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Assembly general election 2018 Finishing training for commissioning (sealing)

Surajpur 13 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.D. Devsanapati, General Observer of Vidhan Sabha Pratappur, IAS, Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak, general observer of Vidhan Sabha Bhatgaon, IAS Shri Amgothu R Naik, General Assembly of Vidhan Sabha area Premnagar, in the presence of IAS Shri A. Tambiqanta Training for commissioning (sealing) today for the election 2018 In the training of the sealing, how was the preparation of the ballot unit, in which it was stated that putting ballots on the ballot screen, signing of the returning officer after the ballot, sealing the ballot screen by AdAng tag, keeping the alignment correct, Mark the front button unmark (blue) and mark the remaining unused buttons. To position the thumb wheel in the right position, seal the ballet unit tap and batam with adhesive tags, apply pink paper head to batlet unit at the batam, bell or ECL engineer on the Pink paper head and the signature of the candidate. Similarly, in connection with the preparation of VVPAT, it was informed that the work of loading of ballot in VV Pat will be done by Bell or ECC engineer. New power pack in VV Pat, new paper rolling in VV Pat's paper roll compartment, paper roll compartment has to be sealed with one adax tag (total two). Regarding preparation of control unit in the training, it was informed that the new power pack was installed in the battery unit of the control unit, connecting the correct combination (Ballet Unit $ VVPAT $ Control Unit), Unlawed VV Pat Null, Control Unit To activate the candidates, open the candidate for the control unit, press the candidate set button and set the number of candidates by pressing the ballot unit note (if surak If the invoice comes on pressing the set button, then set the candidate's number by pressing the CRC tax candidate's set button). Clicking the Total button will appear the candidate number 14. Sealing the battery segments and candied set segments by closing the control unit's power. For each candidate giving one vote (including currency notes), check the correcting of the printing paper slip with VV pat. Deleting Macpole's data by checking the CRC tax result. Detailed information was given in relation to putting control adapter tags on their handle by placing control unit, disconnecting ballot unit and VV pat, controlling unit, ballot unit and VV pat in their carry box. . 05 percent EVMs of each assembly area were made to have a poll of 1000 votes. After making MAC poll, new packet pack and new paper roll will be replaced by changing the power pack of VV pat and paper roll. Similarly, the control unit will be replaced by a new battery. The MAC pole slip stored in the dry box will be sealed in the envelope and stored in the Strong Room. Training was given by Shri P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey, District Information and Science Officer Shri Sates Sharma.

Instructions regarding conducting no output vote during the period of 48 hours before voting

Surajpur  12 Nov

Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati has said that any person, under section 126 (a) and section 126 (1) (b) of the People's Representation Act, in any polling area, During the period of forty-eight hours, the election will not conduct an exit poll during the period fixed for the end of voting for any election in that voting area and the result of an outburst vote will be printed on the basis of print, electronic media , Will not show any electionary talk to the public by other means of television, or similarly, nor do I Will not transmit in the publication or publicity or any other manner of any kind through.

Conducted training of Presiding Officers and Voting Officers

Surajpur  12 Nov

In the presence of Collector and District Election Officer Shri KC Devsenapati and in the presence of Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, on 11th and 12th November, 2018, the Government Government Higher Secondary School, Surajpur, Government Girls Higher Secondary School Surajpur and Government Revati Raman Mishra College Surajpur In the training of presiding officers and voting officers, concluded.

The total button is pressed with the marked copy of the electoral rolls, the voter SGP, the total button and the voter register. After this, voting ended announcement was announced by pressing the Close button. Procedure for closing the McPoll certificates in a black envelope and plastic boxes is given. Detailed information was given regarding Challenge Vote, Proxy Voter Information about the postal ballot and information about the affidavit was given.

In the energetic envelope, sealed a certain 5 envelopes and put it in a large envelope and bring it open. The presidency diary, ballot accounting, announcement of presidency and information of 16 points is to be unveiled. Nodal Officer Training in Training Shri Rajesh Singh, Assistant Nodal Officer Shri Ajay Mishra was present. Training was given by Mr. P. C. Soni and Dr. Mahendra Pandey. The training of VV Pat, training of VV Pat including training of EVMs and VV Pat machines and control units in different types of errors and fixation were provided for obtaining voting material in the training and obtaining all type of (69) types of goods.

