Amid protests, hundreds of flights cancelled from Hong Kong airport

Amid protests, hundreds of flights cancelled from Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong: Almost 200 flights out of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) were cancelled on Tuesday, a day after thousands of anti-government protesters swarmed into one of the terminals of the airport, one of the world's busiest, causing massive disruption and flight cancellations.

At least 180 outbound flights have been cancelled, the airport said in a statement on its website. "Hong Kong International Airport will implement flight rescheduling today (Tuesday) with flight movements expected to be affected," Efe news quoted the statement as saying.

"Please confirm the flights before heading to the airport," it added. Airlines including Cathay Pacific have asked passengers to postpone non-essential travel from Hong Kong and not proceed to the airport unless they have a confirmed booking.

Meanwhile, scenes of long lines and crowds continued to be seen on Tuesday morning at the airport, which struggled to recover from the protests a day earlier, during which demonstrators sought to draw attention to what they consider police brutality while trying to disperse protests in the city.

However, by Tuesday morning, only a few protesters could be seen remaining inside the airport's terminals.This development comes after the city witnessed the 10th consecutive weekend of demonstrations sparked off by the government's controversial extradition bill that was later shelved by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam after coming under intense popular pressure.

The controversy surrounding the now-defunct extradition bill, which would have enabled fugitives to be transferred from Hong Kong to mainland China to stand trial under the latter's opaque legal system, has morphed into a broader movement seeking to reverse a decline in freedoms in the ex-British colony.

However, violence between the police and some of the demonstrators has been on the rise with the succession of protest marches. On Sunday, an unknown number of police officers were injured after protesters threw Molotov cocktails at them.

A former British colony, Hong Kong passed to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, although it still retains a degree of independence from Beijing.

According to the handover deal between London and Beijing, this political system - which includes certain legal freedoms not recognized in mainland China - must be preserved until 2047.

But many protesters viewed the controversial extradition bill - which was declared "dead" by the Hong Kong government in early July - as an attempt by China to meddle in Hong Kong's affairs.


Kashmir: China voices concern

Kashmir: China voices concern

Beijing: Voicing serious concern over the situation in Kashmir, China on Tuesday asked India and Pakistan to exercise restraint and avoid actions that "unilaterally" change the status quo and exacerbate tensions between the two countries.

"China is seriously concerned about the current situation in Kashmir," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a written response to media queries about the militaries of India and Pakistan exchanging fire along the Line of Control and the Indian government's move to revoke Article 370 which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

"China's position on the Kashmir issue is clear and consistent. This issue is a legacy of history between India and Pakistan, which is also the consensus of the international community," Hua said, without directly referring to revocation of Article 370 by India.

"The parties concerned should exercise restraint and act with caution, especially to avoid actions that unilaterally change the status quo and exacerbate the tension," she said.

By K J M Varma


Racism exists but improving in Singapore

Racism exists but improving in Singapore

Singapore: Racism exists in Singapore but the situation is “much better than before” and improving over the years, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Sunday, in the wake of a controversial video by two Indian-origin YouTubers in response to a recent "discriminatory" advertisement by an e-payment website.

Shanmugam's comments on Sunday came after Preetipls, whose name is Preeti Nair, and her brother Subhas Nair apologised "unconditionally" over a video they created and starred in to call out a NETS E-Pay advertisement for being discriminatory.

The Nair siblings have been in the spotlight over the video, which featured vulgar language and questioned the use of "brownface" in the ad.

By Gurdip Singh

Pakistan will respond to any ‘misadventure or aggression’ by Indian forces: Imran Khan

Pakistan will respond to any ‘misadventure or aggression’ by Indian forces: Imran Khan

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that Pakistan will respond to any "misadventure or aggression" by Indian forces against it.

Chairing the National Security Committee meeting in Islamabad, Imran Khan alleged that India has used "cluster bombs" on civilians along the Line of Control and called on the UN Security Council to take note of the "international threat to peace and security". He said that Pakistan "will always stand with Kashmiris and will not be deterred from its just stance based on United Nations Security Council's resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people".

