National Film Awards: Why Akshay Kumar Over Aamir Khan, Asks Twitter

Mumbai : Akshay Kumar's National Award win has raised more than a few eyebrows on social media. Twitter is asking itself why the National Awards committee deemed Akshay's performance as a naval commander accused of murder in Rustom superior to that of Aamir Khan's as a middle-aged wrestler in Dangal. While announcing the National Awards in New Delhi on Friday, jury chairman Priyadarshan revealed that the final choice for Best Actor was down to Akshay Kumar and Mohanlal, who received a jury award. Akshay, it appears, was awarded for his body of work in Rustom and Airlift, specifically his "range from playing a real life character and doing a tailor-made role." Priyadarshan also revealed that the jury re-watched Dangal and judged it lacking. "I recalled Dangal saw it again but it missed because the regional films were brilliant," he said.

National Film Awards

That now hallowed weight gain and then loss on Aamir Khan's part did not impress either. "It's not just someone looks right for the character, we cannot call him Best Actor. Mohanlal and Akshay have survived for so long, we thought it's good encouragement," Priyadarshan said.

Twitter is filled with as many posts asking why Aamir Khan was ignored as there are congratulating Akshay Kumar. Manoj Bajpayee's performance in Aligarh has also been cited as more National Award-worthy.

Some tweets have joined dots between Akshay Kumar and Priyadarshan, who directed him in films like Hera Pheri, Garam Masala and Bhagam Bhag.

Just a couple of months ago, Twitter was outraging on behalf of Akshay Kumar, when the Filmfare Awards nominees were announced - Akshay was very conspicuous by his absence in the Best Actor category, which included Salman Khan's performance in Sultan. Aamir Khan, who famously does not attend award shows, won.

Dangal, one of 2016's biggest critical hits, scored a sole win at the National Awards - 16-year-old Zaira Wasim won Best Supporting Actress. Aamir's performance as an ageing, pot-bellied former wrestler and autocratic father of two daughters he trains in his own sport was widely hailed as his career-best work. Dangal had a record-shattering run at the box office.

Vinod Khanna Viral Pic Shocks Irrfan Khan- Says Will Donate His Organ If Needed

Irrfan Khan was shocked to see Vinod Khanna viral pic. As per the actor, he was so shocked that he decided to donate his organ, if needed. Let’s take a look at how this all happened.

It all started when someone shared Vinod Khanna’s latest pic from the hospital. Ever since the pic was shared, it went viral. The pic, in fact shocked hundreds of his fans, including Irrfan Khan. As soon as Irrfan had a glimpse of the Vinod Khanna viral pic, he was also shocked and instantly decided to donate his organ, if there comes a need for it.

vinod khanna viral pic

Irrfan, in his interview to the news agency IANS echoed his sentiments and said that he’s feeling upset to see the picture of his favorite actor who has enacted in more than 141 movies in his 5 decades long career.

After looking at his recent picture from the hospital, Irrfan said that he was not only shocked to see the ailing picture of the veteran actor but also got upset. Being a fan of the great on-screen actor, you might be knowing that he was last featured in ‘Dilwale‘ opposite Kajol and SRK.

The 70 year old actor had to admit in a Girgaon hospital on Friday after he complained of acute dehydration. However, Vinod Khanna viral pic was circulated on social media on Thursday itself. The picture itself speaks a lot that helped making his picture viral.

Vinod Khanna viral pic makes Irrfan Khan upset

The ailing picture of Vinod Khanna that went viral disturbed Irrfan Khan completely. It shows the veteran actor getting the treatment from hospital and also looked extremely weak. However, the family members of the veteran actor has requested people to maintain their privacy and do not share his pictures on the social media or any other related forum.

The picture that went viral disturbed Irrfan Khan completely. It shows the veteran actor getting the treatment from hospital and also looked extremely weak. However, the family members of the veteran actor have requested people to maintain their privacy and do not share his pictures on the social media or any other related forum.

As per the inputs received from the healing center, Vinod Khanna is responding well in response to the treatment being given to him. One of the staffers said he’s not only responding to the treatment, but also recuperating well. Vinod was admitted to the Reliance Foundation healing center after getting complaints of acute dehydration.

Some of the Vinod Khanna’s movies include Hera Pheri, Amar Akbar Anthony, Haath Ki Safai, Qurbani and  Dayavan. The great on-screen actor was married to Geetanjali from a period between 1971-1985. They had two sons from the marriage, including Rahul and Akshay.

Sunny Leone to play Mamta Kulkarni on screen?

Photographer Jayesh Sheth had announced his intention to make a film on the troubled life of Mamta Kulkarni a few months back. Now we hear he has plans of casting Sunny Leone for the same. 