Process of Process and Sealing of the Mok Poll Process of General Elections, Challenge Voter, Tender Vote, Information of the person related to the help of blind, Shanthelang and the experimental voting under 49 (MA) were given. In the polling station, information was given about the process of giving ballot paper to agents and giving it to the agents. After the end of the polling (5 o'clock), the proper information of the process of issuing the slip was made.

Establishment of District Level Control Room

According to information received from Surajpur 06 November 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KD Devasanapati, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Sai, in order to maintain order code of conduct in Legislative Assembly election 2018 and any kind of corrupt conduct during election For example, distributing cash, liquor or gift materials to woo voters and threatening voters Ane related went to establish the unlawful act to complaints etc. District Control Room (Control Room). Whose telephone number is 07775-266116, 07775-266115 and 07775-266421. The said telephone number can be complied with by the general public, on the basis of which the action will be taken according to the law according to the District Election Office.


Commission appointed general observer

Surajpur 06 November 2018 / Election Commission of India has been appointed observers for Surajpur district for assembly elections 2018. General Observer Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak has been appointed General Observer for General Assembly (Abrrajwar) for Vidhan Sabha area, Mr. A Tambikanta Singh and General Area for Bhatgaon, Mr. Amagothu and Mr. Ranganike and Assembly Area 06 Pratappur.
General observer Shri A. Tambikanta Singh will be available in the Surajpur Room Collector Office at the place of meeting between 10:00 to 11:00 (one hour) per day for meeting political parties, media representatives and the general public. The general number of General Observer Mr. A. Tambikanta Singh is 94255-09504. The meeting will be available from 10.30am to 11.30 pm (one hour) for meeting ordinary observers, Shri Amgothu and Sri Ranganayak political parties, media representatives and the general public. The Sleeper District will be available in Surajpur, Bhatgaon District. General Observer Mr. Amagothu and Mr. Ranganike's mobile number is 94255-09505. The General Observer Shri Bijay Kumar Nayak will be available from 10.30 am to 11:30 pm (one hour) daily for meeting political parties, media representatives and the general public. The Sleeper District will be available in Surajpur, Bhatgaon District. General viewer Bijay Kumar Nayak's mobile number is 94255-09506.

Meeting of all candidates completed

Surajpur 06 November 2018 / Chairmen of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri KD Devasenapati presided over and General Observer of Premnagar, Shri A. Tambekanta Singh, General Observer of Bhatgaon Shri Amagothu Shri Ranganaiik, General Observer of Pratappur Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Returning Officer of the Officer and Pratappur Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and Additional Collector Meeting of all the candidates for the Legislative Assembly General Election 2018, in the presence of Returning Officer of Returns and Returns of the Bhatgaon Assembly, was concluded on 05 November 2018.
In the meeting, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri DeSenapati, in the meeting, all the candidates were kept at home during the election campaign during the Model Code of Conduct, restricted use of SMS, Whatsapp, telephone and loud speaker etc. from 0700 am to 08.00 pm Regarding going to be told. In the context of the order passed by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has amended the paragraph (02) by mentioning the aforesaid letter dated 05 September 2018, in the context of "6-Model Code of Conduct, during the election campaign house Use of contact, SMS, WhatsApp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that the common citizens According to the above instructions, all the information received under the above mentioned information will be brought to the notice of all the officials of the state level political parties and the registered invalidity of all the authorities and honorarium related to the election process and its registered invalidation and its wide spread in the district. It will be taken care of that the Model Code of Conduct is implemented in the state. Has gone