Imran Khan's move comes in the wake of US President Donald Trump renewing his offer to mediate in the Kashmir issue, which India has firmly rejected. India has firmly stated that any discussion on Kashmir, if warranted, will be only with Pakistan, and only bilaterally. Imran Khan urged the world leaders and international bodies to take notice of the "irresponsible, unilateral and irrational behaviour of Indian leadership".

The meeting was briefed on India's "deplorable suppression" of people of Jammu and Kashmir, plans to use the "bogey of terrorism for political ends", use of "cluster munitions against civilians to provoke Pakistan and "use of disinformation to confuse the real intent which is changing the demographic structure and the internationally recognized disputed status" of Indian Jammu and Kashmir.

Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Army Chief, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, CJSC, Naval Chief, Air Chief, head of the Inter-Services Intelligence and others were present in the meeting. Foreign Minister Qureshi on Sunday contacted the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Dr Yousef bin Ahmed Al Othaimeen and discussed "increasing Indian aggression in Kashmir" with him, reported Radio Pakistan.

Earlier, Qureshi chaired an emergency consultative meeting at the Foreign Office in Islamabad, and urged the international community and world human rights watchdogs to take immediate notice of the situation. Earlier, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor released a statement, claiming that Indian Army had used "cluster ammunition" to target the civilian population across the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistani Jammu and Kashmir in violation of the Geneva Convention and international law, Pakistani media reported.

It said the Indian military, on the intervening night of July 30 and 31, targeted citizens including women and children in Neelum Valley through artillery using cluster ammunition - resulting in the killing of two civilians, including a boy and injuries to 11 other people, according to the ISPR statement. Maj. Gen. Ghafoor termed as "blatant lies and staged dramas" the Indian Army's claim that it has foiled an infiltration attempt by a Pakistani BAT (Border Action Team) squad in Keran Sector where 5-7 Pakistani army regulars were eliminated and their bodies are lying on the LoC.

Later, Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal said curtailing of the Amarnath Yatra and deployment of additional troops in Jammu and Kashmir on "baseless pretexts" were "designed to divert the world's attention from attempts to change the demographic structure of Indian Jammu and Kashmir and unabating state-led oppression and egregious human rights violations".


US: 2 days, 2 shootings, 30 dead, First attack in shopping mall, second in a pub

US: 2 days, 2 shootings, 30 dead, First attack in shopping mall, second in a pub

Houston/Washington: Two separate mass shootings within 24 hours left 30 dead and several others injured in the US states of Texas and Ohio, including one thought to be a hate crime, the latest in a string of such incidents in America that have shocked the nation.

The first shooting took place in the southern border town of El Paso in Texas, where a 21-year-old gunman opened fire at a crowded Walmart store, killing 20 people and wounding 26 others on Saturday.

Less than 20 minutes before the shooting, Patrick Crusius allegedly uploaded a twisted and seething anti-immigrant manifesto on an online forum outlining his sickening motives. 

The 2,300 word post titled 'The Inconvenient Truth' speaks of a perceived 'Hispanic invasion of Texas' and a belief that white people will soon be 'ethnically replaced' 

Crusius writes that he will target Hispanics in the shooting because they 'will take control of the local and state government of my beloved Texas' in a 'political coup which will hasten the destruction of our country.'

Hours later, a man killed nine people before being shot dead by police in Oregon district, a historic neighbourhood known for its nightclubs, bars, art galleries and shops.

The gunman was dressed all in black and wearing body armour; he opened fire on patrons at a small bar. The assailant was shot to death by officers within less than a minute. 

The first shooting that tore through a Walmart jammed with back-to-school shoppers in El Paso marked another bleak milestone in a nation pocked by gun violence: the 250th mass shooting of 2019.

And the rampage notched an even darker statistic: It occurred on the 215th day of the year, meaning there have been more mass shootings than days so far this year.

Texas authorities are investigating the El Paso shooting as a possible hate crime, Allen said. For several minutes on Saturday morning, the packed Walmart store, where shoppers were busy buying back to school stuff for their kids, filled with gun smoke and the echo of gunfire.