The director-photographer who is yet to complete the script for his film, feels Sunny has the innocent charm coupled with sensuousness that Mamta has been an embodiment of in the '90s. 

Although he has not yet approached the Ragini MMS 2 actress, he plans to do so once the script is finalised. Sunny, on the other hand has denied any such offer being made to her. The film is set to roll out early next year. 

Mamta Kulkarni, considered a sex symbol in the '90s, was involved in several controversies. We didn't hear much from her after her acting career failed to take off, but she was back in the news recently when she and her husband, the drug kingpin Vicky Goswami, were caught in a drug raid in Nairobi.​

Complaint against Yo Yo Honey Singh for singing 'vulgur' songs

Jaipur: In what could bring more troubles for rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, a complaint has been filed in a court in Jaipur against the singer.

ACJM-8 court has ordered Jyoti agar Police Station to investigate the matter and file the probe report in the case.

Complainant Ram Chandra Machwal has alleged that the kind of songs Honey Singh sings create a negative impact on children.

He has mentioned in his complaint that Honey Singh had performed at an event held in SMS Investment Ground on May 25 2014, where he sang ‘vulgar’ songs. According to a provision, people below the age of 20 cannot be made to listen to such kind of songs.

According to Machwal, the crowd at the event comprised of mostly those below the age of 20.

Badlapur review: Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin film is so riveting you don't even want to blink

Badlapur review

Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Nawazudin Siddiqui, Huma Qureishi, Vinay Pathak, Kumud Mishra, Radhika Apte, Yami Gautam, Divya Dutta, Pratima Kannan
Director : Sriram Raghavan

How cold does it have to be for revenge to be served sizzling hot? ‘Badlapur’, Sriram Raghavan’s latest, is a mixed bag of a movie: it has a cracking set-up, a middle with the occasional unsettling prod, and an end which fizzles.

A bank heist goes horrifyingly wrong, resulting in the death of innocents. One robber gets away, the other (Nawazudin Siddiqui) is caught and incarcerated. And the young man (Varun Dhawan) whose cosy, comfortable life is overturned by the incident, vows ‘badla’.

In the way it opens, ‘Badlapur’ is so riveting you don’t even want to blink. You watch, heart in mouth, willing the critically injured to keep breathing. You are hooked, by a beginning which is such a brutal shocker that you cannot wait to see how this tale of darkness and promised destruction will pan out.

The rest of the tale is choppy, sometimes leaping off the screen with the right degree of unpredictability, bringing us back to the edge of our seats again, and then letting us off. The look is all lush noir-thriller and transfers instantly, but getting the feel across feels like a stretch.

Varun Dhawan playing Raghu, the clean-cut professional who is forced to wait for years to get his ‘badla’, brings an initially believable youthful vulnerability to his part. It’s the man that he becomes, dumping the trappings of his upwardly mobile life till then, turning into a vengeful, calculating character that I had difficulty swallowing: the young fellow-madly-in-love-with-his-wife-and-child we have seen till then suggests sessions-in-therapy to get over tragedy rather than violent vigilantism. Even so, Varun Dhawan does get a few things right, and when he does, you can see his potential especially when he expresses a killing rage, and a crafty stare; but there are other places where he flattens. So does the movie.

Plot contrivances in this kind of a tale are a requirement. You are meant to be surprised by the twists, by the anything-can- happen-anytime edge. But ‘Badlapur’ comes off too contrived in many places, and leaves us hanging in others.

What keeps us watching is Sriram Raghavan’s rare skills in infusing empathy into not particularly likeable people, murderers even. And a bunch of actors having a blast, Nawazudin in particular. We know he is vamping, we know is acting out, but the slate-eyed swagger that he gets to a T, makes his highly-dramatised criminal a treat. Radhika Apte, who shows up in the second half, all big eyes and understated smoulder, is a stand-out too.

‘Badlapur’ takes a stab at an underlying theme which runs parallel to the revenge motif: can  forgiveness, even for the most heinous of crimes, come with time; and, as a corollary, what, after all, is revenge? But the film doesn’t explore these fundamental questions with the kind of depth it could have. What is left is a bunch of jugular-grabbing explosive scenes, which make you sigh for the film this could have been. It should have left us scorched; it doesn’t​. For me, ‘Johnny Gaddar’ is still the film Raghavan has to scale.

Katrina wants to patch up but for Ranbir its over

The Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif saga is getting filmier day by day. The couple’s year started on a breakup note, and since then the two have been in the news for all the possible reasons. From moving out of their love nest and living separately, to playing hide & seek with pappz.