In the meeting, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Deveshnapati said that no party or candidate should do any such work which would increase existing differences between different caste and religious or linguistic communities or create a feeling of hatred or create tension. He said that in order to get votes, communal or communal sentiments should not be asked for help. Mass venues, churches, temples or other places of worship should not be used as a forum for publicity. All parties and candidates should be honest with all such acts, which are corrupt conduct and crime under the election method, such as bribing voters, intimidating voters / impersonation of voters, voting within 100 meters of polling station To make public the public meetings and voters from vehicles to polling centers during the 48 hours that ended due to the end of voting Move and bring them back and so on. He told that no political party or candidate should give permission to his followers to use any land, houses, wall etc. without his permission for making flag flags, hanging the flag, writing information slogans etc., etc. Legislative Assembly 04-General Observer of Premnagar Shri Tambikanta Singh said that it is our responsibility to make free and fair polls. You have to make an election by cooperating with everyone and coordinating. He told me that I have the experience of working as an observer observer by the Election Commission of India. Durg in Chhattisgarh, has served as an observer in Bemetra district. In the same sequence General Observer of Pratappur assembly, Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak said that the biggest festival of the Republic of the Republic is the celebration. We all have to complete the election task together. In the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat said that under Section 77 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, it is mandatory for every candidate to be kept in a separate and accurate account of all election expenses, three times by the Observer Expenditure Observer. Have to go Therefore, the program has been set for the inspection of candidates for the expenditure of the accounting register. In the 04-Premnagar Assembly on November 08, Thursday, November 12, on Monday and November 17, on Saturday and 05-Bhatgaon Assembly constituency, on Friday, November 13, Tuesday and November 18, Sunday and 06-Pratappur assembly constituency 10 On Monday, November 14, Saturday, November 14, the Election Expenditure accounting books will be inspected on candidates for the candidates on Wednesday and November 19.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 Second training of officers / employees of polling party on 11, 12 and 14 November

According to information received from Surajpur 06 November 2018/ Collector and District Election Officer Mr. K.D. Devasanapati, according to information received from District Panchayat, District Sanjeev Kumar Jha, second training of polling parties has been organized in district Surajpur for successful implementation of assembly elections 2018. According to the scheduled program, the polling party will be held under the 05-Bhatgaon assembly on November 11, 2018, from 09 AM onwards, Government Child Higher Secondary School, Surajpur, Government Girls Higher Secondary School Surajpur and Government Revati Raman College, Surajpur.
Similarly, the polling party under Vidhan Sabha-04-Premnagar, on 12th November, 2018, the Government Children Higher Secondary School, Surajpur, Government Girls Higher Secondary School Surajpur and Government Revati Raman College Surajpur and 06-Pratappur, on 14 November 2018, from 09.00 AM onwards. Boys Higher Secondary School Surajpur, Government Girls Higher Secondary School Surajpur and Government Revati Raman Mahaviya Yaly has been held in Surajpur. Ensure that the respective officers / staff will be present in the training scheduled place and time sent to the listing department.

7 nomination papers canceled after scrutiny of nomination papers

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / Nomination papers were examined today in the Surajpur district under Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018 and due to various shortcomings the nominations of 7 candidates were canceled. During the scrutiny of nomination papers, the nomination papers of five candidates of Vidhan Sabha constituency Premnagar, one candidate from Bhatgaon assembly constituency and 1 candidate of Pratappur assembly constituency were canceled due to various reasons. Thus, 7 nominations have been canceled from the three assembly constituencies of the district. According to information received from the returning officer office, Mrs. Tileshwari Sandhya of Ambedkarite of India in Premnagar constituency, Mr. Rajesh Jagte of Shiv Sena, Shri Virendra Kumar Jaiswal from Independent,

Names of Shri Khesai Rajwade and Shri Amrit Singh were canceled due to various reasons. Similarly, the candidature of Mr. Kapildev Pankara, candidate of CPM of Bhatgaon assembly constituency, was canceled due to non-completion. Pratappur assembly constituency was canceled due to lack of nomination papers of Shri Ramkalvon Marbani, Jawahar Marab, nomination letter of NCP.

Instructions for presenting all male devotees of the district office at 10 am at Surajpur District Election Office

According to information received from Surajpur 03 November 2018 /According to the information received from the Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Singh, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Devsenapati, today, on Sunday 04 November 2018, all district office heads have been directed that all male devotees of the office are given the district election Order to be present at Surajpur at 10 am in the office, so that the election related work water Could be soon completed the.


In the Ashram schools of the district, about 8000 children of girl child wrote a post card in Sargujia and appealed to vote on November 20, 2018 for her constituency.