Footage shot on mobiles appeared to show multiple bodies lying on the ground in the store's parking lot. "On a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping, turned into one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas."

El Paso has long been both a cultural and political symbol of Hispanic Texas. The city has had a binational feel because of its proximity and ties to its sister city in Mexico, Ciudad Juárez, and has been in the national spotlight for months. Thousands of Central American families have flooded the city and surrounding areas seeking asylum.

By Seema Hakhu Kachru


Sexual harassment of 24000 children in six months in the country of sexual morality

Sexual harassment of 24000 children in six months in the country of sexual morality

On one side, the school was refusing to teach till science and on the other hand the bathroom of the Mumbai-Howrah Mail sleeper coach was teaching us human physiology. The sex gurus would have explained the pictures made from the dot pen on the walls of four bathrooms on either side of the coach and explained how the structure of the woman and the body of a man is.


Like every Sunday that Sunday I got the Sunday supplement of the newspaper as soon as I got up in the morning. That Sunday newspaper came, but the supplement was missing. This is 22 years old. I found every corner of the house, the most disturbed. No supplement found. Suddenly, like the horn of the donkey, the king of that supplement was exposed after months, when in my attempt to find something on the kitchen sack, that piece of the newspaper took my hand, which, turning from big disorder, was thrown behind old cartons. went.

This was the same lost Sunday Split, which had lead story- "Kamsutra's India." Together with Mira Nair's photo and many stories around the movie "Kamsutra" As every criminal leaves any evidence behind him, the mother has left it too. The story was clear. Supplements had come that day, but it was disappeared for not giving the story of Kamasutra to her elder daughter. By then, it was no secret that sex and everything related to it was a restricted subject. The house, school, Amma, and teachers all fear that the girl does not feel anything about sex anywhere. The eighth class biology book was a chapter on human reproduction, which was never taught.

On one side, they were refusing to teach home and school science, and on the other hand, the sleeper coach bathroom of Mumbai-Howrah Mail, which was about to leave every summer, was teaching us human physiology. The sex gurus used to explain the structure of the body and the body of a man, by drawing a picture from the dot pen on the walls of four bathrooms on either side of the train coach. We learned his scientific name later, his country's name and indigenous abuses made on it had already become part of our Knowledge Base.

In this way we were growing up in that country, which was a land of Kamsutra and Khajuraho.

When there is a cinema of world-class in your life then not just cinema. Cultural shock also comes along with it. In 2008, I had seen that movie, "Girl Interrupted". In one scene of the movie, Hirone is going to have sex with her boyfriend in the Sujaina hostel room, when the Warden arrives. Suddenly, in a room where a boy and a girl see a fictitious character, he simply says, "Oh sorry" and goes off the room. 11 years ago I was shocked to see that warden. One was Warden and one of my hostels' warden. If a girl was seen going out wearing a sleeveless top or a little skirt, it seemed that the parents threatened to turn the phone. Once a girl disappeared without a night out night The next day Satara was summoned from Mumbai and his parents were summoned and the girl was parceled with them. Leave the boy in the girls' hostels, the shadow of the boy was not seen far and wide. Once in school, a girl was standing on the gate and talking to a boy, Devki Agrawal Madam dragged her peak and took her to the principal room. The news spread like wildfire throughout the school, that the Falani girl talked to a boy, dashed her hand. The girls who first arrived in class saw the girl with boyfriend. I was also one of the villagers to look at them.

Mother and the teachers had feared one thing that there are two types of girls in the world. One among the fast-spoken girls and other boyfriend's unscrupulous girls in the study. Mother said that Bombay was always the big advance city. It is not that in our time, there was not the girls who went to see movies with boys and then torn apart the boys, but I was not one of them. If a mother who does not come out secretly watching movies then how can she become daughter? Almost every mother had heard such stories of her daughter, and daughters were roasting flour as a millet in between two rows of hormones raised in rituals and heads.
Two decades later, has this nervousness changed now? Are these tales left to just history? Did the UP Board schools start teaching the Human Reproduction Chapter of the eighth class? Is the bathroom wall of Mumbai-Howrah Mail cleaned?

