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People upset due to piles of garbage everywhere in Delhi.

People upset due to  piles of garbage everywhere in Delhi.


Dr.Samrendra Pathak

Senior Journalist.

New Delhi, 9 February 2023(Agency).The cleanliness system has broken down in many areas of the capital Delhi. Despite millions of efforts, there is heaps of garbage everywhere. Especially the situation around the garbage houses is very bad. Complaints are also being made to the officials of the corporation everyday.

Especially the condition of some areas of East Delhi is very bad. The condition of densely populated Seelampur, Jafrabad, Gokalpuri, Seemapuri etc. is very bad. The condition of Laxminagar, Pandavnagar, New Ashoknagar etc. is also not good. Vehicles do come, but the conditions around the garbage houses are very bad.

Begum Shakeela Afzal, corporator of Seelampur Ward 225, said that in this regard, she has complained several times to the top officials of the corporation. Earlier, the corporation personnel were responsible for the disposal of garbage. Action was taken against their negligence, but now this responsibility is with a private company.

Begum Shakeela told that the condition of her ward is even worse. Because it is a densely populated area. People have to face a lot of difficulties due to the garbage and construction works at various places. She complains about these problems daily to the corporation. from the top officials of All Municipal Corporation Sanitation Supervisors Union Regd. Mukesh Kumar Vaidh, Founder President, told that the cleaning workers are not being given any necessary equipment. On the other hand, instead of improving, the situation has worsened due to the award of the contract to a private company in the year 2019.

Seelampur Ward 225's ASI Mr. Kumar said that we have to send photos and reports about the kudos to the authorities on a daily basis. Information about these situations has been given to the corporation commissioner and other senior officials several times.

Supreme Court lawyer Keshav Chaudhary told that if the condition of the country's capital is like this in the matter of cleanliness, then what will happen to other places? This campaign has become like a mask. The court has expressed concern about this issue many times.LS.

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