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The journey from farms to processing unit of Sita, Shanti, and Juhi of becoming entrepreneurs from laborers


Earlier used to be laborers on farms, and now manufacturing potato chips

Korea : Sita, Shanti, and Juhi, hailing from the village Katkona, who earlier used to work for others are now entrepreneurs. They can’t believe that they have made their own identity as successful entrepreneurs in their field. The hands that were employed as laborers in MGNREGA are now skilled at manufacturing potato chips in the processing unit.

When the Chief Minister inaugurated the Koriya Potato Chips unit in village Katkona, these women shared their story with him. They said that he had turned them into business-owners, and now they are proudly engaged in our work.
They said, that while they labored in farms, it had seemed that their lives will be limited to providing labor. But your Gauthan Scheme has changed our destiny. The unit installed in Gauthan can manufacture about 8 thousand packets of potato chips everyday that are sold and made available in C-Mart.


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