Just two days ago, these two things appeared on Twitter. There was a headline- "Sexual harassment from 24,000 children in six months, UP is at the forefront, CJI says - 50% do not investigate." On the other hand, from the teachings of sexuality and sacrament, There was such comment on a story on Intercast Marriage that "India does not have sex orgy of sex. It's not just for enjoyment, it's just for reproduction. "I wanted to link to that story and ask him if you target children for happiness?

Where is our claim to sexuality and rituals fit with the figures of UN, UNICEF and NCRB of rap, child rape and sexual violence? The NCRB report says that every day in India every one lakh is being raped with 6.3 women. If you compare with the rest of the world, then how good we are. But before turning your back, read this report, which says that 88 per cent of Rap cases in India are not recorded. Reuters had last year's report that India is the world's worst country in terms of women's safety. The NCRB report of 2017 was that every day four children in India are being victim of sexual violence. Home Minister Rajnath Singh himself released the report in 2017, according to which 106,958 cases of child sexual violence were recorded in 2016 alone. According to the Census of 2001, the highest number of children under the age of 18 are present in India.

Women or children, whoever is weak, is on target. And these figures stand with our claim of being a sexual virtue and cultured country. We are also doing rape and have become a cult. In the name of giving sex education to children in schools, everybody will be raised, but in the next six months, 24,000 children will not be able to listen to the news of sexual violence. We will not talk about sex, but number one will remain in the rape. We must be giving speeches to the rituals on the face and in the meantime Google will open our rolls. A few years ago the World Report of Google Search was that six cities in the top 10 cities of the world who searched sexwas across the globe were from India and the forefront of this work was Lucknow. The law will say that porn is illegal in India, but they will get such as potato-tomatoes. When we take the sex of our girl, we will raise the mountain on our head and when we rape the boys, we will say that the boys are mistaken. The report of the National Family Health Survey will say that the cases of teen age pregnancy are increasingly dangerous in India, but we will close our ears after the neck in the neck stomach like ostrich. We will do all of the scenes behind the scenes, but we will not talk to him about the matter at the mouth. We will refuse to teach science book and teach physiology in the train's bathroom. We will not go on saying that "Girl Interrupted" like Warden. We will call Datta from Satara overnight, will burn them and their daughter and send the girl back to Satara.

After all, are we? Are we stupid or arrogant?
And in the end, listen to these two stories and decide on yourself.

In 2006, an anecdote in "Autumn: Memoirs and the City", autobiography of Orhaan Pamuk, a Turkish writer who received Nobel in Literature. His age would have been around 10 years. Like any other child in the world, even within Arhaan, all the mysteries of the body were raising my head. As far as Aurah is scared of this secret, the more curiosity he creates. Once in such an eagerness to know himself, he went to the library of the lonely room, the father's library. This secret could only be found by touching itself, feeling it. She was alone in the room. He had slipped his pants down and was oblivious to the world with himself. Then suddenly the door opened and the father came in. All this was so sudden that no one got the chance to hide or conceal herself. Father was stunned at some step by the door. On seeing the son standing in front of the clothes, he looked for a few seconds and then went off the door after saying "Oh sorry". No stress, no anger, no shock on their face Just "oh sorry" and then the voice of closing the door. Orhaan has written that when the father said sorry and closed the door, he looked with great respect. There were expressions of adult decency on their faces. Even after 40 years, he remembered this fact and also that he was never embarrassed in that raw age and in life with regard to his body.

Some such incident is also mentioned in the autobiography "The Magic Lantern" by Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergmann. The only difference is that his father hit him on this matter with a belt.

After reading Magic Lantern, I came to understand why there was so much darkness in Bergman's films.

Mexican drug lord El Chapo sentenced to life in prison

Mexican drug lord El Chapo sentenced to life in prison

New York: The Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been sentenced to life behind bars in a US prison, a humbling end for a drug lord once notorious for his ability to kill, bribe or tunnel his way out of trouble.

