates 18 Gadh Uraav Samaj students

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday felicitated 18 Gadh Uraav Samaj students on the occasion of 35th Mahasammelan at village Anwlachakka development block Saraipaali district Mahasamund. He said that flaws in the issuance of Uraav Samaj caste certificates will be rectified soon. Mr. Baghel felicitated meritorious students of the samaj by awarding them commendation certificates and mementoes.

Chief Minister said that the State Government had been striving for the betterment of the masses as soon as it took oath of office. The short-term loans of  farmers had been waived-off and the MSP of paddy and the amount to be paid to Tendu-patta collectors had been increased. The water-table had been going down regularly. The wages to be paid to Yadav commune which looks after the cattle will be paid from the MGNREGA. He appealed to the farmers not to burn the remains of crops in the agriculture fields.  The quality of soil goes down as a result of this. He called upon the citizens to focus on health and education and avoid addiction to liquor or drugs. Local MLA Mr. Kismat Lal Nand said that the State Government will strive for the betterment of farmers, workers and the poor. Several other MLAs also spoke.  


Sky plan will be examined, Announcement of the chief minister

Raipur : Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has announced to investigate the former government's SKY scheme. During the Question Hour in the House, Sihava MLA Lakshmi Dhruv questioned corruption in the Sky Scheme. Dhruv said that if not the network then what will happen to mobile? Is the game going to benefit the Jio Company? Mobile is also bursting. After this question, CM said 'That the Sky Scheme will be investigated.
From the issue of tender till the issue of sharing, the CAG will be examined.He also said that we have no plans to distribute the remaining mobile.It will be refunded by talking to the company




Improvement in the family's economic condition by the tradition of collective marriage: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel: 43 junior marriages concluded in Village Tekari's collective girl marriage program.

In the group girl marriage program organized by the Women and Child Development Department in village Teekari of Raang Vikaskhand in Raipur district, Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has blessed all the bride-grooms in the affirmative form for their happy life. While addressing the program, the Chief Minister said that this tradition of collective marriages in every society will be beneficial; families and families of bride and groom will not have to spend unnecessary expenses which will improve the economic condition of the families. The family had to take loans for marriage and the years went by for the loss of debt. The marriage arrangement is arranged by the government under the collective girl marriage scheme. On the occasion, the Chief Minister provided all the plants to the Plant Plants. In marriage, the bride and groom were given life certificate and certificate and souvenirs. On this occasion the villagers demanded the opening of the Industrial Training Institute and Maternity Homes, on which the Chief Minister has directed the District Collector to take necessary action.

    43-bridegroom entered the new life in a mass marriage program organized in village tekari today. Raipur Rural MLA Mr. Satyanarayan Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Smt. Shadow Verma, Raipur District Panchayat President Smt. Sharda Verma, Joint Representative, Collector Dr. Basavaraju S., Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. Arif Shaikh, related officer- A large number of citizens including the staff were present.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the great saint of Bharat Mata: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Chief Minister attended Shivaji Jayanti Festival and inaugurated

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has said that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the great son of Bharat Mata. His inspirational life inspires us to devote everything to the country and to protect the motherland. The Chief Minister was addressing Shivaji Jayanti Festival and inauguration ceremony in Nardaha village (Vikaskhand Arang) of Raipur this afternoon. The Chief Minister challenged the present villagers for inspiration from Shivaji's life and challenged the cooperation for the creation of rich and self-respecting Chhattisgarh.

    The program was chaired by Rajya Sabha MP Mrs. Shadow Verma. President of District Panchayat Raipur Smt. Sharda Verma, Chhattisgarh Manwa Kurmi Kshatriya Samaj President Shri Ramkumar Sirmaur, Sarpanch of Nardaha Smt. Premlata Verma were present on this occasion.

    The Chief further said that strong will power and morale play an important role in attaining the goal in life. Chhatrapati Shivaji was also a great warrior. He also defeated the huge army of Aurangzeb with his will with his strong force.