Surajpur 03 November 2018 / In the Ashram schools of the district, 8000 children / girls have written post card in Sargujia by issuing an innovative appeal for voting on November 20, 2018, by distributing comprehensive awareness of voter awareness in the resolution of collector and district election officer and Extensive publicity of voter awareness in the guidance of Chief Executive Officer and District sweep Nodal Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha Rasar is being done through various means. In the same sequence, all the Kasturba non-resident schools of the district, Eklavya Adarsha Abhyas Vidyalaya and Ashram Shalaya of the district, including Pre. Posting of Matriculation and post-matriculation program by the child / girls and officers / employees, creation of the Human Series, Post Card writing work. Virgo hostel, Surajpur, P.M. Child hostel, Surajpur, P.M. Virgo hostel, Vishrantpur, P. class P. I Virgo hostel, Surajpur, Po. Female hostel Ramanujanagar, Po.M. Balak / daughter hostel, Ogi, Po.M.Balak / Girl's hostel Premnagar, P.M. Child / girl hostel Bhayyathan, Po.M. Child / girl hostel Pratappur, Scheduled Caste pre. Student. Surajpur, pre.m. Child hostel, Surajpur, pre.m. Boy hostel Vishrampur, pre.m. Child hostel kanji, pre.m. Child Hostel Kalyanpur, pre. Child hostel syphilli, pre. Virgo hostel, Surajpur, pre. Child hostel Ramanujanagar, pre. Boy hostel salahi, pre.m. Boy hostel Parashurampur, pre.m. Child hostel Devnagar, pre. Child Hostel Ganeshpur, Pre.m. Child hostel Trivugudi, pre. Female hostel, Trivugudi, pre. Daughter hostel Bhubaneswarpur, pre.m. Daughter hostel pasta, pre.m. Girl hostel Madaneshwar, pre.m. Female hostel Ramanujanagar, pre. Virgo hostel Parashurampur, pre.m. Female hostel, Ganeshpur, Pre.m. Daughter hostel omega, pre.m. Boy hostel biharpur, pre.m. Boy hostel karoti, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Bach Dharsadi, Pre.m. Boy hostel lanjit, pre.m. Boy hostel shadow, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Boy dorm, frankly, pre. Daughter hostel, pre.m. Girl hostel farewell, pre. Daughter hostel omega, pre.m. Child Hostel Premnagar, pre. Child Hostel Premnagar, pre. Boy hostel, Umeshpur, pre.m. Child Hostel Navapurakala, Pre.m. Boy hostel kotia, pre.m. Hostel hostel, pre.m. Girl hostel kachanpur, pre.m. Girl hostel salaka, pre.m. Girl hostel Premnagar, pre. Female hostel Umeshwarpur, Pre.m. Daughter hostel dearness, pre. Female Hostel Navaparka, Pre.m. Daughter hostel bhayyathan, pre.m. Female hostel, Shivprasadnagar, pre. Female hostel Satyanagar, pre.m. Child Hostel Satyanagar, pre. Boy hostel daripara, pre.m. Daughter hostel bhayyathan, pre.m. Boy hostel pratappur, pre.m. Boy hostel khurma, pre.m. Child hostel Chandaura, pre.m. Child Hostel Govindpur, pre. Child hostel Ramkola, pre. Boy hostel dhamarpur, pre.m. Boy hostel jajwal, pre.m. Boy dormitory, pre.m. Hostel bird, pre. Virgo girls hostel, pre. Virgo hostel Pratappur, Balak Ashram Ketu, Virgo Ashram Dedury, Virgo Ashram, Shivpura, Balak Ashram, Ganeshpur, Kanya Ashram, Odgi, Kanya Ashram, Chandra, Balak Ashram, Biharpur, Virgo Ashram Khod, Balak Ashram Khod, Kanya Ashram Dharsadi, Balak Ashram Premnagar, Kanya Ashram Premnagar, Balak Ashram Tara, Balak Ashram Shivnagar, Balak Ashram Durgapur, Virgo Ashram Maheshpur, Balak Ashram Parvatipur, Balak Ashram Baajnathpuru , Kanya Ashram Banja, Balak Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Satyanagar, Kanya Ashram Khopa, Kanya Ashram Govindpur, Kanya Ashram Khorama, Kanya Ashram Pratappur, Balak Ashram Seamarkaal, Balak Ashram Lokki, Balak Ashram Jajal, Balak Ashram Pardapara Kevara, The program of voter awareness was organized in all the ashram schools in the district including Kanya Ashram Kevra, Kanya Ashram Matidand. Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Dr. Lalit Shukla, District Coordinator Sudarshan Agarwal, District Sweep Coordinator Dr. Mohan Sahu, Board Coordinator, Ashok Upadhyay, Shree Brijesh Chabe, Principal Eklavya Vidyalaya, Shivprasadnagar, Suman Verma Superintendent Kasturba Vidyalaya, Surajjur, for the promotion of Voter Awareness Campaign in Ashram Shala The superintendent and staff of all the Ashram Schools in the district, including activists, were active.

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