A federal judge in Brooklyn handed down the sentence Wednesday, five months after Guzman's conviction in an epic drug-trafficking case. The 62-year-old drug lord, who had been protected in Mexico by an army of gangsters and an elaborate corruption operation, was brought to the US to stand trial after he twice escaped from Mexican prisons. Before he was sentenced, Guzman, complained about the conditions of his confinement and told the judge he was denied a fair trial. He said US District Judge Brian Cogan failed to thoroughly investigate claims of juror misconduct.

"My case was stained and you denied me a fair trial when the whole world was watching," Guzman said in court through an interpreter. "When I was extradited to the United States, I expected to have a fair trial, but what happened was exactly the opposite." The harsh sentence was pre-ordained. The guilty verdict in February at Guzman's 11-week trial triggered a mandatory sentence of life without parole. The evidence showed that under Guzman's orders, the Sinaloa cartel was responsible for smuggling mountains of cocaine and other drugs into the United States during his 25-year reign, prosecutors said in court papers re-capping the trial. They also said his "army of sicarios" was under orders to kidnap, torture and murder anyone who got in his way.

The defense argued he was framed by other traffickers who became government witnesses so they could get breaks in their own cases. Guzman has been largely cut off from the outside world since his extradition in 2017 and his remarks in the courtroom Wednesday could be the last time the public hears from him. Guzman thanked his family for giving him "the strength to bare this torture that I have been under for the past 30 months." Wary of his history of escaping from Mexican prisons, US authorities have kept him in solitary confinement in an ultra-secure unit at a Manhattan jail and under close guard at his appearances at the Brooklyn courthouse where his case unfolded.

Experts say he will likely wind up at the federal government's "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, known as the "Alcatraz of the Rockies." Most inmates at Supermax are given a television, but their only actual view of the outside world is a 4-inch window. They have minimal interaction with other people and eat all their meals in their cells. While the trial was dominated by Guzman's persona as a near-mythical outlaw who carried a diamond-encrusted handgun and stayed one step ahead of the law, the jury never heard from Guzman himself, except when he told the judge he wouldn't testify.

But evidence at Guzman's trial suggested his decision to stay quiet at the defense table was against his nature: Cooperating witnesses told jurors he was a fan of his own rags-to-riches narco story, always eager to find an author or screenwriter to tell it. He famously gave an interview to American actor Sean Penn while he was a fugitive, hiding in the mountains after accomplices built a long tunnel to help him escape from a Mexican prison.

There also were reports Guzman was itching to testify in his own defense until his attorneys talked him out of it, making his sentencing a last chance to seize the spotlight. At the trial, Guzman's lawyers argued that he was the fall guy for other kingpins who were better at paying off top. Mexican politicians and law enforcement officials to protect them while the US government looked the other way. Prosecution descriptions of an empire that paid for private planes, beachfront villas and a private zoo were a fallacy, his lawyers say. And the chances the U.S. government could collect on a roughly USD 12.5 billion forfeiture order are zero, they add. The government's case, defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman said recently, was "all part of a show trial."

by AP

1.40 million youth in the Internet, the camps designed to relieve addiction

1.40 million youth in the Internet, the camps designed to relieve addiction

South Korea is the world's fastest in terms of internet speed. Everyone has a smartphone and internet facility here. But this addiction of the Internet is making the youth mentally and physically ill. According to a report, in order to get rid of this addiction, many such centers have been opened in the country, where the youth are being told about its adverse effects. Special programs have also been started in schools for this.

According to the previous figures from the South Korea Government, more than one lakh 40 thousand youths are in the grip of internet. According to the National Health Service (NHS), some addiction occurs when the person does not have control over himself. Often, staying connected to the Internet makes people sick and mentally ill. He starts getting irritable and changes in the behavior of that person.


This condition of youth due to the Internet

Millions of young people are going through mental and physical phase due to internet addiction in Korea. A large number of young camps are going to get rid of this. In the camps how to make the youth from the online world, its technique is being taught. According to 17-year-old Havo, who had been relieved of his addiction on the camp of Muju city, it was a bad addiction to watch YouTube. I spent 18-18 hours on YouTube. Because of this I often became irritable and stressed. This was also affecting my studies.