Opening of works of cost of around two crore

    On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 14 construction works worth Rs. 2 crores in Village Nardaha. These include the Public Education Center at Narhadha at a cost of about Rs 20 lakh, a women group building built at a cost of Rs 20 lakh, a fair price shop constructed at a cost of Rs 8.5 lakh, two models of Anganwadi building, constructed at a cost of Rs 9.2 lakh, 6.8 The girls' school, built at a cost of Rs. Million, includes a business complex built at a cost of around Rs. 30 lakhs.

Addiction centers will be opened

    Shri Baghel said that drug addiction centers will be opened in the state before liquor ban. 50 liquor stores are being closed this year. Prejudice is necessary before the ban on alcohol. The office bearers of the society should come forward for this.

Chief Minister affected by child's response

    When the Chief Minister came for his address, the school children sitting in the meeting were talking among themselves. The Chief Minister instantly started talking with children with great intimacy and asked some questions related to Shivaji's biography. The children responded with deep interest in their questions, and with great readiness, gave the correct answers to the questions. The Chief Minister asked the children what was Shivaji's mother's name. The children told Jijabai. When asked if Shivaji survived till how many years of age. The children said 52 years. The Chief Minister appreciated the information of the children and increased his enthusiasm and praised the teachers too. The Chief Minister asked the children to read the biography of the great men of Chhattisgarh with the great men of the country. Inspires to move forward. Children set their goals and proceed with perseverance. He gave his children the thought of studying and then proceeded to become a good citizen of the country.

Cycling player got 80,000 rupees for bicycle

    In the program, Chief Minister sanctioned 80,000 rupees for purchase of cycle to Saajan Kurray, the rising player of cycling game of village Nardaha. Sajan Kurray urged the Chief Minister to go to the stage to assist in buying a sports cycle. Sajan is studying class 11th in Higher Secondary School, Kurre village. He has got 7th place in National Games organized in Pune from 8th to 12th February. The Chief Minister gave him the blessings of a bright future.

    Rajya Sabha MP Smt. Shadow Verma presided over the program and said that new Saras has come in Chhattisgarh, the farmers are happy. On this occasion, many public representatives and a large number of villagers were present.

Chief Minister included in Sparrow fair closing ceremony

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today joined the concluding ceremony of the famous Sparrow Fair of Balod district. On this occasion, the Chief Minister was made an in-depth welcome by wearing the traditional Khumri on behalf of Shri Parya Sadh Shakti Peeth. The Chief Minister blessed with blessings for the promotion and prosperity of Chhattisgarh by worshiping in the sparrow Sadh Shaktipeeth.
    While addressing the function, the Chief Minister congratulated the people of the area and congratulated the people of Maghi Pini. He said that in just two months, our government has taken many major and important decisions in the public interest. The short-term agricultural loan of six thousand one hundred crore rupees of more than six lakh farmers of the state was waived. Four thousand crores of short-term agricultural loans taken from farmers from nationalized banks were also waived. Thus, agricultural loans of ten thousand crores of rupees of about two lakh farmers of the state were waived.

    The Chief Minister said that the farmers of Chhattisgarh are getting the highest price of paddy in the country. It has been decided to give 35 kg of rice to every ration card holder every month and to halve the electricity bill from the next April to four hundred units. It has been decided to increase the remuneration of Tenduupta collection from Rs. 2500 to 4000 rupees per standard. He said that the prosperity of the farmers is the priority of all of us. The prosperity of the farmers will bring prosperity to the society and the country. He said that priority will be taken to resurrect the natural drains flowing around the villages, which will provide adequate water to the surrounding fields.
    The function was also addressed by Gundadehi MLA Mr. Kunwar Singh Nishad. Shri Achchand handed over representation to the Chief Minister on behalf of the residents. On this occasion, District Panchayat Balod Vice President Mr. Sanjay Chandraqar, President of Janpad Panchayat Gliders, including Mrs. Bhanumati Sahu, people's representative, dignitary citizen Mr. Krishna Dubey, collector Mrs. Ranu Sahu, other administrative officials and a large number of people of the area were present.

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