When the two met for the first time after their break-up, “Katrina actually went up to Ranbir and asked him if they could give their relationship another try. Ranbir refused to entertain the thought. He firmly told her it’s over.”

At a recent birthday party Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor came face to face for the first time after their break-up. And as reported, they neither “looked through each other” nor “spoke politely”. It was much more intense.

Katrina was very upset when Ranbir turned her down. But most guests saw this as a chance for Katrina to finally stop hoping for reconciliation. “She gave all of herself into this relationship. He finally let her down very bad,” says a mutual friend of the couple.

I only crave for my fans love, not for any award or critics review: Sunny Leone

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone says she doesn’t expect to receive an award though she craves for her fans’ love.
What matters the most to her — critics’ review or fans’ love?

“Critics don’t buy movie tickets. They watch it for free. But it’s the fans who buy the tickets. They are the people who matter the most to me. Besides, I never expect to get any awards. I only crave for my fans’ love. I only hope for my fans’ support,” Sunny told IANS.

Is she getting content-driven films in Bollywood?

Sunny said: “As actors, that is what we always look for. But, having said that. Content-driven films depend on each person’s perspective. I believe in choosing the films which I find have strong content in it.”

Dia Mirzas Indo-Iranian film to release in October

Mumbai: Actress Dia Mirza says that her Indo-Iranian film “Salaam Mumbai!” opposite Iranian actor Mohammad Reza Golzar will hit the screens in October this year.

“My first international Iranian film will be releasing in October and I am really looking forward to that. It was an extraordinary experience, working with an industry that I have deeply admired and looked up to,” Dia said at the launch of her cover for “Health” magazine.

“The person starring with me in the film is Iran’s megastar and the kind of love that has been showering my way from Iran has been really really extraordinary. It has been a wonderful ride,” she added.

Dia plays a medical student in the film, which has also been shot in Mumbai for a considerable time. The film is in three languages, Persian, English and Hindi and Golzar had stated that he was learning Hindi for the film.

Dia, who also owns the production house Born Free Entertainment with her husband and ‘Love Breakups Zindagi’ director Sahil Sangha, said: “I’m currently working on three films that we are producing.”

She also ventured into television earlier this year with the show “Ganga – The Soul of India”, exploring locations and cultures around the Hindu holy river.

Any plans for a second season? “Well, there has been a demand for it and it has been a beautiful narrative that has really engaged the audience and enriched people and motivated them.

“I would actually like to traverse civilizations that are influenced by different rivers. So why not Brahmaputra?”

Dia was last seen in the Bengali film “Paanch Adhyay”.


Rakesh Roshan may change Krrish 4 release date for Shah Rukh Khan

Even as Rakesh Roshan revealed his plans of reviving the Krrish franchise and releasing the fourth installment in Christmas 2018, social media has been abuzz with the filmmaker’s clash with a Shah Rukh Khan film, yet again. Roshan has already announced his intention of releasing Krrish 4 against Aanand L Rai’s SRK starrer. As readers are aware, the first box-office face-off between the Roshans and SRK will be Kaabil and Raees (which Shah Rukh Khan is producing with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani) as both are scheduled to release on Republic Day 2017.

Rakesh Roshan announces Krrish 4, film to release in Christmas 2018
Conceding that he read about the Christmas 2018 clash between Krrish 4 and SRK’s film on social media, Roshan Sr says, “If Shah Rukh is releasing his film on that day, I will shift. It is unethical for me to come on the date he has already announced for his movie.” However, he’s in no mood to shift Kaabil, as he states, “I had announced the date for Kaabil earlier. If they are coming on the same date, then I can’t do anything about it.”

Rakesh adds, “As far as Shah Rukh is concerned, he’s like a younger brother to me. I gave him a break in King Uncle (1993), and then worked with him in Karan Arjun (1995) and Koyla (1997). God has given him everything in life, for his talent and ethics. Knowing him, I don’t think he will do anything unethical. I don’t know what they will eventually decide.”

Reiterating that it would be unethical on his part to release his Krrish 4 on a date announced by another actor-filmmaker first, he says, “We’re here to make films, not create controversies. There is still time for Krrish 4. If Shah Rukh has announced it and is coming on that date, then I won’t release my film on the same date.”

When probed if he would shift Kaabil from Republic Day if SRK requests, Roshan maintains, “I don’t budge my release date. When Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai was releasing on January 14, 2000, Aamir Khan’s Mela was coming on January 7, Shah Rukh Khan’s Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani on January 21 and Anil Kapoor’s Pukar on February 4. Some distributors suggested I move my film as Hrithik was a newcomer. They left the film as I didn’t change my release date.”

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