This camp has so far saved 1200 youths.

The hawks said that he planned to go camp to get rid of this addiction. More than 1,200 youth have come here to rescue their addiction from 2014 in this camp. Here are the strict rules. There is no permission to bring any electronic goods with the phone in the camp.

Counseling is done to people

Camp Yong-Chul Shim, manager of the camp said that there are various types of activities done to the youth here. So that their internet programs are shown live live. Apart from this, people are counseled, openly speaking about their problems. Sheem said that there is an attempt to give young people other options in place of the internet and social media.

Looted Pakistan shocks $ 5 billion fine

Looted Pakistan shocks $ 5 billion fine

There is another setback to Pakistan facing a huge cash crisis. An international arbitration court has imposed a fine of $ 5 billion 97 million on that. This fine is $ 4.08 billion in damages and $ 1.87 billion is included in the interest. This penalty has been imposed on Pakistan for Reco Dick Project. The court has imposed this penalty on Pakistan for rejecting a mining lease illegally.

Chethy's mining company and the company of Canada Barrick Gold Corporation, the company Tethyan Copper, filed a claim in the International Mediation Court. A decision on the petition filed before the World Bank's International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes in 2012 has come. The government of Balochistan province of Pakistan rejected the company's Leasing Request.


In its 700-page verdict against Pakistan, the tribunal imposed a fine of US $ 4.08 billion and fined US $ 1.87 billion on Friday. The company claimed a loss of USD 11.43 billion. The case was going on for seven years between the Pakistan government and the company.

What is Reco Dick?
Reko Dick, in Balochi, means a small town in the Chagai district in Balochistan, near the sandy beaches, Iran and the border of Afghanistan. Reko Dick mine is famous for its huge gold and copper reserves and is believed to have the world's fifth largest gold deposit.

According to a report by Pakistan's newspaper Dawn, TCC completed a comprehensive and detailed Bankability feasibility study for the development of the mine in Reco Dekh during August 2010 and submitted the application for mining lease in February 2011.

The project was closed in November 2011, when the Balochistan government rejected the application by the local operations assistant of TCC for mining lease in relation to Reco Dick.

Imran Khan ordered inquiry

The then chief justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, in January 2013 had declared the Reco-Dick Agreement vacant and opposed the laws of the country.

According to the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF), the decision of ICSID is a major blow to Pakistan, which is a "turning point", where it needs an ambitious and bold change of reforms.

Express Tribune reported that Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan issued orders to set up a commission and set up responsibilities to investigate the major damage done by Pakistan in the Reco-Dake case on Sunday.

The decision taken to give guidance to the temple and church taken by Communist Party in China - report

The decision taken to give guidance to the temple and church taken by Communist Party in China - report

Recently, the number of people coming to these temples has increased. It was also discussed in the meeting that a group of rich people in China are showing greater interest towards spirituality.


The leaders of the Communist Party of China have decided to take the guidance of religious institutions such as temples and churches in order to make themselves better for the socialist country. It is believed that the party is not happy with the many things going on in these institutions, due to which the decision was taken. This decision was taken in the National Committee of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference. According to China's News Agency Xinhua News, the meeting was discussed in China about the management of temples and churches in China.

This decision was taken under the leadership of a member of the strongest Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party. According to the law, the committee member also said for efforts to improve and innovate in the management of temples and churches.


Special discussion about Buddhist temple

There was a special discussion about Buddhist and Taoist temples in the meeting. Recently, the number of people coming to these temples has increased. It was also discussed in the meeting that a group of rich people in China are showing greater interest towards spirituality. It is noteworthy that the Communist Party had asked its leaders not to go to religious programs sometime back.

Disgruntled at the appointment of Bishop in Catholic churches

Tell us that there is a conflict between the church and the Communist party in China. Both have stopped each other's decisions on several occasions. In fact, the Chinese party's churches are strongly opposed to the fact that the Pope decides the appointment of the Bishop in Catholic churches.