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Chief Minister Mr. Baghel to commence the 'Krishn Kunj' plantation drive on Janmashtmi

 *An eco-friendly initiative by the state government to increase the green cover of the state*

*Life-useful trees and trees of cultural medicinal and ayurvedic significance will be planted in 162 selected spots across the state*

Raipur, / TNIS

In an environmental friendly initiative to increase the green cover of the state, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will commence the 'Krishn Kunj' plantation drive on the auspicious day of Janmashtmi.  Trees of cultural and medicinal significance will be planted in selected spots across the state. A Krishna-Kunj is also being developed at Telibandha in the capital Raipur and Chief Minister Mr. Baghel will commence the plantation drive from this 'Krishn Kunj' on 19th August. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel   said that, "the initiative has been named 'Krishna-Kunj'  so that people understand the god-like and divine values of life-giving trees, he further said that this initiative will also help increase the number of trees of cultural significance and help preserve such unique trees"

 Several varieties of trees that hold special importance mentioned in our culture and ayurveda like Banyan, Peepal, Kadamba, mangoes, tamarind, plum, Ganga tamarind, Jamun, Ganga ber, Mulberry, Tendu, Chironji, Pomegranate, Kaitha, Neem, Gular, Palas, Guava, Plantation of Sitaphal, Bel, Amla will be planted through this initiative. It is noteworthy that trees like Peepal,Banyan and Neem have high capacity of releasing oxygen,they also grow at a rapid pace and have a long life so, this initiative can also contribute towards curtailing global warming to an extent.

The Chief Minister has directed all the collectors to allot at least one acre of land to the Forest Department for developing 'Krishna-Kunj'. So far 162 places in the state have been identified for 'Krishna Kunj'. Preparations for plantation are also being done with great enthusiasm. From this Krishna Janmashtami, planting of trees will be started in the entire state at dedicated sites.

Due to the indiscriminate felling of trees due to rapid urbanisation in the last few years, the existence of these trees is endangered. The initiative of 'Krishna-Kunj' is being taken up to impart awareness about the importance of trees   to our the coming generations.

Numerous sites have been selected for Krishna-Kunj which include;10 urban bodies of Raipur district Kurra, Kharora, Birgaon, Attari, Telibandha, Arang, Chandkhuri, Kurud Samoda, Urla. Plantation of plants will be done on Janmashtami in a  total of 162 selected sites including 3 sites in Mahasamund of Gariaband district, 2 from Gourela Pendra district, 7 from Koriya district, 3 from Kondagaon district, 4 from Dantewada district, 1-1 from Bijapur district, Sukma and Narayanpur.Full of cultural diversity, every festival of Chhattisgarh is associated with nature and primitive culture. To value and conserve our primitive culture and nature, an exemplary initiative is being taken to save these trees of cultural importance through  'Krishna-Kunj' 


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