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Paddy's bonus found at the time of need : Mayuru Sahu "Bonus tihar"

                                  bonus tihar 2017 के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Mahasamund :Mr. Mayuru Sahu, a farmer of Chandrapur village of Mahasamund district, is happy to meet Paddy Bonus worth 21 thousand 240 rupees. He explains that he has five acres five dill land. Their area is dry condition this year.
Therefore, only one pound of 30 acres of land is right in paddy crop situation. With their bore they are able to irrigate so much land. Mr. Mayuru Sahu says that in the time of need, the government is giving bonus to paddy.
With this amount the festival will be able to celebrate well. Some funds will be used to fulfill the needs of farming farmers and to meet the needs of the household. Shri Sahu last year had sold 70 quintals of paddy in the Co-operative Primary Cooperative Committee.
They say that the schemes which have been started for the poor and the farmers in the state government will not have trouble in the time of the drought. He told that he has three members in his family
He got a kilo of sugar and one kilo of salt from the ration shop with 21 kg of rice at a rate of rupees one kg in Chief Minister Food Security Scheme.
He has also built toilets in his house under cleanliness campaign. Now he has got seven thousand rupees for the toilet. The balance will be available later
Under the Chief Minister's Health Protection Scheme, their smart card is also made and they have also taken agricultural loans of 60 thousand rupees on zero percent interest for the work of agriculture.
He has also provided crop insurance under the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme.


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